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SvängIn Trad We Trust
The spiritual home of Sväng is Finnish folk music. Ever since the group was established, traditional tunes from Finland and other countries have been a part of its repertoire alongside original compositions. After years of playing and touring together and the release of 8 albums the time now felt right to go back to the roots and work on an album featuring only Finnish traditional music.

In Trad We Trust pays homage to Finnish folk music in its various forms: the ancient runo-singing tradition, ...more

New releases January 2021

World Music  Klezmer17.98 EUROBarcelona Gipsy Klezmer OrchestraNova EraNOVA ERA is the first album of a truly new era marked by the addition of MargheritaAbita, the Sicilian singer who has given new strength and unity to the project.The “Pause” in which we found ourselves has permited us to experiment with a newcreative process which is reflected in this powerful production.We feel we have entered a new stage in the journey of our eclectic group. NOVA ERA(in Esperanto) ... more
World Music  Norwegen17.98 EUROValkyrien AllstarsSlutte og ByneFour years after their previous studio effort, Valkyrien Allstars is finally backwith their new record slutte og byne (stop and begin) via Heilo on October16th.For the past year, the critically acclaimed Norwegian Grammy Award nominatedband Valkyrien Allstars have isolated themselves in their practice space. This hasresulted in the sixth studio album from the group, and as front figure Tuva Syvertsensays:– ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROFlorian Ross & WDR Big BandFront & CenterHaving written over 300 compositions and arrangements during the last 15 years, Florian Ross has developed into one of the mostprolific and sought-after writers for large ensemble Jazz Orchestra settings.After numerous projects with one of Germany’s finest Jazz Orchestras, the WDR Big Band, Florian has dedicated this album to the manythrilling voices and characters in this band. He wrote ten all-new ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROTheresia Philipp & David Helm & Thomas Sauerborn & Axel Lindner & Radek Stawarz & Elisabeth CoudouxPollon with Strings
World Music  USA  Folk16.98 EUROLeyla McCallaVari-Colored Songs: A Tribute to Langston HughesLeyla McCalla’s Vari-Colored Songs is a celebration of the complexity of Black culture and identity, and a tribute to the legacy of poet and thinker Langston Hughes. A songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, McCalla sets Hughes’ poems to her own spare yet profound compositions. She juxtaposes these with arrangements of folk songs from Haiti, the first independent Black nation and the homeland of her ... more
World Music  Afrika  Allgemein15.98 EUROManu DibangoNegropolitainesIn the 70s & 80s he caused dance floors to shake when he took all the colours of contemporary sounds – soul, funk, disco and hip hop – and added them to his own Afro Groove; and by the end of the 80s in Paris, Manu Dibango had become the godfatherguardian of Black music. Between 1989 and 1992 he recorded his “Negropolitaines” cycle (it duly appeared in two volumes) whose concept was a focus on material ... more
World Music  Mittelalter17.98 EUROEnsemble Gamut!UT
World Music  Brasilien17.98 EUROAhmed El-SalamounyRio RhythmsIn his album, “Rio Rhythms”, Ahmed El-Salamouny, the specialist for Brazilian guitar music, lets listeners experience the magic of Brazil. The seventeen pieces on the CD are an exciting mixture of Brazilian rhythms delivered in a manner that is at times poetic and dreamy and at times highly virtuosic. For the past ten years, Ahmed El-Salamouny has made Rio de Janeiro his second home. With his confident ... more
World Music  Brasilien17.98 EUROChoro de RuaSanto BálsamoChoro de Rua was born in 2012 from the desire of spreading Choro(to be pronounced “shoro”) in Italy and Europe, to give everyone theopportunity of appreciating this sophisticated instrumental Brazilianmusic, good to be played and to be listened to.Since then, Choro de Rua duo, formed by the Italian flutistBarbara Piperno and the Brazilian 7-string guitarist andmandolinist Marco Ruviaro, has had an ... more
Jazz  Allgemein15.98 EUROQuincy JonesLive In Paris - 14 Mars 1961An arranger of genius, as well as a mentor of 20th century pop, Quincy Jones has been one of the greatest contributors to the modernization of big-band jazz. This previously unreleased album is a 1961 live recording that Quincy made in Paris on his 28th birthday, and it provides astounding evidence of his skills fronting a large orchestra. After his brilliant tour in 1960 (cf. “Quincy Jones Live in ... more


  • 05/01/2021World Music Charts Januar 2021In den ersten Transglobal World Music Charts des neuen Jahres hält sich weiter das Pete Seeger Tribute-Album des Kronos Quartets: Long Time Passing. Ebenso mit dabei ist Derya Türkan & Sokratis Sinopoulos mit „Soundplaces“, Nakany Kanté mit „De Conakry a Barcelone“, Leyla McCalla mit „Vari-Colored Songs: A Tribute to Langston Hughes“, Sväng mit „In Trad We Trust” sowie Xabier Díaz und sein Album „The Silenced Cathedrals“. Neu in diesem Jahr wurde das Album „Soaked“ von Las Lloronas in die Top 40 gewählt. Eben dieses stieg auch gleich auf Platz 5 in die ersten World Music Charts Europe 2021 ein, gefolgt von Nakany Kante und dem finnischen Mundharmonikaquartett Sväng ...moreLatest release
  • 10/12/2020The Songlines Best Albums of 2020: SvängDas Songlines Magazine hat das neue Album von Sväng „In Trad We Trust“ unter die besten 10 Alben des Jahres 2020 gewählt. Mit Album präsentiert das finnische Mundharmonikaquartett einmalige Arrangements ihrer „spirituellen Heimat“: der traditionellen, finnischen Folkmusik. Mit großem Respekt vor den Originalen zelebrieren die Musiker ihre eigenen Versionen ganz persönlicher, musikalischer Schätze. ...moreLatest release
  • 01/12/2020World Music Charts Dezember 2020Auf Platz 1 der aktuellen Ausgabe der Transglobal World Music Chart für den Dezember haben sich Kronos Quartet & Friends mit ihrem Album „Long Time Passing“ gesetzt. Neu in den Charts ist das aktuelle Album von Sväng „In Trad We Trust“, ihre Hommage an die finnische Folkmusic. Ebenso in der Top 40 wurtden Xabier Díaz & Adufeiras de Salitre mit „The Silenced Cathedrals“, Derya Türkan & Sokratis Sinopoulos mit „Soundplaces, Leyla McCalla „Vari-Colored Songs: A Tribute to Langston Hughes” und Nakany Kante mit „De Conakry a Barcelone“ gewählt. ...moreLatest release
  • 04/11/2020Womex Top 20 independent labelsWir freuen uns sehr, dass Galileo Music von den Jurymitgliedern der World Music Charts Europe und der Transglobal World Music Charts in die Top 20 der Musiklabels 2020 gewählt wurde. Im Angesicht sich stetig wandelnder Herausforderungen der Branche will die WOMEX so unabhängige Labels und Medien honorieren, die großartige Künstler des Genres einer breiten Öffentlichkeit präsentieren. ...more
  • 02/11/2020Transglobal World Music Chart NovemberNeu in der aktuellen Ausgabe der Charts sind Xabier Díaz & Adufeiras de Salitre mit ihrem Album „The Silenced Cathedrals“ sowie Nakany Kante mit „De Conakry a Barcelone“ und ihrem Blick aus der Hauptstadt Guineas Conakry auf ihre zweite Heimat Barcelona. Ebenso neu dabei sind Kronos Quartet & Friends mit „Long Time Passing“, ihrer Hommage an die Musik von Pete Seeger. ...moreLatest release

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