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Yinon MuallemBack Home
Yinon Muallem was born in 1968 to parents of Iraqi origin. He began his musical career as percussionist with focus on latin percussion and changed then to Middle East percussion. An old oud from his father made him study Arabic oud first in Israel and then later in Turkey with Yurdal Tokcan. His invitation to join his group was the reason for Yinon to move to Turkey. Yinon joins on „Back Home” all his experiences and influences with Turkish Maqam music, traditional Jewish music and jazz together ...more

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World Music  USA  Folk16.98 EUROAllison de Groot & Tatiana HargreavesAllison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves
World Music  Italien17.98 EUROCollettivo DecanterEmilia D'HercoleEmilia d’Hercole is an album inspired by the sea, written in September 2017 while the band was enjoying an artistic retreat on the Isle of Elba. During their stay there was a fruitful exchange of experiences and emotions between Collettivo Decanter and the island, its folklore, tales and traditions. The scent of the sea and a fascination for the old mines went into the creation of the songs which make ... more
World Music  Lateinamerika  Chile16.98 EURODaniel Puente EncinaSangre y SalHis thought-provoking musical creativity has been used to great effect in the soundtracks for films such as Short Sharp Shock (Kurz und schmerzlos), the road movie In July (Im Juli) and the multi-award-winning drama Head-On (Gegen die Wand), the worldwide hit of Turkish-German director Fatih Akin. Sangre y Sal (Blood and Salt), is the third solo album by Chilean singer/songwriter and guitarist Daniel ... more
World Music  Norwegen17.98 EUROTorgeir VassvikGáktiVocal and percussion rituals updated for the 21th centuryDrawing on the powerful joik of Torgeir Vassvik, VASSVIK explores the span between improvisational and traditional music. Joining Torgeir are the merited brothers Rasmus and Hans P. Kjorstad, and sound technician Audun Strype. The original mix of experimental strings and joik creates a sound that best can be described as “Avant-Garde joik with ... more
World Music  Portugal  Fado16.98 EUROMísia & Daniel Melingo & Gaspar Varela & Raul Refree & Ricardo RibeiroPura Vida (Banda Sonora)
World Music  Orient  Jüdisch16.98 EUROYinon MuallemBack HomeYinon Muallem was born in 1968 to parents of Iraqi origin. He began his musical career as percussionist with focus on latin percussion and changed then to Middle East percussion. An old oud from his father made him study Arabic oud first in Israel and then later in Turkey with Yurdal Tokcan. His invitation to join his group was the reason for Yinon to move to Turkey. Yinon joins on „Back Home” all ... more
FA56844 CD
Jazz  Allgemein22.98 EUROMilt Buckner & Jo JonesBuck & Jo, The Complete Panassié Sessions 1971-1974“In the entire history of jazz there has never been a team to compare with Milt Buckner and Jo Jones. Never has music so rich and so complex been produced by just two musicians.” Hugues PANASSIÉ, 1971 This set contains every “Buck & Jo” record session produced by Louis and Hugues Panassié from 1971 to 1974, in other words, music by a fantastic drummer, Jo Jones, together with organist Milt Buckner, ... more
KCCBX1418 CD/2 DVD-A/4 BluRay-A
Rock  Progressive135.99 EUROKing CrimsonHeaven and Earth (1997 - 2008) - Limited Edition 24 Discs Boxed SetThe complete 1997-2008 King Crimson boxed set: 18CDS/4Blu-Rays/2DVD-a.3CDs feature a re-imagining of The ConstruKction of Light, an extended/enhanced stereo mix of The Power to Believe and the (studio) Happy With What You Have to be Happy With & (live) Level 5 mini-albums.4CDs feature ProjeKcts 1 - 4 (new to CD) with 1 CD allocated to each line-up.11CDs feature live recordings (several new to CD with ... more
Rock  Progressive17.84 EUROKing CrimsonThe Power to Believe (CD/DVD-A)The Power to Believe – is the fifteenth and final release in the acclaimed King Crimson 40th anniversary series. CD features an enhanced, expanded master of the album. DVD-a features the new master in hi-res stereo audio. DVD-a also features the album in lossless 5.1 Surround Sound as mixed by David Singleton. All new mixes were approved by the set’s Executive Producer Robert Fripp. The original album ... more
Rock  Progressive17.84 EUROKing CrimsonThe ReconstruKction of Light (CD/DVD-A)The ReconstruKction of Light – is the fourteenth release in the acclaimed King Crimson 40th anniversary series. CD features a “re-imagined” edition of the album with all drums replaced by Pat Mastelotto & the entire album remixed to accommodate these changes by Don Gunn (who mixed last year’s Meltdown: Live in Mexico set. DVD-a features the new mixes in hi-res stereo audio. DVD-a also features the ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EURORosario Bonaccorso Quartet & Stefano Di BattistaA New Home
World Music  Spanien  Flamenco17.98 EUROChicuelo & Marco MezquidaNo Hay Dos Sin TresWhereas one could identify jazz and flamenco in its subtle seams, Marco Mezquida’s and Chicuelo’s have made it clear that their creative world is one of their own.The Duende that lives in the guitar of Juan Gómez «Chicuelo» and the vast, never ending pianism of Marco Mezquida had merged in their first work, «Conexión» (2017), acclaimed as a masterpiece and a revelation that led them to tour intensely ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROGasser 3Espresso GalatticaJürg Gasser, Peter K Frey and Dieter Ulrich have been among the pioneers of free improvised music in Zurich for many years. Jürg Gasser formed the trio in 2009. On their debut CD one hears the desire to improvise, the ease with which their loose music is played. One thing is certain: this trio seeks to play at the edges of sound, making particles fly, join forces again, flying from instrument to instrument. ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROSimon NabatovReadings, Gileya RevisitedGileya is a circle of artists who came together in the Russian Futurist movement around 1910, a distinct chapter in the widespread cultural ferment that eventually included Italian Futurism, English Vorticism, multi-national Dada and French Surrealism. Nabatov's brilliance is to pick the outstanding musicians capable of creating the blend of the musical and the poetic to depict the amazing artistic ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROSimon NabatovReadings, Red CavalryI don't think many of you heard of the brilliant Russian-Jewish writer Isaac Babel who in 1920 became a war correspondent at the age of 25. On 15th May 1939 he was arrested on fabricated charges of terrorism and espionage and brutally executed in 1940 by the NKVD (the then KGB). I am convinced that one day Simon Nabatov will be built a monument for reproducing the atmosphere of Babel's famous book ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROEnsemble 5The Collective MindHeinz Geisser was the catalyst behind all six CDs by Collective 4tet featuring William Parker, Jeff Hoyer and Mark Hennen. This is his fifth CD with Ensemble 5. Glenn Astarita explains what is so special about this group: "These scenarios generate an edginess, but more importantly, a communicative solidarity that in basic terms would stand as the pinnacle of collective minds attaining a oneness through ... more
Rock  Progressive17.84 EUROKing CrimsonThe Elements Tour Box 2019The Elements tour box was originally devised specifically as a one-off edition for the 2014 King Crimson tour but has since become an in-demand series with subsequent editions in 2015, 16 & 17 becoming firm sellers. As with previous releases in the series, the full variety of King Crimson’s music can be represented over 2CDs with extracts from rehearsals, new live recordings, elements from studio recordings, ... more


  • 28/05/2019King Crimson feiert den 50. Geburtstag2019 feiert King Crimson sein 50-jähriges Bestehen mit zahlreichen neuen Veröffentlichungen und Events. Insgesamt sind 50 Konzerte in 2019 auf drei Kontinenten geplant inklusive drei Konzerte in der Royal Albert Hall. Ende April wurde das 80er Album „Beat“ auf Vinyl (Die Vinylversion des dritten 80er Albums „Three of a Perfect Pair“ musste wegen Produktionsproblemen auf noch unbekannt verschoben werden.) sowie zusätzlich ein erst kürzlich wiederentdecktes Tape von 1972 innerhalb der Club Reihe veröffentlicht. Dieser ursprünglich als reine Mailorder Reihe für Fans gedachte Serie werden im Laufe des Jahres noch zusätzlich die Veröffentlichungen 49 und 50 hinzugefügt. Im Mai stehen dann die 00er Jahre mit The ReconstruKction of Light (ursprünglich The ConstruKction of Light, nun aber mit neu eingespieltem Schlagzeug von Pat Mastelotto) und The Power to Believe als CD/DVD-Audio und der limitierten Box Heaven & Earth im Fokus. Live ist die Band dann am 10.6 in Leipzig, am 12. und 13.6. in Frankfurt, am 15. und 16.6. in Stuttgart und schließlich Open Air am 29.6. in Berlin zu sehen. Auch für den Herbst werden weitere Veröffentlichungen erwartet. ...moreLatest release
  • 16/05/2019Omar Sosa & Yilian Cañizares kommen für ein Konzert nach DeutschlandIm letzten Jahr veröffentlichten die in Kuba geborenen Musiker Omar Sosa und Yilian Cañizares ihr gemeinsames Album "Aguas". Darauf reflektieren die beiden aus den Perspektiven zweier unterschiedlicher Generationen über das Leben im Exil, außerhalb ihrer kubanischen Heimat. Aktuell befinden sie sich in Trio-Besetzung auf Europa-Tournee und kommen am 17. August im Rahmen des KLANGART Festivals in Wuppertal auch nach Deutschland. ...moreLatest release
    World Music  Kuba
    Omar Sosa & Yilian CanizaresAguas MDC015 CD
  • 15/05/2019Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik zeichnet Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin aus.Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin symbolisieren die Versöhnung zwischen zwei Völkern, wie kaum ein anderes Duo. An ihren beiden Instrumenten, der armenischen Duduk und der türkischen Saz, erzeugen sie Klänge voller Melancholie, aber auch voller Hoffnung. Mit ihrem zweiten gemeinsamen Album "Karin" sind sie nun in die Bestenliste 2/2019 aufgenommen worden. Das Album ist eine Hymne an den interkulturellen Austausch, seine Kraft beruht dabei auf dem Geist des Teilens und der Großzügigkeit. ...moreLatest release
  • 30/04/2019Interviewtag in Berlin mit Mísia am 23. Und 24. MaiMit ihrem neuen Album „Pura Vida (Banda Sonora)“ arbeitet die portugiesische Fado-Sängerin ihre existenziellen Erfahrungen der vergangenen beiden Jahre auf. So wechselt die Stimmung ihrer Musik beständig zwischen Himmel und Hölle, wobei die portugiesische Gitarre den Himmel und die E-Gitarre die Hölle repräsentiert. Die Sängerin kommt am 23. und 24. Mai nach Berlin, um über ihr neues Album zu sprechen. Anfragen bitte an ...moreLatest release
  • 29/04/2019Dom Flemons mit seinem GRAMMY-nominierten Album „Black Cowboys“ am 29.05.19 in MünchenDer amerikanische Multi-Instrumentalist (u.a. Banjo, Panflöte, Harmonika) und Songster Dom Flemons geht auf Europa-Tournee. Bekanntheit erlangte er als Mitbegründer des Rootsmusic-Ensembles Carolina Chocolate Drops, das 2011 mit einen Grammy ausgezeichnet wurde. Am 29.05.2019 kommt er nun mit seinem ebenfalls für den Grammy nominierten Album „Black Cowboys“ nach München in die Allerheiligen Hofkirche zum LAUTyodeln Festival. Für mögliche Interviews nimmt sich Flemons gerne Zeit. ...moreLatest release

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