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SvängSväng Plays Tango
Tango has been indispensable part of Sväng music from the very beginning, not a single concert in the band's history has been performed without at least one tango. "Sväng plays Tango" is the band's 8th studio album. Sväng members have selected their own highly subjective playlist of traditional Finnish tango. adding their own creative impact to it by also composing some original tangos.more

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Pop  Country16,98 EUROWestern CenturiesSongs from the DelugeWith Songs from the Deluge (Out April 6 on Free Dirt Records), honky-tonk supergroup Western Centuries brings country music home to its eclectic and unpretentious origins. Recorded and co-produced by acclaimed Cajun musician and Grammy-winning producer Joel Savoy at his Eunice, LA studio, this fresh set of songs spans psychedelia, boogie-woogie, and quixotic tales of love. The carefully honed sound ... more
FA57003 CD
World Music  Italien22,98 EUROMarino Marini"Volare, Come Prima, La Più Bella Del Mondo" Marino Marini 1955-1962Marino Marini left many unforgettable melodies to our musical heritage, thanks to light, soft and timeless songs. He was the ‘high priest’ of a Neapolitan variety of Italian music that reigned in the Fifties and Sixties, with hints of jazz, rock ‘n’ roll, rumba and the twist that Marini’s songs spread worldwide. For this set, Jean-Baptiste Mersiol has chosen the best of this Italian singer’s work, ... more
World Music  Italien17,98 EUROMaurizio GeriPerle d'AppenninoThe new artwork by Maurizio Geri is a masterpiece moving, as he himself says, within evidence and creation.It’s a journey in the territory of the pistoiese mountain through poetry and songs describing on one side caricatural anecdotes about some characters and on their stories and on the other side an itinerary related to the traditional crafts such as the production of natural ice or charcoal and ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17,98 EUROWolfgang LackerschmidLake GenevaThis album is unique musical document from the summer of 1995. With Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Chuck Loeb, John Lee and Marilyn Mazur four style-forming jazz characters met, who created for this irretrievable moment a music full of melodic expressiveness, pulsating lightness and tonal transparency. Unfortunately, despite the harmonious cooperation, there was no further encounter in this formation and there ... more
World Music  Orient16,98 EURORahim Alhaj TrioOne SkyOne Sky is oud virtuoso and composer Rahim Alhaj’s crucial artistic appeal to each of us: make a positive difference—in whatever way we can—towards a better world. As an Iraqi immigrant to the United States, Rahim AlHaj uses his musical talents to spread hope and peace. AlHaj joins Iranian santur player Sourena Sefati and Palestinian-American percussionist Issa Malluf in a sonic statement of friendship, ... more
Pop  Singer-Songwriter17,98 EUROCiara SidineUnbroken LineShe seemed to come out of nowhere and in May 2011 she suddenlyappeared: a rising star in the American-Irish singer-songwriter scene,Ciara Sidine. Her debut Shadow Road Shining (MWCD 1024) surprisedconnoisseurs and outsiders alike. Her sound has been described as‘Americana with an unmistakeably Celtic feel to its poetic lyrics and confidentvocals’ (UNCUT)Unbroken Line is her second album. It sees Sidine ... more
Jazz  Piano Trio17,98 EURODaniel Karlsson Trio5As before their flow and rather astonishing production of new music continue… Five years after the dynamic trio’s record debut we are proud to present their fifth album aptly titled No. 5. Positively brimming with creative music in seven new songs from Daniel Karlsson’s prolific pen, as melodic and powerful as always, maybe even more so this time. From the pensive opening tracks Dubious Whisper and ... more
World Music  Finnland16,98 EUROSvängSväng Plays TangoTango has been indispensable part of Sväng music from the very beginning, not a single concert in the band's history has been performed without at least one tango. "Sväng plays Tango" is the band's 8th studio album. Sväng members have selected their own highly subjective playlist of traditional Finnish tango. adding their own creative impact to it by also composing some original tangos.
KR0582 CD
Jazz  Electronic17,95 EURODiverseKarl Marx’s 200th !28 artists celebrating the 200thanniversary of the great philosopher and economist KARL MARXon may 5thwith a benefit compilation! Exclusive / previously unreleased tracks by AGF, AIDAN BAKER, FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER, NATALIE BERIDZE, SCHNEIDER TM, KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF, REINHOLD FRIEDL, JASMINE GUFFOND, CASPAR BRÖTZMANN, ANDREAS REIHSE (KREIDLER) and many more.In times of an untamed capitalism, seemingly ... more
World Music  Folk allgemein16,98 EUROWildes HolzUngehobeltBeware!The German band known as “Wildes Holz” has recently released a new CD. The name of the recording is “UNGEHOBELT”, which means “unpolished” and for good reason: arrangements—hard to surpass in their audacity—coupled with the crude manipulation of instruments, were recorded raw to the point of excess. It is, indeed, more cheek than recording. Essentially, the band itself is brazen. They play classical ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17,98 EUROWynton Marsalis SeptetUnited We Swing: Best of the Jazz at Lincoln Center GalasEach year in the heart of Manhattan, Wynton Marsalisand an illustrious group of performers find commonmusical ground and headline a sold-out showraising funds for Jazz at Lincoln Center’s educationprograms. One of New York’s hottest tickets, theseincredible concerts are available for the first time.Recorded between 2003 and 2007, United We Swing:Best of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Galas finds someof ... more
FA57223 CD
Jazz  World Jazz22,98 EURODiverseCuba Jazz, Jam Sessions - Descargas 1956-1961Recorded right before the revolution, at the heart of the golden age of Cuban Music, the original «descargas» unleash the spiritual power of repetitive trance. They blend inspired improvisations, the inner ¬ re of hypnotising choruses propelled by local rhythms and demented percussions. Cachao and his friends brought the cream of the island’s musicians together to cut some of Cuban music’s ¬ nest moments: ... more
Jazz  Blues15,98 EURO Memphis SlimLive In Paris - 27 Mai 1961A major blues stylist, Memphis Slim was one of the most emblematic and eminent bluesmen to come out of Chicago. He widely contributed to break blues in Europe and moved to Paris in 1962. Anyone who was lucky enough to catch one of his shows will never forget those smoky nights where the audience was literally entranced by the power of his piano playing, serving his shouter, albeit distinguished voice. ... more
Rock  Progressive22,98 EUROKing CrimsonDiscipline (200 Gramm Vinyl)Adrian Belew: guitar, lead vocal Robert Fripp:­ guitar & devicesTony Levin: stick, bass guitar, support vocal Bill Bruford: batterieWhen Robert Fripp declared in 1974 that King Crimson had ‘ceased to exist’ nobody could have foreseen that they would break their silence seven years later  with an album that perhaps had more in common with the then current post-punk new wave than the band’s progressive ... more
World Music  Lateinamerika16,98 EUROLos TexmaniacsCruzando BordersTejano conjunto Los Texmaniacs was born to cross borders of all kinds—between past and present, traditional and creative, Spanish and English, country and Tejano, Texas and Mexico. Cruzando Borders embraces all of these, with ballads of the border, instrumental pearls of the past, and signature songs popularized by the Texas Tornados when Texmaniacs leader Max Baca toured with them. Guest performances ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12,30 EUROLucas Leidinger & Daniel DaemenDialoguesThere is nothing new about the piano/saxophone duo but Lucas Leidinger (piano) and Daniel Daemen (saxophone) managed to find a special mood and sound that are utterly original. The beauty of this CD is in the fact that there are eleven fairly short pieces, some of them spontanious, some written, snipets of beautiful melodies emerge and disappear into the thin air. What is striking is the broad musical ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12,30 EUROStefano LeonardiL’EternoSecond CD produced by Stefano Leonardi (flute, sulittu), with international quintet. Marco Colonna (clarinet, bass clarinet), Antonio Bertoni (cello), Fridolin Blumer (bass), Heinz Geisser (percussion), the first CD being "Conversations About Thomas Chapin" CD LR 702. All the musicians are firmly established in Leo Records catalogue and recorded before in different combinations L'Eterno is the name ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12,30 EURONaked Dance!Something NearbyNaked Dance is the child of Stephen Rush which was founded with the idea of playing without a bass. This album is Naked Dance's third attempt and includes a bass player. All compositions are by Stephen Rush and range from New Orleans street music to open graphic scores (Time Cycles). The album includes multiple "realizations" or takes of Stephen's piece "Time Cycles" which is a graphic score study ... more
World Music  Italien17,98 EURORiccardo Tesi & BanditalianaArgentoFour years after the success of Maggio, Banditaliana, is back with a new album "Argento" celebrating a career spanning 25 years.The quartet, founded in 1992 by the accordion player, Riccardo Tesi, is now one of the most internationally known Italian World Music groups and is composed of Claudio Carboni on sax, Maurizio Geri on guitar and voice, Gigi Biolcati on percussion, voice and gigitarra (a cross ... more
Rock  Progressive20,98 EUROKing CrimsonThe Elements Tour Box 2018 2CD history of King Crimson featuring many extracts & tracks appearing on CD for the first time, including many by the current line-up.Packaged in DVD sized fold out digi-pack style book case with 24 page booklet.Originally prepared for concert venue sales on King Crimson’s European 2018 tour.Much sought after by fans.Fifth release in the Tour Box series.The Elements tour box was originally devised ... more
KC10X22 10" LP
Rock  Progressive25,99 EUROKing CrimsonUncertain Times – Tour Vinyl (2 x 10” vinyl in gatefold sleeve) Ltd. EditionKing Crimson live performances are always special and the resulting live albums have long been a cornerstone of the band’s reputation but the current line-up is shaping up to be the most revered yet – not a bad record given the band’s first breakthrough concert (supporting The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park) was, at time of writing, 49 years ago to the week.The Letters and Cirkus are drawn from the live ... more


  • 27.07.2018Start des Bardentreffens mit Andrea Pancur und Mi Solar uvm.1976 fand das Bardentreffen in Nürnberg erstmals zum 400. Todestag des Meistersingers Hans Sachs statt. Seither ist es eines der Festival-Klassiker der deutschen Weltmusik-Szene. Bei freiem Eintritt haben jedes Jahr ca. 200.000 Zuschauer die Möglichkeit, an drei Tagen ein buntes und facettenreiches Musikprogramm zu erleben. Am Freitag dem 27.7. startet das diesjährige Bardentreffen und präsentiert dabei auch Künstler von Galileo Music. So sind am Freitag um 21 Uhr Doctor Krapula, am Samstag um 16:30 Uhr Andrea Pancur und um 21 Uhr Mi Solar sowie am Sonntag um 21:15 Uhr Txarango zu sehen. ...moreLatest release
  • 10.07.2018Die vier finnischen Mundharmonika-Virtuosen der Gruppe Sväng gehören seit 15 zu den interessantesten und stabilsten Weltmusik-Formationen. Neben ihren Eigenkompositionen hat das Quartett u.a. Werke von Sibelius interpretiert und fast auf jedem ihrer AlbenDie vier finnischen Mundharmonika-Virtuosen der Gruppe Sväng gehören seit 15 Jahren zu den interessantesten und stabilsten Weltmusik-Formationen. Neben ihren Eigenkompositionen hat das Quartett u.a. Werke von Sibelius interpretiert und fast auf jedem ihrer Alben einen Tango. Nun war es Zeit, ein Album, das sich nur dem Tango widmet, zu produzieren. Das Ergebnis „Sväng plays Tango“ hat es nun auch sogleich als CD Tipp auf Radio Bremen Zwei geschafft. ...moreLatest release
  • 25.06.2018King Crimson startet ihre "Uncertain Times" Tour in Deutschland mit zwei ausverkauften Konzerten in EssenIm Rahmen ihrer 2018 „Uncertain Times“ Tour sind King Crimson insgesamt 9 mal im Deutschsprachigen Raum zu sehen. Den Beginn machte die Band bei 2 ausverkauften Konzerten in der Essener Lichtburg am 20. und 21. Juni. Am 23./24. Juni war die Band in Wien und wird am 1./2./3. Juli Berlin und am 16./17. Juli in München zu sehen sein. Die Band in der aktuellen Besetzung mit 3 Schlagzeugern, die bei den Konzerten in der ersten Reihe aufgebaut sind, ist seit 2014 auf Tour und hat zuletzt mit „Live in Vienna“, einem Mitschnitt der 2016-Tour, auch diskographisch eindrucksvoll Zeugnis ihrer Live-Qualitäten abgelegt. ...more
  • 25.05.2018Samurai Accordion auf Platz 14 der Transglobal World Music ChartsAuch im Monat Mai gibt es wieder Platzierungen von Galileo Music Veröffentlichungen in den beiden World Music Charts Wertungen. Die europäische Variante World Music Charts Europe, die ausschließlich von europäischen Radio Journalisten gewählt wird führt das Album „Noro“ von Xabier Diaz & Adufeiras de Salitre auf Platz 12 und 3MA mit „Anarouz“ auf Platz 17. Die neuere Transglobal World Music Charts, die von internationalen Weltmusik-Journalisten zusammengestellt wird, führt Samurai Accordion auf Platz 14 und 3MA „Anarouz“ auf Platz 25. ...moreLatest release
  • 17.05.2018Wir gratulieren Smithsonian Folkways zu 70 Jahren MusikgeschichteIm Mai 2018 kann das amerikanische Label Smithsonian Folkways auf 70 Jahre voller großartiger Musiker und Aufnahmen, angefangen mit Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, oder Lead Belly, zurückblicken. Um das Jubiläum gebührend zu feiern, stehen zahlreiche Veröffentlichungen von neuen Künstlern und Projekten, Box-Sets, Vinylausgaben und Archivaufnahmen bevor. Das Label spezialisierte sich von Beginn an auf Musik, die noch nicht massenhaft auf dem Markt zu finden war. Der Katalog umfasst nichtkommerzielle Aufnahmen, Jazzeinspielungen, ethnische und Weltmusik, gesellschafts- und politikkritische Folksongs bis hin zu einem liebevoll gestalteten Angebot an Musik für Kinder und Jugendliche. Die Identität des Labels besteht seit jeher darin Musik, Sprache und den Sound von Menschen aus allen Teilen der Welt zu dokumentieren. Huib Schippers, Direktor und Kurator bei Smithsonian Folkways: We create and curate sounds and stories to educate minds and delight ears in unexpected ways. At the same time, we’re committed to contributing to discussions on the major issues of the day, which is as urgent now as when Moses Asch founded the label in 1948.

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    SvängKulturgießerei Saarburg / Moselmusikfestival
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    SvängWollfabrik Moselkern / Moselmusikfestival
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    Gudrun WaltherFestival Mediaval - Literaturzelt, Goldberg (Kreuzung Franz-Heinrich-Straße/Wunsiedler Straße)
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    CaraCeòl Cholasa, Isle of Colonsay
  • 28.09.2018
    Jasmin TabatabaiErfurt Achava Festspiele
  • 30.09.2018
    OumInnsbruck, Treibhaus
  • 06.10.2018
    SvängOrt N.N.; Usedomer Musikfestival
  • 18.10.201820:00
    CaraKulturzentrum neun, Elisabethstraße 9a
  • 19.10.2018
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    CaraCafé Hahn, Neustraße 15
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    CaraKleinkunst im Schuettekeller e.V., Blumenstraße 5
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    Gudrun WaltherTheeshof, Hansahlener Dorfstraße 16
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    Jasmin TabatabaiLautrach Schloss
  • 03.11.201820:00
    Gudrun WaltherLutherhaus, Jahnstraße 1
  • 04.11.2018
    Jasmin TabatabaiIdar-Oberstein Stadttheater
  • 04.11.2018
    Gudrun WaltherKulturSchmiede, Apostelstraße 5
  • 07.11.201820:00
    Gudrun WaltherBegegnungsstätte Westliche Unterstadt e.V., J6, 1-2
  • 08.11.201820:00
    Gudrun WaltherAltbau, Klosterring 9
  • 10.11.201820:00
    Gudrun WaltherBuchhandlung Schmid, Fuggerstraße 14
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    Gudrun WaltherKonzertscheune Gefrees, Bahnhofstraße 1
  • 17.11.2018
    Andrea PancurNürnberg
  • 17.11.201820:00
    CaraTheater Mobile e.V. , Obertor 1
  • 20.11.201820:00
    CaraWirkhof Strücken, Im Steu 7
  • 21.11.201820:00
    CaraBischofsmühle, Dammstraße 32
  • 22.11.201820:00
    CaraHaus Opherdicke, Dorfstraße 29
  • 23.11.201820:00
    CaraKulturhaus Alter Schützenhof, Bergstraße 2
  • 24.11.2018
    Andrea PancurSynagoge Vöhl / mit Christian Dawid (Klarinette), Ilya Shneyveys (Akkordeon), Alex Haas (Kontrabass)
  • 24.11.201820:00
    CaraOkal Café, Hemmendorfer Straße 32
  • 25.11.2018
    Carmen SouzaGasthaus Pummer, Heiligenkreuz im Lafnitztal
  • 28.11.2018
    Andrea PancurPuc Puchheim
  • 29.11.2018
    Andrea PancurVeranstaltungzentrum k1
  • 29.11.201820:00
    CaraPfleghofsaal, Kirchgasse 9
  • 30.11.2018
    Andrea PancurStadttheater Landsberg
  • 04.12.201820:00
    Gudrun Walther360°Gasometer, Hohwiesenweg 6
  • 05.12.201820:00
    Gudrun WaltherKulturhaus Schloss Großlaupheim, Claus-Graf-Stauffenberg-Straße 15
  • 06.12.2018
    Branko GaloicPuchheim, PUC, Germany
  • 08.12.201820:00
    Gudrun WaltherStummsche Reithalle, Saarbrücker Straße 21
  • 14.12.2018
    Branko GaloicLaupheim, Schloss Laupheim, Germany
  • 24.01.2019
    Dancas OcultasEsslingen, Kulturzentrum Dieselstrasse, Germany
  • 25.01.2019
    Dancas OcultasDreieich, Bürgerhäuser Dreieich, Germany
  • 26.01.2019
    Dancas OcultasLangenau, Pfleghof, Germany
  • 30.01.2019
    Dancas OcultasVienna, Konzerthaus, Austria
  • 08.02.2019
    Jasmin TabatabaiBad Homburg Kulturbahnhof
  • 09.02.2019
    Jasmin TabatabaiLudwigshafen Das Haus