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LinaFado Camões
An unmistakable, expressive voice, expansive music based on fado. This is "Fado Camões", the new album by Portuguese singer and composer LINA. "Fado Camões" is a unique composition based on the classic poetry of Portugal's most famous historical poet, Luís Vaz de Camões, and follows the critically acclaimed album "Lina_Raül Refree", which celebrated the songs of Amália. It is both a new and a familiar LINA that we see in the new work. The simple elegance of the recent past is still there, but now ...more

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World Music  Orient  Jüdisch17.98 EUROYinon Muallem Saman Alias2getherThe joint album presents eight tracks penned by Yinon Muallem and Saman Alia. The multi-layered musical repertoire draws its inspiration from the maquam music of the Middle East and utilises elements of jazz. They are joined by guest musicians from Sweden and Israel, who contribute their very own influences to a fascinating overall sound. For their joint album "2gether", the duo travelled through Israel ... more
Jazz  Blues17.98 EUROGregor Hilden Organ BandNew Boogaloo
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROHeinrich von Kalnein Sophie MinIntertwined Trees
World Music  Mariachi17.98 EUROMariachi los CamperosSones de MariachiWith its driving energy and spirited flair, theson has held the essence of mariachi music formore than 150 years. Even today, the modernmariachi dips into the son repertoire to punctuateits performances, evoking boisterous yells andpercussive zapateados from its listeners. In Sonesde Mariachi, multi-Grammy-winning MariachiLos Camperos makes its mark on the son legacy,powered by the group’s lauded signature ... more
World Music  Spanien17.98 EUROJavier RuibalSaturno CabaretSATURNO CABARETLet's place ourselves in the fifties.With the arrival of a certain economic improvement thanks to the agreements betweenthe Regime and the United States, a lukewarm and fearful aroma of controlled freedomarrives to Spain, especially to Barcelona.We are surrounded by fashionable music: bolero, rumba, boogie boogie, zambra, tango,rock&roll, pasodoble and cabaret, performed by the cabaret ... more
World Music  Italien17.98 EUROCorrado Corradi Rachele Colombo Roberto TombesiPasseggeri - Taccuino musicale di un viaggio straordinarioTogether in the 1990s in the group Calicanto, the historic musicians of Veneto folk revival Corrado Corradi, Rachele Colombo andRoberto Tombesi meet again after almost 25 years for this new musical project that embraces the boundaries of world music.Times have changed, the artistic and personal experiences of the individuals are different. From "PASSENGERS" they find themselves,ideally, on the deck ... more
Jazz  Fusion17.98 EUROAlex CondeAlex Conde y los IndultadosALEX CONDEAlex Conde has spent more than 15 years living in the United States where he has deepenedhis musical studies and has produced several musical works of great impact.His reviews of the music of T. Monk and Bud Powell, two of the great architects of the beboprevolution in jazz, from the perspective of flamenco and Latin rhythms, have brought himthe highest praise from the great publications ... more
World Music  Türkei15.35 EUROA.G.A TrioAraxesThe Araxes river flows through Armenia, Georgia and Turkey and provides the inspirational backdrop for the A.G.A Trio, who continue their quest of re-interpreting the musical histories and shared connections of these lands.
World Music  Italien17.98 EUROSalvio Vassallo Monica PintoIl BacioIl Bacio - Rise and Fall of Salomè marks the return to the collaboration of singer and songwriter Monica Pinto with the musician and producer Salvio Vassallo. After years of working together in the neapolitan band Spaccanapoli, of which Monica Pinto was co-founder and lead vocalist, they are now producing a record project in which elements of traditional music from Campania are fused with a more contemporary ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROGui DuvignauLive in Red HookThe true magic in jazz and other improvised music comes from pairing the right musicians with the right musical circumstances, the variables tending to be the right material to work from and a conducive performance space. On his new recording, Live In Red Hook, bassist/composer Gui Duvignau took advantage of an ideal performance space in Brooklyn and the brilliance of two outstanding musicians that ... more
Jazz  Big Band17.98 EUROMike Mcginnis + 9Outing: Road Trip IIOn his new recording, Outing – Road Trip II, Mike McGinnis and his 10-piece jazz ensemble pay tribute once again to the legendary clarinetist and composer Bill Smith whose commissioned piece “Transformations” is debuted and featured along with McGinnis’s dynamic recent works.
Jazz  Piano Solo17.98 EUROElan MehlerTrouble In MindThere is music that can only be created under certain conditions. As much preparation and work that goes into studio recordings for a crafted, perfected sound, there are recordings that resonate because of their spontaneity and natural feeling. On his new solo recording, Trouble In Mind, pianist Elan Mehler presents an extraordinary collection of music full of pathos that could only be caught at that ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EURORufus ReidIt's the Nights I Like (with Sullivan Fortner)The mastery of an instrument or a musical language doesn’t necessarily meanthat a musician must be frivolous in performance with displays of their masterfultechnique or engagement in superfluous overplaying. Sometimes it is therestraint that shows the maturity and taste of a performer. Rufus Reid and SullivanFortner are musicians who have the easy ability to astonish but show their class intheir control.Of ... more
Jazz  Allgemein15.98 EURODavid PastorTimelapseTimeLapse is the new release by David Pastor after Film Sessions, an album that was recognized as the best Jazz album of 2019 by the Carles Santos Awards for Valencian music and has toured national and international festivals.The term TimeLapse is used to refer to recordings in which events that occur in long, slow intervals are observed in fast motion. In this way, the human eye can appreciate a long ... more
World Music  Electronic17.98 EUROMatmosReturn To ArchiveRETURN TO ARCHIVE, Matmos’ 14th album, is constructed entirely from the “non-musical” recordingsreleased by Folkways Records in the mid-20th century. It contains sounds sourced from dozens of LPs,from Sounds of North American Frogs to Speech After the Removal of the Larynx, Sounds of Insects toVoices of Satellites, Sounds of Medicine to Sounds of the Junk Yard. Drew Daniel and M.C. Schmidt weregiven ... more
Pop  Allgemein9.98 EUROIke & Tina TurnerIts All OverIke & Tina Turner, a legendary American musical duo, are celebrated for their electrifying performances, influential contributions to the world of rock 'n' roll, and their ability to make audiences groove, sway, and sing along to their timeless classics. Born Anna Mae Bullock, Tina Turner rose to prominence alongside her husband Ike Turner, forming a partnership that defined the sound of an era.With ... more
Pop  Allgemein9.98 EUROIke & Tina TurnerThe Classic YearsIke & Tina Turner, a legendary American musical duo, are celebrated for their electrifying performances, influential contributions to the world of rock 'n' roll, and their ability to make audiences groove, sway, and sing along to their timeless classics. Born Anna Mae Bullock, Tina Turner rose to prominence alongside her husband Ike Turner, forming a partnership that defined the sound of an era.With ... more


  • 23/02/2024Noga Ritter präsentiert ihr Album „Ima“ in Deutschland
    Die in London lebende Singer-Songwriterin verbindet in ihrer Musik hebräischen Jazz mit globalen Grooves. In ihren Liedern, die sie sowohl auf Hebräisch als auch auf Englisch singt, verwebt sie intime und persönliche Geschichten zu einer fesselnden Erzählung über soziale und globale Themen. Ihre Darbietungen, ob in reduzierter Form oder mit kompletter Band, sind leidenschaftlich und energiegeladen, ziehen das Publikum in ihren Bann und lassen es unweigerlich zum Rhythmus ihrer Musik bewegen. Auf ihrem neuen Album „Ima“ bringt Noga Ritter die hebräische Sprache in ihren ursprünglichen nomadischen Kontext und spürt Einflüssen aus ihrer Kindheit, ihren Reisen und zahlreichen Begegnungen nach. Aufsteigende Soli über Gnawa-Grooves, jüdische Melodien, die von senegalesischen Sabar-Trommeln begleitet werden, und glückselige Improvisationen neben subtilen israelischen Jazz-Piano-Feinheiten sind nur einige der Farbtupfer, mit denen sie ihre musikalischen Geschichten auf diesem bemerkenswerten Album malt. ...more
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  • 01/02/2024Lina mit ihrem neuen Album auf Platz 2 in den World Music ChartsDie portugiesische Sängerin und Komponistin ist mit ihrem gerade erschienenen Album „Fado Camões“ direkt auf Platz 2 der World Music Charts Europe eingestiegen. Die Jury der Transglobal World Music Charts wählte das Album ebenfalls in ihre Auswahl für den Monat Februar. Für den Nachfolger ihres gefeierten Albums zusammen mit Raül Refree, hat sich LINA mit dem britischen Produzenten und Musiker Justin Adams zusammengetan. Die Texte stammen aus der klassischen Poesie von Portugals berühmtestem historischen Dichter Luís Vaz de Camões und unterstreichen ihre unverwechselbare, ausdrucksstarke Stimme und raumgreifende Musik auf der Basis des Fado. ...moreLatest release
  • 26/01/2024Marcos Coll live in Berlin am 14.03.2024Am 14. März präsentiert der in Madrid geborene Mundharmonika Virtuose sein aktuelles Album „Nómade“ im Maschinenhaus in der Kulturbrauerei Berlin. Mit einer bereits 30 Jahre andauernden Karriere als Bluesmusiker hat Marcos Coll mit Legenden des Genres wie Mick Taylor oder Buddy Miles auf Festivals in der ganzen Welt gespielt. Von galicischen Muñeiras über Coplas Castellanas bis hin zu Boleros oder Norteñas Mexicanas bringt er Stile und Rhythmen zusammen, die unverkennbar an seine Heimat Galicien erinnern. Die Gäste können sich auf viel Tanz und lateinamerikanische Fiesta freuen.

    Marcos Coll - harmonica, percussion, vocals Raul Bastida - guitar, vocals Daryl Taylor - bass, vocals Katrina Martinez – drums, percussion Noelia Sanchez - drums, percussion Plus special guests and Dj Lou Barreto (Afro Cuban Jazz Soul) Vinyl Only
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  • 11/01/2024Lina präsentiert ihr neues Album Fado Camões liveEine unverwechselbare, ausdrucksstarke Stimme, raumgreifende Musik auf der Basis des Fado. Das ist "Fado Camões", das neue Album der portugiesischen Sängerin und Komponistin LINA. Zum ersten Mal live präsentiert Lina das Album zum Release am 19.01. auf dem Eurosonic Festival in Groningen in den Niederlanden. Ihre Tour startet Ende Januar und führt durch Portugal, Spanien und Frankreich. 19th January Eurosonic, NL 30th January Trindade Theatre, PT 17th February Teatro Pax Júlia, PT 12th March Pavon Theatre, Madrid, SP 14th March MUD Festival, Lleida, SP 15th March Studio de L'ermitage, Paris, FR 16th March Le Rocher de Palmer, Bordeaux, FR ...moreLatest release
  • 02/01/2024Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard auf Platz 12 der Worldmusic Charts EuropeHelene Blum & Harald Haugaard sind seit vielen Jahren mit ihrer gemeinsamen Band vor allem in Deutschland höchst erfolgreich als Live-Band unterwegs. Mit „Strommen“ haben die beiden 2020 ihr erstes gemeinsames Album veröffentlicht, dem im Oktober 2023 „Den Store Sommer“ folgte, welches nun auch die Juroren der europäischen Worldmusic Charts überzeugte, und in der Januarausgabe der Charts auf Platz 12 geführt wird.

    Auch in den Transglobal Worldmusic Charts, die von Journalisten aus der ganzen Welt jeden Monat gewählt werden, ist diesen Monat das Album „Nowruz“ der Aga Khan Master Musicians auf Platz 11 zu finden.

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