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Andrea PancurWeihnukka
Andrea Pancur has researched the common roots of jiddish Klezmer music and Bavarian folkmusic with her project Alpenklezmer. Weihnukka is a Christmas album that aims to be a sym-biosis of two festivals “Weihnachten” (Christmas) and Hanukka, although they had nothing in common, except that they both are celebrated around the winter solstice. Hanukkah commemorates the liberation through an armed uprising; whereas Christmas promises „Peace on earth among men in whom he is well pleased.“ The term „Weihnukka“ ...more

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Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROEdgar KnechtPersonal SeasonsThe fires of summerThe seasons had always been a source of inspiration for pianist Edgar Knecht. Whenever he thought about them, he couldn't help ruminating: About the fleetingness of things. About the unique power of music to accompany us through all the different stages of life. About the challenge for the original trio to incorporate an additional musician. It therefore seemed apt to make the seasons ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROGunnar HalleHalle’s PlanetGrunge Jazz from Planet HalleGunnar Halle's productivity can sometimes seem superhuman. Hardly a month goes by without him adding his crystal clear trumpet sound to a new production from the realms of jazz, world music and beyond; hardly a week passes without him travelling the world in search of inspiration. For his second solo album, however, the Norwegian has taken all the time he needed. It has ... more
World Music  Weihnachten16.98 EUROAndrea PancurWeihnukkaAndrea Pancur has researched the common roots of jiddish Klezmer music and Bavarian folkmusic with her project Alpenklezmer. Weihnukka is a Christmas album that aims to be a sym-biosis of two festivals “Weihnachten” (Christmas) and Hanukka, although they had nothing in common, except that they both are celebrated around the winter solstice. Hanukkah commemorates the liberation through an armed uprising; ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EURONiaque & Stefan Karl Schmid & Philipp Brämswig & David Helm & Fabian ArendsAwake
FA30702 CD
Jazz  Allgemein22.98 EUROWoody HermanThe Quintessence 1939-1962 (New York - Hollywood - Monterey)“On one point in particular, Woody was wrong and i was right: he was a very great man.” Gene LEES Frémeaux & Associés’ « Quintessence » products have undergone an analogical and digital restoration process which is recognized throughout the world. Each 2 CD set edition includes liner notes in English as well as a guarantee. This 2 CD set presents a selection of the best recordings by Woddy Herman ... more
FA57513 CD
World Music  Gipsy22.98 EURODiverseTziganes - Souvenirs De Hongrie 1954-1959The Gypsy music of Central Europe is a mix of classical music and folklore that was mainly standardised through the input of Magyar culture. It surfaced in the plains and villages of Hungary and bridged European and Asian cultures. It caused a fascination in the world of arts of the 19th and 20th centuries, through the Renoir and Matisse Romantics, and all the way from Django Reinhardt to Yehudi Menuhin. ... more
Pop  Frankreich  Chanson15.98 EUROJuliette GrécoLive In Paris - 1956-1961Juliette Gréco is an emblematic figure of French Song, an artist who left her mark on the latter part of the Twentieth Century. There is no shortage of superlatives to introduce her: a role model in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés cabarets since the late forties, the muse of countless artists and intellectuals, a fashion icon and ambassador of the French art of living. This album brings together the great ... more
FA4034DVD + CD
Filme  DVD20.98 EUROClaude BollingDans Le Piano De Claude Bolling (Un Film De Vincent Perrot)Vincent Perrot's 90 min documentary deals with a great pianist. Claude Bolling is the ambassador of big-band jazz and one of the greatest film-music composers of the 20th century. He’s also the man behind the term “crossover” designating the music-genre which mixes jazz with classical music, thanks to a dozen duo records which paired Bolling with trumpeter Maurice André, guitarist Alexandre Lagoya, ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROKetil BjornstadThe World I Used to KnowIn the spring of 2018, Ketil Bjørnstad realized that it was only a scarce year before 50 years had passed since he debuted as a pianist with the Philharmonic in the University’s Aula on January 10, 1969. On that day this year, the celebration of what is Bjørnstad’s year began. 2019 started with a nice new release of Rainbow Sessions. The World I Used To Know is released at Grappa Musikkforlag, recorded ... more
Hörbuch  Hörspiel22.98 EUROUlf Stolterfoht & Iris Drögekamp & Thomas Weber & Kammerflimmer KollektiefEin Strumpf Wächst Durch Den Tisch (180g Vinyl)
World Music  Afrika  Allgemein17.98 EUROBallake Sissoko & Baba SissokoSissoko & SissokoThis album, Sissoko & Sissoko, is a story of two cousins Ballake Sissoko and Baba Sissoko, who shared and connected their lives through music! Everything started at the beginning of the 80s, when the teenagers met in the National Instrumental Ensemble of Mali. I replaced my retired father and Ballake replaced his departed father. After several years of being separated, having chosen different musical ... more
World Music  Balkan17.98 EUROAmira Medunjanin & Trondheim SolisteneAscendingSinger, humanitarian, and global ambassador for the culture and music of her native Bosnia & Herzegovina and the wider Balkan region, Amira Medunjanin has been described as “ of the great voices of her generation, and almost certainly the finest from eastern Europe”(Observer); an artist with a “voluptuous voice (which) hovers enticingly between East an West” (Uncut magazine).For the past fifteen ... more
Jazz  Allgemein16.98 EUROYakir ArbibMy Name is YakirHere’s a great pianist. His name is Yakir. Israeli-Italian, Yakir Arbib (30 years old) was born with a visual impairment. He is an amazing "visionary" in the art of improvisation and composition. His characteristic of "seeing" musical tones as distinct colors (synesthesia) guides him in his creative process.MY NAME IS YAKIR is an album that is both moving, surprising and beautiful. Whether in the rewrite ... more
Jazz  Allgemein16.98 EUROMátyás Szandai QuartetSadhanaThe Sanskrit expression, Sadhana (approx. ‘in meditation the ego dies’) may sound dramatic, but it means no more than that whatever action weperform, be it celebrating mass or hoeing the earth, if we do it with a spiritual tendency, it will bring us closer to our goal, which ultimately is to beat home in our own selves. But this home needs sound foundations. Mátyás Szandai knows this, and while he ... more
Jazz  Allgemein16.98 EUROMihály Borbély QuartetGrenadillaThe grenadilla is an extremely dense, solid species of tree native to South Africa, and is used to make the clarinet of Western classical music, and the tárogatóused in Hungarian folk music. But here, with wood from this tree, we hear the voice of Africa and Europe together, when on the tárogató, the clarinet, andbass clarinet Mihály Borbély plays a peculiarly European style of Afro-American origin ... more


  • 20/11/2019Stephan-Max Wirth, Mísia und Kudsi Ergüner auf der Bestenliste 4/2019 des Preises der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik
    Stephan-Max Wirth wurde für sein 4CD Live-Album in der Kategorie Jazz ausgezeichnet, Mísia für „Pura Vida (Banda Sonora)“ in der Kategorie Weltmusik und Kudsi Ergüner für „La Mélancolie Royale“ in der Kategorie Traditionelle ethnische Musik. Die Jury würdigt mit ihrer Auswahl künstlerisch herausragende Veröffentlichungen und wir gratulieren ganz herzlich! ...more
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  • 18/11/2019Weihnukka CD-Release Konzert am 28.11. in der Pasinger FabrikAndrea Pancur lädt am 28.11.2019 zum CD-Release Konzert in die Pasinger Fabrik. Die preisgekrönte, quirlige jiddisch-bayerische Liedgutheldin versammelt Christian Dawid (Klarinette), Ilya Shneyveys (Akkordeon) und Hansjörg Gehring (Bass), um auf der Bühne ihr neues Programm zu präsentieren. Dabei wirbelt sie das jüdische Lichterfest Chanukka und das christliche Weihnachten musikalisch zu einem gemeinsamen Fest durcheinander – festlich, fröhlich, nachdenklich und mitreißend. ...moreLatest release
  • 07/11/2019Spui´maNovas Album Release Konzert am 14.11.2019 in MünchenAm 14.11. um 20:30 Uhr im Theater im Fraunhofer, stellt die Band Spui´maNovas ihre neues Album KALEIDOSKOP vor, und zwar weitestgehend unplugged! Musiziert wird mit Maultrommel, Bandoneon, Dudelsack, Oud, Saxophon, E-Gitarre, Kontrabass, Darbuka und Drumset. Wie beim Blick durch ein Kaleidoskop macht Stefan Straubingers Familienband aus dem Münchner Süden mit ihren Gastmusikern unterschiedlichste musikalische Facetten nebeneinander hörbar. Dabei scheinen bei jedem Musikstück die bayrischen Wurzeln der Musik von Spui´maNovas durch. Es wird musikalisch, zeitlich und kulturell einiges überlagert, was ursprünglich weit auseinander lag. ...moreLatest release
  • 04/11/2019Carmen Souza mit ihrem neuen Album auf dem Titel der JazzthetikBereits auf ihrem 2010er Album Protegid interpretierte die von den Kapverden abstammende und in Portugal geborene Sängerin Carmen Souza mit Song for my Father einen Klassiker aus Horace Silvers Repertoire. Nun war die Zeit gekommen, ein ganzes Album dem Musiker zu widmen, der ebenfalls familiäre Wurzeln auf den Kapverden hat. Das renommierte Jazzmagazin Jazzthetik hat dieses Album zum Anlass genommen, um Carmen Souza als Titelgeschichte zu präsentieren. Auf der 4-seitigen Story erzählt Carmen dabei über ihre Beziehung zu Horace Silvers Werk und wie es zu der Idee kam, ein ganzes Album mit Horace Silver Songs zu produzieren. ...moreLatest release
  • 02/11/2019Ballaké Sissoko & Baba Sissoko · Sissoko & Sissoko auf Platz 3 der monatlichen Worlmusic Charts EuropeDie beiden Cousins Ballake Sissoko und Baba Sissoko haben mit ihrem neuen Album Songs veröffentlicht, die von Respekt für die Familie, für eigenen Wurzeln, für ihre Kultur und ihre Traditionen handeln. Das Album hat sowohl die Jury der Worldmusic Charts Europe (, wo das Album direkt auf Platz 3 eingestiegen ist, als auch die der neueren Transglobal Worldmusic Charts überzeugt, wo das Album auf Platz 11 gelandet ist. In letzteren Charts finden sich in der November Ausgabe weiterhin noch Laurie Anderson mit „Songs from the Bardo“ auf Platz 14, Misia mit „Pura Vida“ auf Platz 31, Mara Aranda mit „Sefarad – En el Corazon de Turquia“ auf Platz 32 und Oum mit Daba auf Platz 33. ...moreLatest release

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