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Jazz  Contemporary11.99 EUROSergio Armaroli & Giancarlo Schiaffini & Harri SjöströmDuos & TriosThis CD is an unprecedented combination of vibraphone, soprano sax and trombone. The three musicians realised they had to come up with something really original to match this highly unusual combination of instruments. Within nine duos and three trios they had to create the new language, or “the event”, which has to be improvised and reflect the richness of the musical relationship.
Jazz  Allgemein17.53 EUROGegè TelesforoIl Mondo in TestaSinger; instrumentalist; composer; music producer; A&R Groove Master Edition; UNICEF Good Will Ambassador; but also a journalist, a television and radio personality, GeGè Telesforo represents a multifaceted professional figure, the best example of the current jazz tradition in Italy.GeGè’s artistic endeavors began 40 years ago as drummer and jazz singer, when his incredible talent was discovered by ... more
World Music  Brasilien15.58 EUROJacob Do BandolimUn Géant De La Musique Brésilienne, 1952-1962This anthology marks the Centenary of the birth of Jacob do Bandolim (February 1918 – August 1969) and contains the bonus of the first-ever release of a archive from a radio programme featuring him with his guests Pixinguinha and Benedito Lacerda. The set perfectly illustrates how this brilliant musician revitalized the choro. Teca CALAZANS et Philippe LESAGE
FA85673 CD
Jazz  Allgemein22.40 EUROLes OignonsAnthologie (After You’ve Gone / La Confiture / New Diversité)This anthology brings together the first three albums by the Oignons, an inescapable jazz group whose mission was to restore to its former glory every vigorous ounce of the New Orleans style: not by taking the old to make it something new, but by emphasizing all the avant garde power that lies behind the main style of the first era in jazz. And the band puts its own inimitable signature to the compositions ... more
Pop  Frankreich  Chanson15.58 EUROCharles TrenetLive In Paris - 1956-1961His talent for combining poetry and vaudeville with swing music made Charles Trenet one of the great icons of 20th century French chanson before the advent of “yé yé” popular music. This album brings together concert appearances recorded between 1956 and 1961, with most of them appearing here for the very first time. These are great moments of music and poetry from a wonderful entertainer (Trenet’s ... more
Rock  Progressive34.10 EUROKing CrimsonAn Alternative Guide to King Crimson - 40th Anniversary Edition (200 Gramm Vinyl)Single title, limited edition vinyl releases of titles previously available in boxed sets only. Original studio albums remixed by Steven Wilson & Robert Fripp* (*Devil’s Triangle features in original mix as multi-track tapes were lost) 2LP Rarities album of alt. mixes & original Cat Food/Groon single mixes. Rarities album features original imagery from “Young Person’s Guide to King Crimson” & includes ... more
Klassik  Chor/Lied16.55 EUROArvo Pärt & Vilnius Municipal Choir Jauna MuzikaWorks For ChoirCUGATE CLASSICS proudly presents: "Works For Choir" by ARVO PÄRT, one of the most important and influential composers of our time. Remastered by HELMUT ERLER at D&M Berlin and available as 180gr LP, CD and DL. ARVO PÄRT (born 1935 in Paide, Estonia) doesn't need to be introduced to anyone who has the slightest interest in classical music, and his audience reaches far beyond the regular attendants of ... more
World Music  Norwegen17.53 EUROKetil Bjornstad & Guro Kleven HagenThe Personal GalleryA musical and subjective picture gallery, across time.Ten years ago Kleven Hagen came in second place in the Eurovision Young Musicians contest by performing Tchaikovsy’s last movement of his violin concerto in front of the Russian pianist Daniil Trifonov, who at that time also played Tsjaikovskij. The next year Ketil heard Guro – now 17 years old – playing Tsjaikovskij again, but this time the whole ... more
World Music  Spanien  Galicien17.53 EUROXabier Díaz & Adufeiras de SalitreThe Silenced CathedralsXABIER DÍAZIt’s been 30 years since Xabier first blew into a bagpipe until Coplas para Icía (2007).His curiosity enabled new experiences with pop(ular) music always on the horizon:Xacarandaina, Rumbadeira, his first field researches, a constant teaching activity,associations, contests, festivals, etc.He became a part of Nova Galega de Danza performing in the shows «Alento»,«Engado» and «Tradición» ... more
Jazz  Vocal Jazz17.53 EUROElin FurubotnBlikkElin Furubotn celebrates her 20th anniversary as an artist with her eight album “BLIKK”. The release of “BLIKK” consist of a digital release with six brand new tracks, and a physical release with both the new tracks and some neatly selected favorites from her career.Time flies so fast when you are constantly on the road, playing in every nook and cranny home and abroad. This is also the case for Elin ... more
Pop  Country16.55 EUROJack GrelleIf Not ForeverIN THE TRADITION OF THE GREAT TROUBADOURS BEFORE HIM, Jack Grelle spent years hopping trains and hitchhiking across the US. You can sense the rambling spirit in his music combining elements of traditional country, folk, and rock’n roll. With his finger on the pulse of current issues, it’s no wonder that Rolling Stone claims he is “a progressive honky-tonk hero arriving at just the right time in Trump’s ... more
Pop  Country19.48 EUROJack GrelleIf Not Forever (LP)IN THE TRADITION OF THE GREAT TROUBADOURS BEFORE HIM, Jack Grelle spent years hopping trains and hitchhiking across the US. You can sense the rambling spirit in his music combining elements of traditional country, folk, and rock’n roll. With his finger on the pulse of current issues, it’s no wonder that Rolling Stone claims he is “a progressive honky-tonk hero arriving at just the right time in Trump’s ... more
Jazz  Contemporary11.99 EUROStefano Leonardi & Marco Colonna & Antonio Bertoni & Fridolin Blumer & Heinz GeisserAuraAll the artists on this CD have been a part of the Leo Records catalogue playing in different combinations. Aura («breath»), moving air, light wind, breeze, the air as a necessary element for breathing and for life, the vital breath. A dazzling journey between light and shadow, between the “grains of sand” in which today falls, the “blades of wind” suspended in a splendid chromatic resonance.
World Music  Portugal17.53 EUROLST - Lisboa String Trio & Maria Berasarte & Cristina Branco & José Peixoto & Bernardo Couto & Carlos BarrettoAqui e AliThis is the 3rd record of this amazing string trio made of Portuguese guitar (Fado symbol), classical guitar and contrabass.Following "Matéria" (that won the Carlos Paredes 2015 National Award) and "Lisboa" (that was nominated in the best record category by the Portuguese Authors Society Awards in 2017) work that includes in their repertoire Lisbon’s traditional instrumental music with the trio’s innovative ... more
Jazz  Contemporary11.99 EUROBaldo Martínez & Juan Saiz & Lucía MartínezFrágil GiganteA welcome addition of music from Spain to the Leo Records catalogue, This is original and powerful music with balls (pardon, Lucia), free jazz with tunes you can sing by the three outstanding improvisers of the emerging Spanish new jazz scene. Spontaneous, daring and sincere music, Juan Saiz and Baldo Martínez featured in the Leo Records catalogue before. Out of nine compositions, four belong to Saiz, ... more
Jazz  Contemporary11.99 EUROPago LibreMountain SonglinesOne of the most distinctive groups in Europe and indeed in the entire world, Pago Libre is made up of four virtuosi who combine the drive and groove of jazz, the melodic impulse of folk music, and the timbral qualities, density, and orchestration of chamber music. That is what Pago Libre has pursued since 1989. John Wolf Brennan is on piano, Arkady Schilkloper on horn and alphorn, Tom Götze on bass, ... more
Jazz  Contemporary11.99 EUROPago Libre SextetplatzDADA!!In terms of music “Mounting Songlines” and “platzDADA!!” couldn’t be wider apart. The lineup is very different too. The members of the sextet come from Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Russia and France. Pago Libre processes influences from a wide variety of folk music and jazz as well as elements of contemporary classical, hip hop and improvisation, including a good dose of virtuosity and humour. All ... more


  • 04/08/2020Galileo Music veröffentlicht mit Strømmen das erste Album der Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard Band
    Helene Blum und Harald Haugaard sind seit vielen Jahren regelmäßige Gäste der großen Folk- und Weltmusikbühnen in Deutschland. Bislang haben die beiden ihre jeweiligen Solo-Programme und ihr erfolgreiches Weihnachtsprogramm live mit ihrer gemeinsamen Band präsentiert, aber keine gemeinsamen Aufnahmen realisiert. Nun ist mit Strømmen das erste gemeinsame Album fertig und erscheint am 18. September auf Galileo Music. Am vergangenen 3. August waren die beiden in Berlin und haben Interviews zum neuen Album gegeben. Ab Oktober präsentiert die Band ihr Album mit Konzerten in Berlin, Eisleben, Neumühle, Heidelberg, Nürnberg, Ravensburg, Helmbrechts und Lüdensched. ...more
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  • 27/07/2020Nachruf auf Stephan TrepteDer Musiker Stephan Trepte ist im Alter von 70 Jahre verstorben. Der Kult-Sänger verlieh DDR-Bands wie Electra, Lift oder Reform seine markante Stimme. Geboren im sächsischen Biehla wird er seinen Fans als umtriebiger Musiker mit seiner einmaligen Ausstrahlung auf der Bühne in Erinnerung bleiben. ...more
  • 07/07/2020Sang und Klang Festival 11. Juli 2020
    Im Frühjahr mussten die Veranstaltungsorte in Deutschland ihre Pforten schließen. Für viele MusikerInnen steht seither alles in Frage. Veranstaltungsorte verschwinden, ganze Branchen brechen weg. Das Sang und Klang Festival gibt MusikerInnen eine Stimme: 14 Acts der deutschen Folk- und Liedermacherszene spielen am Samstag, 11. Juli 2020, ab 16 Uhr 7 Stunden Musik. Live & online. Mit dabei unter anderem: Andrea Pancur, Deitsch oder STOPPOK. Den Stream gibt es auf YouTube, Facebook, Instagram und auf der Sang und Klang Website. ...more
  • 02/07/2020Transglobal World Music Charts Juli 2020Wu Fei & Abigail Washburn haben mit ihrem gleichnamigen Debüt und ihrer Mixtur aus Old-Time Music und chinesischer Volksmusik erneut eine Topplatzierung (#3) in den Transglobal World Music Charts (TWMC) erreicht. Ebenso in der Bestenliste vertreten sind Moonlight Benjamin mit „Simido“ (#7) sowie Maria Kalaniemi & Eero Grundström mit „Mielo“ (#39). ...moreLatest release
  • 02/06/2020Topplatzierungen bei den Transglobal World Music Charts und World Music Charts EuropeWu Fei & Abigail Washburn sind mit ihrem gleichnamigen Debüt die neue Nummer 1 der Transglobal World Music Charts im Monat Juni. Mit ihrer Mixtur aus Old-Time Music und chinesischer Volksmusik präsentiert das Duo großartige, impressionistische Klänge aus den Appalachen bis in die Ebenen der Xinjiang Region. Moonlight Benjamin schafft es mit „Simido“ auf Platz 6, Maria Kalaniemi & Eero Grundström steigen mit ihrem Album „Mielo“ auf Platz 23 ein. In die europäischen WMCE gelingt „Mielo“ der Einstieg auf den achten sowie der Formation Jola mit ihrem Album „Hidden Gnawa music in Brussels“ auf den 20. Platz. ...moreLatest release

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