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Rock  International38.98 EURORobert FrippExposure – 2LP 200gram vinylAfter an absence of 30 years, the first edition of this album is available on vinyl again, now as 200-gram vinyl. The 2006 ‘third edition’ of the album will be available on vinyl for the first time. The album has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at LOUD mastering from masters approved by Robert Fripp. “It’s the Sergeant Pepper of avant punk.” – The WireThe term ‘Classic album’ has been devalued somewhat ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.53 EURODaniel WeberDramatis PersonæDaniel Weber, who lives in Saarbrücken, presents on his debut solo album „Dramatis Personæ“ an astounding richness of facets of his playing skills. He transfers aspects of composing for ensemble play to the solo area widening the drumming sound repertoire by sharpening thematic and melodic parameters on a virtuoso rhythmical basis. Daniel Weber has developed all compositions in a direct improvising ... more
Rock  Alternative17.53 EUROBoffa BlankSega
Jazz  Allgemein17.53 EUROCaspar van Meel QuintetOn the Edge
Pop  Allgemein38.98 EUROXTCNonsuch (200 Gramm Vinyl)Nonsuch is the ninth in a series of XTC Classics to be issued on a 200 gram vinyl edition. The album has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering with input from Andy Partridge & is fully approved by XTC. The album is the most requested vinyl reissue by the band as it was only on vinyl for a short period towards the end of the first vinyl era and was, as a result, never available as a decent ... more
Jazz  Piano Trio17.53 EUROStewy von WattenwylIn The Giants GardenStewy von Wattenwyl has been part of the Brambus jazzfamily for decades and has delivered fine productions bothsolo, with his trio or with the singer Nicole Herzog, whichhave received great national and international recognition.With the CD IN THE GIANTS GARDEN, von Wattenwyl realizesan idea that he has carried around with him as a dreamproject for many years: Only re-assemble music composed bypianists.Music ... more
World Music  USA  Folk25.33 EUROWu Fei & Abigail WashburnWu Fei & Abigail Washburn
Klassik  Allgemein17.53 EUROFlorian Krumpöck & Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg & Marcus BoschMy Second Self
Jazz  Contemporary17.53 EUROVictor Gelling 4Alpakafarm„The strength of a 21st century's musician is based on the way he reflects and how he refers to what has been there before him“, is what Victor Gelling says and with it describes the special way of his attempted field research on „Alpakafarm“, by tackling with structures of blues, concepts of Ornette Coleman and Charles Mingus, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Duke Ellington and the music of New Orleans ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.53 EURORudi Neuwirth & Andreas WillersJazztage„I work with the best and Andreas continues the lineage“ once the uncomparable Paul Bley said about the guitar player from Berlin and SWR awardee Andreas Willers. Rudi Neuwirth, outstanding improvising vocalist, must have had similar thoughts when he got in contact with Andreas Willers. Thus, two congenial musicians found each other for „Jazztage“, an extraordinarily original duo project. Willers is ... more
World Music  Balkan17.53 EUROStracho TemelkovskiThe Sound BrakaA journey to the borders of jazz, world music and improvisationStracho Temelkovski’s first album The Sound Braka (Brothers of Sound) transpires jazz, the Balkans, the Mediterranean and the East, near and far, or the suburbs of Buenos Aires. The album is the result of a real maturing process taking its current form during a residency at the Lyon Opera in May 2018 where Stracho invited a band of virtuoso ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.53 EUROGlotzeGLOTZE
Jazz  Latin-Jazz16.55 EUROThe John Santos SextetArt of the DescargaBuilt on the Afro-Caribbean past, forged by visionaries such as John Santos and his comrades, and steeled by its rootedness in American life, Latin jazz is a major force shaping contemporary American musical culture. Over decades of performing, arranging, producing, and teaching, Santos has helped make the San Francisco Bay area a Latin jazz stronghold. In Art of the Descarga, The John Santos Sextet ... more
KCCBX911120 CD/1 DVD-A/1 DVD/4 BluRay
Rock  Progressive155.96 EUROKing CrimsonThe Complete 1969 Recordings (26 Disc CD/DVD/DVD-A/BluRay Boxed Set)Ultimate Boxed Set Edition of one of rock music’s seminal debut albums. Blu-Ray 4 features all-new, 2020, Dolby Atmos mix by Steven Wilson. Complete, fully mixed stereo recording sessions feature on Blu-Ray, DVD & across 6 CDs Blu-Rays also feature the original master edition of the 1969 album mix in 24/96 stereo, the 2019 stereo & 5.1 mixes, the 2009 stereo & 5.1 mixes, a complete alternate album ... more
World Music  Orient17.53 EURODerya Türkan & Sokratis SinopoulosSoundplacesDerya Türkan – Sokratis SinopoulosSoundplacesCreating this album has been the dream of a lifetime. After many years of friendship and collaboration, we have finally been able to record our duet. As a piece of work, Soundplaces is a confessional and creative dialogue in which we virtually explore the sounds of the musical traditions we love and the sounds of the places that we visit. In this album, ... more
World Music  Bayern  Neue Volksmusik17.53 EUROUnterbiberger Hofmusik & Claudio RoditiIn Memoriam Claudio RoditiFor us he was a friend, uncle and inspiration. The Unterbiberger Hofmusik would not exist without him. Together with us he was one of the pioneers of the "Neue Bayerische Volksmusik" With this album we want to commemorate Claudio and to keep his memory alive - and give all jazz fans the opportunity to enjoy his most beautiful solos again and again. Jazz trumpeter and flugelhorn player Claudio Roditi ... more
World Music  Asien  Allgemein17.53 EUROMathias Duplessy The Violins of the WorldBrothers of StringFiery Mathias Duplessy, globe trotter composer influenced by sounds from elsewhere, Guo Gan, undisputed master of the Chinese fiddle Erhu, the incorrigible Epi with the horse-headed fiddle and Mongolian singing, and Aliocha at the Scandinavian fiddle (Nyckelharpa). Following the world tour behind their successful last album Crazy Horse, Mathias Duplessy & The Violins Of The World are back with a new ... more
World Music  Island17.53 EUROGroupaKind of Folk, Vol. 3 - IcelandGroupa has inspired a whole generation of Scandinavian musicianswith their pioneering spirit and masterful command of theirinstruments. The next instalment in their album series Kind of Folkclearly demonstrates how this trio continues to reinvent Nordic folkmusic – this time, with a focus on Iceland. Traditional Icelandic rímurare heard alongside innovative instrumentation and sensitiveimprovisation.Iceland ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.53 EUROEscheUnter und über WasserSince 2013 the ensemble Esche exists as chamber music trio: two albums, long tours through Europe, international residencies and festivals. On „Unter und über Wasser“ the three musicians have gone one step further. The music of this release is characterized by „composed improvisation“ in combination with a even more conscious use of extended techniques. The range of instruments unfamiliar to jazz has ... more
Rock  Alternative16.55 EUROWatershedHarbour


  • 06/10/2020Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard Band präsentieren ihr erstes gemeinsames Album Strømmen an 6 Terminen im Oktober in Deutschland
    Seit 2008 ist die Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard Band gemeinsam auf Tour, um die jeweiligen Solo-Alben der beiden dänischen Folksuperstars zu präsentieren. Im Oktober ist die Band nun mit dem ersten gemeinsamen Album „Strømmen“ in Deutschland auf Tour und gastiert in 6 deutschen Städten. Den Anfang macht dabei das Konzert in der Dänischen Botschaft am Donnerstag den 8.10. Die weiteren Konzerte sind wie folgt: 9.10. Eisleben – 22.10. Nürnberg – 23.10. Ravensburg – 24.10. Helmbrechts – 25.10. Lüdenscheid. Das erste Konzert in Berlin wird per Live Stream unter übertragen. ...more
    Latest release
  • 01/10/2020Helene Blum und Harald Haugaard in den Worldmusic ChartsMit ihrem ersten gemeinsamen Album haben sich Sängerin Helene Blum und Geiger Harald Haugaard in den Transglobal Worldmusic Charts und den World Music Charts Europe für den Monat Oktober platziert. „Strømmen“ nimmt sich der dänischen Musiktradition an und haucht dem kulturellen Erben ihrer Heimat neues Leben ein. ...moreLatest release
  • 15/09/2020Helene Blum und Harald Haugaard veröffentlichen ihr erstes gemeinsames Album bei Galileo MusicMit ihrer gemeinsamen sind Helene Blum und Harald Haugaard bereits seit 2008 international unterwegs, um ihre jeweiligen Solo-Alben live zu präsentieren. „Strommen“ ist nun das erste Album, das die beiden dänischen Ausnahmemusiker zusammen aufgenommen und produziert haben. Bei einem Interviewtag am 3. August gaben die beiden insgesamt 10 Interviews für Musikmagazine und Radios aus Deutschland. Auch „Strommen wird wieder live in Deutschland präsentiert. Den Start macht das Konzer in der Dänischen Botschaft am 8.10 in Berlin. Weiterhin sind folgende Konzerte geplant: 9.10. Eisleben – 22.10. Nürnberg – 23.10. Ravensburg – 24.10. Helmbrechts – 25.10. Lüdenscheid. ...moreLatest release
  • 09/09/2020Preis der deutschen SchallplattenkritikDas aktuelle Album „I Want My Money Back“ von Dr. Will hat es auf die vierteljährliche Bestenliste des PdSK geschafft. Bereits zum zweiten Mal wurde der Musiker in der Kategorie Blues ausgezeichnet. Für die Jury in Person von Karl Leitner „zeigt sich der Mann mit dem einzigartigen Sound, der zwar in München lebt, dessen Herz aber für New Orleans schlägt, erneut auf einem Gipfelpunkt seiner Kreativität und Schaffenskraft.“ ...moreLatest release
  • 02/09/2020World Music Charts September 2020Auf Platz 7 hat sich Xabier Diaz & Adufeiras de Salitre mit ihrem gemeinsamen Album „The Silenced Cathedrals“ in den World Music Charts Europe vorgearbeitet. Knapp dahinter stehen Maria Kalaniemi & Eero Grundström mit „Mielo“ auf Platz 11. Weiterhin in den Transglobal World Music Charts vertreten ist hingegen das aktuelle Album „Trobairitz“ von Mara Aranda, mit dem sie ihre 30jähriges Jubiläum auf den musikalischen Bühnen der Welt feiert. ...moreLatest release
    World Music  Spanien  Galicien
    Xabier Díaz & Adufeiras de SalitreThe Silenced Cathedrals MS012 CD
    World Music  Finnland
    Maria Kalaniemi & Eero GrundströmMielo AKEROCD21 CD

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