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Yinon MuallemBack Home
Yinon Muallem was born in 1968 to parents of Iraqi origin. He began his musical career as percussionist with focus on latin percussion and changed then to Middle East percussion. An old oud from his father made him study Arabic oud first in Israel and then later in Turkey with Yurdal Tokcan. His invitation to join his group was the reason for Yinon to move to Turkey. Yinon joins on „Back Home” all his experiences and influences with Turkish Maqam music, traditional Jewish music and jazz together ...more

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Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROJorge Rossy & Domenic Landolf & Bill McHenry & Bänz OesterOff The Cuff
Jazz  Allgemein16.98 EURODidier LockwoodFusion
World Music  Italien17.98 EUROCarlo MaverVolverRecorded live in May 2018 in the small church at Casola near Bologna, Italy, Solo for Bandoneon and Flute is Maver’s fourth musical project. It is the transformation of a special feeling in which the act of listening to oneself both inside and out becomes an experience that allows both listener and performer to come together in a complete way. Volver is music that comes from silence and which silcence ... more
World Music  Orient17.98 EUROKudsi ErgunerLa Mélancolie RoyaleThe Royal MelancholyIt was during the reign of Abdul Madjid (1839–1861) that the Ottoman sultans became captivated by Western music and abandoned the thousand-year tradition of Eastern court music. It is even said that when he listened to famous musician Tanburi Cemil Bey (1871–1916), Sultan Abdul Hamid II (who reigned from 1876 to 1918), son of Abdoul Madjid (who reigned from 1839 to 1861), could ... more
World Music  Orient  Jüdisch16.98 EUROYinon MuallemBack HomeYinon Muallem was born in 1968 to parents of Iraqi origin. He began his musical career as percussionist with focus on latin percussion and changed then to Middle East percussion. An old oud from his father made him study Arabic oud first in Israel and then later in Turkey with Yurdal Tokcan. His invitation to join his group was the reason for Yinon to move to Turkey. Yinon joins on „Back Home” all ... more
Jazz  Latin17.98 EUROPerico SambeatOfrendaAlto Saxophonist Perico Sambeat is considered one of the greatest Jazz musicians in Spain. He hasearned an enormous prestige for his extraordinary professional career, both inside and outside Spain.With more than twenty albums as leader and more than a hundred as accompanist, he has worked withgreat figures such as Brad Mehldau, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Tete Montoliu, Michael Brecker, Pat Methenyand a long ... more
FA85663 CD
World Music  Spanien  Flamenco22.98 EURORaphael FaysCirculo De La NocheInitially released in 2015, the triple album Circulo de la noche was a fundamental corpus: it took four years for Raphaël Faÿs to study the depths of this music’s soul before he could define the basic currents that flow through the artistic expressions in this recording. Here he would recount all the diversity that lies in this material, and brilliantly add his own artistic touches, which you hear ... more
World Music  Italien17.98 EUROFilippo Gambetta & Carmelo Russo & Sergio CaputoMaestraleA new trio project with three musicians from Liguria (Northern Italy): button accordion player Filippo Gambetta, classical guitarist Carmelo Russo and fiddle player Sergio Caputo. Bal Folk dance répertoire and original compositions mainly addressed to listening audiences are the two main musical threads followed by trio. The band toured extensively Italy from 2017, performing in important festivals ... more
World Music  Klezmer15.98 EUROGefilte SwingKlez N’ZazouThe whirling twisting music form known as Klezmer, which originated among the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe, can have a sad or festive climate. Here it has all the sweat of a swing club in Harlem during the Depression, as the Gefilte Swing band, led by Alexandre Litwak, plays its own festive brand of jazz that borders on world music, with occasional forays into the world of pop. They nonchalantly ... more
Pop  Frankreich  Chanson15.98 EUROBob Azzam et Son OrchestreMezze à La Azzam 1959 - 1962In that year of 1960, Bob Azzam dominated the sales-charts with three inescapable hits made for parties: “Mustapha”, “Fais-moi le couscous, chéri” and “C’est écrit dans le ciel”, three titles that mixed good-natured humour with Oriental rhythms. But Bob had many other strings to his bow, as you can hear in this ’mezze’ of 24 songs. Philippe COMOY
World Music  Spanien  Flamenco12.00 EUROJosé Carlos Gómez & Bratislava Symphony OrchestraPasaje Andaluz
95413392 CD
Pop  Latin  Spanien19.98 EURODiverseCaracter Latino 2019
World Music  Norwegen17.98 EUROBenedicte MaursethBenedicte MaursethBenedicte Maurseth is a remarkable musician, rooted in tradition yet a true visionary, the unique sound of her Hardanger fiddle displaying both the eloquent fragility and the raw power of the human spirit. Here, in perhaps her most personal album to date, she’s alone but never isolated; she celebrates her connections with her past and propels them into the future. Her playing is like the velvet softness ... more
World Music  Afrika  Allgemein17.98 EUROOumDabaDaba means ‘Now’ in Moroccan. Giving this title to her third album is, for Oum, all about linking yesterday’s experience to the one determined by the present moment. In this ‘now’, the singer, having achieved a certain artistic maturity, is able to mix traditional Arab and Sahraoui elements with discreet borrowings from more contemporary aesthetics – soul, jazz and electronic trance.Originally from ... more


  • 02/10/2019Die Espoo Big Band begeistert beim Internationalen Jazz Festival LeibnitzDie finnische Espoo Big Band mit Bandleader und Gitarrist Marzi Nyman war der Höhepunkt des zweiten Festival-Tages und überraschte das Publikum mit geradezu südländischem Temperament und mitreißender Bühnenshow. Die Band gründete sich bereits 1980 und hat seitdem Konzerte auf der ganzen Welt gespielt. Ihr aktuelles Album „Espoo Suite“ haben sie ihrer Heimatstadt gewidmet mit dem Versuch ihren komplexen Charakter musikalisch einzufangen. ...moreLatest release
    Jazz  Allgemein
    Espoo Big Band plays HusbandLauma GMC071 CD
  • 02/10/2019Daniel Puente Encina auf Deutschland TourDaniel Puente Encina, chilenischer Singer/Songwriter und Gitarrist, auf Deutschland-Tour, wurde für "The Lukas Award 2019", (The Latin UK Awards), in der Kategorie "European Classical/Jazz/Folk/Fusion Act" nominiert. Zur Abstimmung: Sein neues Album, Sangre y Sal (Blut und Salz), war Album der Woche bei WDR 3 Resonanzen und wurde seit der Veröffentlichung Mitte Juni von mehr als 40 europäischen Rundfunkanstalten in Spanien, Frankreich, Holland und Deutschland, darunter WDR, SWR, NDR, MDR, BR, SR, RBB, HR, Deutschlandradio, Radio Bremen, Gong, 917xfm und Radio BOB vorgestellt. TOUR: 17.10.2019 Bielefeld, Bunker Ulmenwall -18.10.2019 Dortmund, Domicil 19.10.2019 Hannover, Pavillon - 20.10.2019 Hamburg, Mojo Jazz Café ...moreLatest release
  • 30/09/2019Mísia mit ihrem Album Pura Vida (Banda Sonora) in den TWMC Mit ihrem persönlichen Soundtrack „Pura Vida (Banda Sonora)“ ist Misia erneut in die Transglobal World Music Charts für Oktober gewählt worden. Aus dem Galileo Music Programm sind daneben auch Mara Aranda mit „Sefarad - In the Heart of Turkey“, Oum mit „Daba“, Mariachi los Camperos mit „De Ayer Para Siempre" und Laurie Anderson, Tenzin Choegyal & Jesse Paris Smith mit „Songs from the Bardo“ vertreten. ...moreLatest release
  • 10/09/2019"Halva" mit ihrem Album "The Sweetest Klezmer Orchestra" auf Europa-TourneeDas Belgisch-Deutsch-Lettische Ensemble „Halva“ sucht die Verbindung zwischen traditioneller Klezmer Musik und unterschiedlichsten Einflüssen aus griechischer, ungarischer, türkischer und klassischer westlicher Musik. Ab Herbst ist das Ensemble auf große Europa-Tournee und dabei auch für einige Konzerte in Deutschland zu Gast. 11.11. Das Lokal -Darmstadt - DE – Hessen 13.11. Sargfabrik - Vienna – Austria 15.11. Oberstübchen - Regen - DE – Bayern 16.11. Beslalel Synagoge - Lich - DE – Hessen 17.11. Workshop - Gießen - DE - Hessen 22.11. Seminarturnhalle - Stade - DE – Niedersachsen 23.11. Theater 1 - Bad Munstereifel - DE – Westfalen 24.11. Brotfabrik - Bonn - DE - Westfalen 10.01. Fraunhofer Theater - München - DE – Bayern 11.01. Villa Leon - Nürnberg - DE – Bayern 30.01. Kulturhaus - Eppendorf - Germany 31.01 Alte Papierfabrik - Greiz - DE – Thüringen 01.02. Ringcafé - Leipzig - DE- Sachsen 02.02. Budde-Haus - Leipzig - DE – Sachsen 15.02. Vitos Kapelle - Gießen – Germany 11.06. Neue Schmiede - Bielefeld - DE – Niedersachsen 29.07. Kulturbar - Greifswald - DE - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 30.07. St Georgen - Waren - DE - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 01.08. Amtsrichterhaus - Schwarzenbek - DE - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 02.08. Kulturhaus Müller - Ganderkesee - DE – Niedersachsen ...moreLatest release
  • 09/09/2019Espoo Big Band am 27.9. beim Jazz Festival Leibnitz (Österreich)Bei der finnischen Espoo Big Band treffen Jazz und Rock-Fusion auf einzigartige Weise zusammen. Die Band unter der Leitung des ehemaligen Leningrad Cowboys Gitarristen Marzi Nyman wird durch die Jazz-Rockband Husband erweitert und hat mit ihrem Album „Lauma“ viele neue Fans im Deutschsprachigen Raum gefunden. Ihr neuestes Album „Espoo Suite“ ist wiederum ein jazzigeres Album, mit dem die Band eine Hommage an ihre Heimatstadt Espoo aufgenommen hat. Beim Jazzfestival in Leibnitz ist die Band nun erstmals mit dem Programm von Lauma im Deutschsprachigen Raum am 27.9. beim Jazzfestival in Leibnitz (Österreich) zu sehen. ...moreLatest release
    Jazz  Allgemein
    Espoo Big Band plays HusbandLauma GMC071 CD

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