Al Andaluz Project

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ProvenanceGermany, Spain, Morocco
Salam GMC059

  • 04/11/2013

    Al Andaluz Project presents "Salam"

    Al Andaluz Project is one of the most important international projects presenting the three leading cultures of the medieval Spain presenting christian, arabic-andalusian and jewish/sephardic music. After 2 studio albums, 1 live album and lots of interantional concerts and festivals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Poland, Spain, Belgium and Holland the band with the three charismatic female vocalists Sigi Hausen, Mara Aranda and Iman Kandoussi present their new album "Salam" with 15 concerts in Germany and Luxemburg. While the artwork is based on a calligraphy of the irakean artist Hassan Massoudy "Salam" shows the wide range of influences that enriched the cultural work in the former kingdom Al Andalus and therefore two troubadour songs have been included in the new album. ...more