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Theo PascalQuamundos 2
Theo Pascal, bassist, composer and pioneer producer in the Jazz Lusophone scene, leads QUAMUNDOS2, a powerful collective made of Portuguese musicians with a heritage connection to several countries like Angola, Moçambique, Cabo Verde, India, S.tomé, etc. Featuring special guests: long-time collaborator and award-winning acclaimed singer-songwriter - Carmen Souza - on piano, Rhodes and vocals. Plus virtuoso Saxophonist Lenny Sendersky from St. Petersburg, based in Tel Aviv/Israel. Zusätzlich ist noch ...more

New releases July 2022

Jazz  Allgemein16.98 EURODenis Gäbel & Simon Seidl & Loren Stillman & Axel Schlosser & Christian Ramond & Norbert Scholly & Laura Totenhagen & Hendrik Soll & Shannon Barnett & Sebastian GilleThe Mingus Sessions
Jazz  Allgemein15.98 EUROJean-Michel ProustTo Barney Wilen Vol.2In this second volume of his homage “To Barney Wilen,” Jean-Michel Proust follows the sensibilities of the legendary saxophonist in an exploration of the great jazz songbook and the classics of Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart, Vincent Youmans, Isham Jones and Django Reinhardt. Fronting a rhythm section that provides a setting that fits him like a glove, Jean- Michel Proust makes this opus a wonderful ... more
Jazz  Allgemein15.98 EUROSwingin' AffairFait Sa B.O. (Il Etait Une Fois La Revolution, Le Grand Blond Avec Une Chaussure Noire, Le Parrain,...)Film music soundtracks have established themselves over the years as major providers of popular tunes. But jazz is quite different, because it has always had an appetite for transforming standards into something of its own. The Swingin’ Affair quartet brings new colours to the famous melodies heard in films, adding unrivalled freshness with some sumptuous arrangements that draw on different palettes, ... more
Jazz  Blues25.99 EUROLucinda WilliamsRamblin' On My Mind (LP)American singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams’ Southern blues roots are unmistakable on her debut record Ramblin’ on My Mind, showcasing the artistry that would make her an icon. Recorded in Mississippi in the late 1970s, the album features a collection of traditional folk and country standards arranged and performed by Williams, with intimate accompaniment by John Grimaudo on his six-string guitar. ... more
World Music  Folk17.98 EUROKouglofFernsichtThe third full CD work of our world musicians from "Kouglof" was recorded live in winter 2021/22. After the previous albums "verdrejter Kopf" and "Majstjarnen" a new encounter with traditional and own melodies, sounds and music stories from all directions of the outer and inner universe: Argentian moon, Heinzenberger Fernsicht, a South African father, Bündner Summer, a Mongolian-Tuvan Princess, the ... more
Rock  International13.82 EURORobert FrippGod Save The Queen / Under Heavy Manners2021 remaster by David Singleton Available on CD for the first time in decades Contains two extra tracks, comprising almost half an hour of additional material, one unavailable since the 1990s and the second newly releasedGod Save the Queen: By the time Exposure had been released in June 1979 Robert Fripp had already embarked on one of the most unconventional tours to support a new record that had ... more
Rock  International13.82 EURORobert FrippLet The Power Fall (An Album of Frippertronics) 2021 remaster by David Singleton Available on CD for the first time in decades Contains three extra tracks, both previously unreleased on individual CD Let The Power Fall is the only full album of Frippertronics released during the original vinyl era and within two years of the original tour of shops/offices/restaurants et al that acted as venues for the concerts.With minimal promotion as the tour ... more
World Music  Portugal  Fado21.98 EUROMísiaAnimal Sentimental (LP)Feelings, the indescribable realm, which inspires poets and artists from so many different fields, are treasures that only weigh on the soul. Mísia is well aware of this. This female artist, a dreamy fado singer, singer actress, narrator of her own stories and of those of others, is the first to admit, that she is an animal sentimental, a sentimental animal. This expression serves as the title for ... more
Jazz  Allgemein15.98 EUROJean-Michel ProustTo Barney Wilen Vol.1Jean-Michel Proust is a household name in French jazz, not only because he was the voice of jazz on national radio (France Inter) and on the station TSF Jazz, but because he has also been a bandleader, producer, artistic director… and an accomplished saxophonist. This album is the first of two chapters that pay a delicate tribute to the spirit that moved Barney Wilen, one of the most sensitive tenors, ... more
FA58183 CD
Jazz  Allgemein22.98 EUROSerguei Prokofiev & Billie Holiday & Boris Vian & Amalia RodriguesLa Censure - Les Musiciens Face Au Pouvoir Politique 1929-1962 (Musicians Confronting Political Authority)All the composers and artists featured in this anthology incurred the wrath of censors who officially banned their works. The cultural views of such personalities as Stalin, Hitler, Franco or Salazar, not to mention McCarthy, had consequences including assassination, deportation and exile, and they led to a rejection of modernity. The value of works scorned by governments, however, has not been overlooked ... more
Rock  International27.98 EUROXTCWhite Music (200 Gramm Vinyl)The 1978 classic debut album Newly cut from masters by Jason Mitchell at LOUD mastering and approved by Andy Partridge. Pressed on 200gram super-heavyweight vinyl at Vinyl Factory UKWHITE MUSIC: “I wanted it to sound like hearing Johnny & the Hurricanes’ ‘Red River Rock’ as heard on a fairground ride through a cranked up PA speaker or like Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band playing bubblegum music…” ... more
Jazz  Latin-Jazz17.98 EUROJagun & Eva JagunTransatlantico
Pop  Country  Bluegrass17.98 EUROPo' Ramblin BoysNever Slow DownDeep-rooted bluegrass troupe The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys kick it into high gear on Never Slow Down, their newest collection of classic songs and soon-to-be-classic originals. The GRAMMY-nominated group pours every ounce of passion they have into these recordings as they always have, this time with even more fervor and zeal with the addition of new band member Laura Orshaw. Taking on material by their heroes ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EURONenad Vasilic TrioNenad Vasilic Trio LiveEight Shades of BeautifulSeveral things keep Nenad Vasilic's discography consistent. First, just as he planned at the beginning of his career, he still hasn't recorded "a single American song". Second, on every group recording, he collaborated with a different lineup of musicians, changing the instruments in the ensemble, as well.Third, in the studio or live, his releases are always a feast for the ... more
TZ23232 CD
Pop  Allgemein16.98 EUROPleilKeine Zeit


  • 06/06/2022Marco Mezquida beim Finale des BMW Welt Jazz AwardZusammen mit seinem Trio wird der iberische Pianist im Finale des BMW Welt Jazz Award am 09.07.20222 in München antreten. Bereits mit dem Publikumsaward ausgezeichnet, präsentiert Marco Mezquida sein neuestes Werk „Letter to Milos“ und damit die Vielschichtigkeit der iberischen Musik - von Modern Jazz bis Flamenco, Tango, Buleria und Folklore. ...moreLatest release
  • 02/06/2022Batila präsentiert sein Album „Tatamana“ live auf TourMit seiner Kombination aus kongolesischen Rhythmen, einem Hauch von Reggae, sanft- jazzigen Vibes und elektronischen Klängen, ist der kosmopolitische Singer-Songwriter ab Juni live in Deutschland zu hören. Zusammen mit seiner Band The DreamBus präsentiert er die Songs seines Albums „Tatamana“. 18.06. Poesie Festival, Berlin 02.07. Afrika Kultur Tage, Forchheim 03.07. Masala Worldbeat Festival, Hannover 12.07. Kur Park, Spiekeroog 11.08. Humboldt Forum, Berlin ...moreLatest release
  • 02/05/2022Transglobal World Music Charts Mai 2022Mísia ist mit ihrem neuen Album „Animal Sentimental“ in die Transglobal World Music Charts eingestiegen. Die Fado-Sängerin und Erzählerin ihrer eigenen Geschichten und der Geschichten anderer schlägt mit ihrer Musik ein neues Kapitel ihrer Karriere auf. In ihren Liedern spiegelt Mísia ihre künstlerische Haltung und zeigt freimütig ihre innersten Gefühle. ...moreLatest release
  • 01/04/2022BMW WELT JAZZ AWARD 2022 mit Marco MezquidaUnter dem Titel „Key Position“ widmet sich der renommierte BMW Welt Jazz Award dieses Jahr dem Klavier als prägendes Instrument des Genres. Am 19.04.2022 ist dafür Marco Mezquida mit seinem Trio zu Gast in München, um sich der Jury zu präsentieren. Auf dem kommenden Album „Letter to Milos“ schlägt das Trio um den Pianisten aus Maó auf Menorca neue und verzweigte Pfade in die gewohnte Klanglandschaft traditioneller iberischer Musik. ...moreLatest release
  • 28/03/2022Jake La Botz auf TourSinger/Songwriter Jake La Botz ist mit der Musik der Straße, aus Bars, Kirchen, Tattoo-Salons und Filmen großgeworden – klanglich angesiedelt ist er in New Orleans, im Mississippi Delta und in seiner Heimat Chicago. Im April ist er jedoch auch in Deutschland und Österreich mit seinem Album „They´re Coming For Me“ zu hören: 01.04. Augsburg, 02.04. Hildesheim, 04.04. Aachen, 10.04. München, 12.04. Kleinstaasdorf (AT), 13.04. Berlin, 14.04. Hamburg, 19.04. Mannheim, 22.04. Feldkirchen (AT) und 28.04. Essen. ...moreLatest release

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