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BATILA’s sound is an inspiring journey through space and time. With a concoction of Congolese scents, a sparkle of Reggae and soft jazzy vibes, the cosmopolitan singer songwriter is so versatile that no existing genre can fully describe this musical experience. He baptized this style Bantu Soul - a fusion of all genres created and inspired by people of African descent. BATILA is recollecting and reprocessing the history of his place of origin by showcasing his deep understanding of musicality. BATILA ...more

New releases November 2021

Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROOddgeir Berg TrioChristmas Came EarlyThis may not be the weirdest Christmas album ever recorded – but it most certainly ranks among the most radical ones. You'll find renditions of popular favourites like “Silent Night”, and ”In Dulce Jubilo”here. But the Oddgeir Berg Trio are performing them with such passionate reticence that they at times sound like bands like Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Christmas does seem to be a bit darker in Norway. ... more
World Music  USA  Folk16.98 EUROCharlie ParrLast Of The Better Days AheadCharlie Parr’s newest album, Last of the Better Days Ahead, is a collection of powerful new songs about how one looks back on a life lived, as well as forward on what’s still to come. Its spare production foregrounds Parr’s poetic lyricism, his expressive, gritty voice ringing clear over deft acoustic guitar playing that references folk and blues motifs in Parr’s own exploratory, idiosyncratic style. ... more
FA58074 CD
Jazz  Soul39.98 EURONina SimoneNina’s Blues 1959-1962Her deep voice and the funky sophistication of her piano have made Nina Simone a timeless icon of American music. Her extreme sensitivity as a militant artist in the struggle for civil rights was matched only by her unrivalled talent as a vocalist and instrumentalist: nobody could come close to her when she infused jazz with soul, or classical music with rhythm and blues. Here Olivier Julien has brought ... more
World Music  Afrika  Allgemein17.98 EUROTamalaLumbaAfter many concerts at home and abroad, the band Tamala (“travellers”) is back to present their second album, Lumba.On this album, Tamala, just like the bird in the song Ätte Picce mi, points to a world where wealth is not fairly distributed, a world where hypocrisy reigns to the detriment of women, children and the vulnerable, where the earth is exhausted.It is time for Lumba, the big day in Mandinka. ... more
FA57992 CD
World Music  Karibik22.98 EURODiverseLes Musiques Des Caraibes, Du Vaudou Au SkaMerengue, calypso, gombey, goombay, santería, mento, spirituals, gwoka, son, soul jazz, descarga, biguine, pachanga, cha-cha-chá, blues, konpa, contredanse, bomba, shuffle, quadrille, mambo, voodoo, soul, quelbe, worksong, rumba, waltzes, son montuno… Often neglected, unsung and ignored, the music of the Caribbean no less formed the basis of much American music, which subsequently conquered the world. ... more
DGM31033 CD
Rock  Progressive17.98 EUROKing CrimsonHappy With What You Have To Be Happy With/Level Five/ElektrikAdrian Belew ~ Robert Fripp ~ Trey Gunn ~ Pat MastelottoThis three CD set draws together a collection of studio and live recordings of King Crimson as a double duo:Released at the end of 2002, “Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With”: Featuring mostly short tracks this song-centred mini-album acted as an appetiser for ‘The Power To Believe’ (2003) in much the same way that the mini-album ‘VROOOM’ ... more
World Music  Folk17.98 EUROPeggy Luck & Toni LinkeWoodnt
Jazz  Blues17.98 EURORoger MaturaTake On The GiantsOn his latest collection of deeply personal songs, Roger Matura has once again re-invented himself - this time through the use of loops and samples. Despite the new production approach, Matura's songs still deal with his own past and perishability, constituting little acts of rebellion against the dying of the light. Take on the Giants has accordingly turned into an epic cycle filled to the brim with ... more
Rock  International13.35 EUROMcDonald And GilesMcDonald And GilesThe shock of King Crimson’s arrival, ascendancy and transatlantic success – all in a period of just under a year - carried within it the seeds of the line-up’s implosion in December of 1969 when Ian McDonald and Michael Giles left the band.Taking up the option to record an album as a duo - with Michael’s brother Peter taking the role as bass guitarist – the eponymous album was recorded in the summer ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROJazz Bigband Graz & Nguyên Lê & Wolfgang Puschnig & Heinrich von Kalnein & Horst-Michael Schaffer & Uli RennertTimes of Change Vol.2
FA58043 CD
Jazz  Allgemein22.98 EUROMoustache Jazz & Rock’N’Roll In France 1953-1958The singer and jazz drummer François-Alexandre Galepides was better known as Moustache, a nickname he owed to the magnificent whiskers that helped make this debonair personality highly popular with the French public. In the Fifties he appeared in jazz clubs in Saint-Germain des Prés with Claude Luter and Sidney Bechet, and then became known to younger audiences for his own versions of popular rock ... more
Jazz  Allgemein19.98 EUROJames Brandon Lewis & Red Lily QuintetJesup WagonOn his brand new work James Brandon Lewis leads an exceptional inter-generational ensemble assembled specifically for the project, feat. Kirk Knuffke: cornet; William Parker: bass, gimbri; Chris Hoffman: cello; Chad Taylor: drums, mbira. An evocative appreciation of the life & legacy of George Washington Carver, the album speaks eloquently to the forever-evolving continuum of the jazz tradition.
World Music  Afrika  Kongo16.98 EUROBatilaTatamanaBATILA’s sound is an inspiring journey through space and time. With a concoction of Congolese scents, a sparkle of Reggae and soft jazzy vibes, the cosmopolitan singer songwriter is so versatile that no existing genre can fully describe this musical experience. He baptized this style Bantu Soul - a fusion of all genres created and inspired by people of African descent. BATILA is recollecting and reprocessing ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROGordon Beck & Allan Holdsworth & Aldo Romano & Jean-François Jenny-ClarkSunbirdSunbird is a studio album by pianist Gordon Beck, released in summer of 1979 through JMS. Featuring Guitarist Allan Holdsworth for a wild fusion album, where Gordon Beck also plays an excellent acoustic piano and electric Rhodes throughout drawing with him JF Jenny-Clark’s pedestrian bass and Aldo Romano’s energetic drums. Sunbird sees a wide spectrum of moods throughout the tracks composed by Gordon ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROEric Le LannNight BirdFirst recording of Eric Le Lann under his name in 1983. Around him, a group composed of Cesarius Alvim on bass, Andre Ceccarelli on drums and Olivier Hutman on piano & Electric Rhodes drums, escorts the superb sound of a trumpet entirely put of the melody. The quartet has a remarkable flexibility, sound and unity. A hell of a quartet, the phrasing of the trumpet player is extraordinary!Eric Le Lann: ... more
FA85862 CD
Pop  Frankreich  Chanson22.98 EURODavid JisseAssis Sur Ma ValiseDavid Jisse never ceased to express his unique and multi-faceted creativity as a leading figure of the «nouvelle chanson» as half of the duo David et Dominique, as a radio broadcaster and as a composer of electroacoustic music. Those closest to him - his family, the musicians and sound engineer that accompanied him - joined together to finish the album that the artist himself couldn’t complete before ... more
World Music  USA  Folk16.98 EUROBrad KolodnerChimney SwiftsBrad Kolodner’s debut solo album Chimney Swifts proves that traditionally-rooted banjo music is alive, well, and on the move. After years of recordingin a duo with his father Ken Kolodner and with progressive roots supergroupCharm City Junction, Kolodner has assembled a powerful debut of instrumentalclawhammer banjo music. Honed during solo practice time amidst thepandemic, Chimney Swifts focuses on ... more


  • 29/10/2021Batila veröffentlicht neues Video zu What About meBatila Ange da Costa wurde 1979 geboren und wuchs zwischen Berlin und London als erstgeborenes Kind eines kongolesisch-angolanischen Elternpaares auf. Mit seinem ersten Solo-Album „Tatamana“ hat Batila eine beeindruckende Sammlung seiner Songs auf ein Album gepackt, die seinen Bantu-Soul nun einem größeren Publikum zugänglich machen. Vor der Veröffentlichung seines Albums ist am 22.10. die dritte Single „What About Me“ erschienen. Das Video ist u.a. auf YouTube hier zu sehen: ...moreLatest release
    World Music  Afrika  Kongo
    BatilaWhat About Me DIGIGMC096S3 MP3
  • 29/10/2021Espoo Big Bands Release Konzert von “Blood Red” jetzt in voller Länge auf YouTube zu sehenDie Espoo Big Band (EBB) ist eine der führenden großen Jazz-Orchester Finnlands, die auf vielen namhaften Festivals wie dem North Sea Jazz sowie Festivals in Detroit, Montreaux und Paris auftrat. Galileo Music hat nach Lauma und Espoo Suite mit Blood Red bereits das dritte Album der Band unter der Leitung von Marzi Nyman veröffentlicht. Das Präsentationskonzert, das am 16. September 2021 im Rahmen des April Jazz Festivals 2021 stattfand ist jetzt in voller Länge auf YouTube zu sehen: ...more
  • 01/10/2021Amir John Haddad im Soundtrack zum neuen James Bond
    Foto: Penélope Sierra
    Die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Komponisten Hans Zimmer begann schon vor drei Jahren, als Amir John Haddad - EL AMIR bei der Show "The World of Hans Zimmer" mitwirkte. Nicht erst seitdem ist der Gitarrist ein gern gesehener Gast auf zahlreichen Soundtracks. Mit seiner Flamenco-Gitarre und seinem warmen und strahlenden Klang bereichert er nun den neuen James Bond Film „No Time to Die“, um die Leidenschaft und das Lebensgefühl der andalusischen Musik mit atemberaubenden Actionszenen zu verbinden. ...more
    Latest release
  • 07/09/2021Yinon Muallems Album „Norwegian Oud“ mit dem Prädikat TOP OF THE WORLD von Songlines ausgezeichnetDer in Israel geborene Percussion- und Oud-Virtuose hat mit seinem neuen exklusiv digital veröffentlichtem Album „Norwegian Oud“, auf dem er den bekannten Beatles Song „Norwegian Wood“ in ein arabisches Arrangement gepackt hat, das Prädikat TOP OF THE WORLD erhalten, mit dem die 10 besten Alben der Oktober 2021 Ausgabe ausgezeichnet werden. Songlines schreibt zu dem Album: „Trotz dem ausgestellten Eklektizismus behält das Album durch Muallems exzellentes Gespür für Melodien und die makellose Auswahl der Mitmusiker einen durchgehend starken Zusammenhalt. Obwohl es in schwierigen und traumatischen Zeiten aufgenommen wurde, ist "Norwegian Oud" ein meisterhafter Querschnitt modaler Musik, der sowohl bittersüße Melancholie als auch freudigen Optimismus verbindet.“ ...moreLatest release
  • 04/08/2021Dr. Will vom Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik ausgezeichnetFünf Jahre nach der Prämierung seines Albums „Cuffs Off“ hat es der Münchner Musiker und Komponist erneut auf die Bestenliste des PdSK geschafft, die in der gerade veröffentlichten Jahresbroschüre einzusehen ist. Mit seinem aktuellen Album „I Want My Money Back“ hat der „Überzeugungstäter, der unbeirrbar sein Ding durchzieht und dabei ein ums andere Mal zu ganz großer Form aufläuft,“ eine der Besten Veröffentlichung des Jahres 2020 in der Kategorie Blues vorgelegt. ...moreLatest release

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