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The interaction of jazz trumpet and flamenco guitar is the speciality of the quartet Rasgueo with Greek guitarist Nikos Tsiachris and the Bavarian trumpet player Martin Auer and not very common in the flamenco world. „Echo“ is now the second album of the band driven by drummer Diego Piñeira and double bass player Martin Lillich that follows their acclaimed debut “Waterfall”. Tsiachris who wrote all pieces except a version of the famous classic Asturias is an international renown guitarist whose solo ...more

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Rock  Progressive131,73 EUROKing Crimson1972 - 1974 Limited Edition Vinyl Boxed SetFinally on vinyl, the King Crimson 40th anniversary albums mixed and produced by Steven Wilson and Robert Fripp. Cut from the same hi-res masters used for the 40th anniversary CD/DVD-A series Pressed on 200gram super-heavyweight vinyl for the best possible audio reproduction King Crimson is on tour in the UK in from end of October into November, with the current band playing much of the material on ... more
Jazz  Electronic17,98 EUROODILRESON
Jazz  Allgemein17,98 EUROBaiju Bhatt & Red SunEastern Sonata
Jazz  Allgemein17,98 EUROScott McLemoreThe MultiverseAs the American-born, Iceland-based drummer composed the music for his 3rd album as a leader, he realized the sound of legendary guitarist John Abercrombie rang out in his head. Having just returned from the US where he performed with Abercrombie for the 2nd time, he knew the next album he did had to focus on the guitar. Then he thought, "why stop at one guitar?" Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson ... more
World Music  Klezmer17,98 EUROHalvaThe Sweetest Klezmer OrchestraHalva is the Belgian-German-Latvian ensemble with which Nicolaas Cottenie investigates the links between traditional klezmer music and the many cultures surrounding the Ashkenazim (the Yiddish-speaking Jews in Eastern-Europe): Greek, Hungarian, Turkish and even Western Classical Music. The result is music that breathes a deep energy that invites to dance, with a touch of seriousness and moments of ... more
World Music  Spanien  Flamenco16,98 EUROAndreas ArnoldOdiseaOdisea is an odyssey, a voyage to distant shores; it is also an exploration inward. Andreas Arnold’s third album, Odisea, charts his decade-long journey from jazz to flamenco and back, a full circle where he has found not only his own unique style of flamenco fusion and intersections — but also a kind of musical origin. Odisea is a meditation on duality: flamenco and jazz, a waxing and waning, intimacy ... more
Jazz  Vocal Jazz17,98 EUROOona ReaFirst Name: OonaOona is a girl’s name. It’s the English version of the Irish name Úna, spelled strictly with an accent mark on the letter u. Oona is matchless. Her voice is intimate and emotional. It glides from a velvet soft, soothing and captivating sound that first hypnotizes then freezes the listener in a startingly intense sound experience. An airy and easy-going melody that lulls and then swings you into a gentle ... more
Jazz  Gypsy Swing15,98 EUROTcha Limberger & Mozes Rosenberg TrioLive
World Music  Argentinien  Tango17,98 EUROFernando Otero & Victor Hugo VillenaBuenos Aires NowThe creative connection between Fernando Otero and Victor Villena takes stage again for the 2017-18season.Buenos Aires Now is conceptualized around the music of both musicians' hometown, evoking the feel ofchamber music, improvisation and classical contemporary music.Otero and Villena merge into a full and interactive musical speech, alternating rhythmical and melodicprominence, providing a fully Argentine ... more
World Music  Electronic22,98 EUROSaba AlizadehScattered Memories (180g Vinyl)On his debut album “Scattered Memories”, the composer, musician and true master on the Iranian spike fiddle kamancheh SABA ALIZADEH blends his instrumental virtuosity with spherical electronics, samples of Persian music instruments and field recordings from his hometown Tehran.Born in Tehran in 1983 as son of the world renowned Tar and Setar virtuoso HOSSEIN ALIZADEH, SABA ALIZADEH studied the Iranian ... more
Pop  Ambient22,98 EUROBenjamin Finger & James Plotkin & Mia ZabelkaPleasure-Voltage (180g Vinyl)BENJAMIN FINGER, JAMES PLOTKIN and MIA ZABELKA craft a mesmerizing sonic world that buzzes and drones, glitches and slithers, eventually careening into unexplored musicalterritory.“Pleasure-Voltage” was born in the mind (and studio) of BENJAMIN FINGER –a composer, electronic music producer, DJ, photographer and film-maker based in Oslo /Norway who in recent years has become quite a prolific artist, ... more
Jazz  Vocal Jazz17,98 EUROPhraimPhraim
Jazz  Allgemein15,98 EUROMem’OryRagtim’OryPlaying with trumpeter Michel Bonnet in Mem’Ory are some of the greatest New Orleans-style musicians around (as heard in such bands as Pink Turtle, the Haricots Rouges, Claude Bolling Big Band etc.) And for more than a decade, the Mem’Ory band has been paying tribute to the great Kid Ory (and his Creole Jazz Band) on stages all over the world. Ory pioneered jazz, but Mem’Ory doesn’t play covers: they ... more
FA57373 CD
World Music  USA  Gospel22,98 EUROThe Roberta Martin SingersAnthology 1947-1962The Roberta Martin Singers were the first mixed Afro-American vocal group in history. They represent the quintessence of the art of Negro spirituals and had a considerable and lasting influence over every contemporary gospel ensemble. In compiling this overview of their work, Jean Buzelin produced the first genuine anthology, a world’s first and a tribute that finally does them justice. Patrick FR ... more
Jazz  Allgemein16,98 EUROHenri TexierAmirLike his double bass, Henri Texier is a pillar, a landmark in jazz and music in general. After an early career at the end of the 1960s, along with American bebop giants such as Bud Powell, Donald Byrd, Dexter Gordon and Kenny Clarke, Henri Texier stands out for his originality at the forefront of world music well before the term. The proof with his first two recordings made on the label JMS - (1975) ... more
Jazz  Allgemein16,98 EUROLouis SclavisFrontieres
Jazz  Allgemein16,98 EUROMartial SolalHistoires ImproviseesFor years on end, we have been warned against theabuse of alcohol, tobacco or gambling. But we havenever been informed against the dangers of improvisation.And yet improvisation is a high risk activity.For the musician as well as for the listener.The listener had better consume moderately if hewants to make the best of the music he is discovering.I think this recording must not be heard all at once.It ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17,98 EUROOddgeier Berg TrioIn The End Of The NightNot a year has passed since the Oddgeir Berg Trio presented its debut and toured the world. In the End of the Night feels inspired by the tight rope act of their live gigs.The familiar bittersweet harmonies and cinematic sound are still present. This time, however, they're juxtaposed by subtle electronic experiments and furious rock.All ten tracks were recorded in a mere two days. It is testimony to ... more
Jazz  Allgemein27,98 EUROOddgeier Berg TrioIn The End Of The Night (180 Gramm Vinyl)Not a year has passed since the Oddgeir Berg Trio presented its debut and toured the world. In the End of the Night feels inspired by the tight rope act of their live gigs.The familiar bittersweet harmonies and cinematic sound are still present. This time, however, they're juxtaposed by subtle electronic experiments and furious rock.All ten tracks were recorded in a mere two days. It is testimony to ... more


  • 14.02.2019Harrycane Orchestra beim Wettbewerb für Globale Musik aus Bayern ausgezeichnet
    Das Augsburger Harrycane Orchestra erspielte sich in der Nürnberger Tafelhalle vor einer 5-köpfigen Jury den zweiten Platz des creole Wettbewerbs und wird somit auf dem Bardentreffen Nürnberg und beim Würzburger Hafensommer in diesem Jahr vertreten sein. Das Ensemble aus sechs Musikern vereint orientalische Musik und Jazz zu einem großen Ganzen. Das Ergebnis klingt stellenweise volksliedhaft, im nächsten Moment nach Weltmusik, lässt den Kompositionen aber viel Raum für Improvisation. Wir gratuliert herzlich und freuen uns auf die kommenden Konzerte! ...more
  • 04.02.2019Stefan Sterzinger und Fräulein Tüpfeltaubes Tagebuch in der LiederbestenlisteGleich zwei Veröffentlichungen aus dem Hause Galileo Music haben es mit einem Song in die Top20 der Liederbestenliste geschafft. Das Stefan Sterzinger Trio mit dem Album „Keuschheit & Demut in Zeiten der Cholera“ und Fräulein Tüpfeltaubes Tagebuch mit ihrem gleichnamigen Debütalbum. Die Liederbestenliste existiert bereits seit Oktober 1983. Zunächst angesiedelt bei SWF bzw. SWR, wird sie seit 2004 vom Deutschsprachige Musik e.V. getragen. Die Jury besteht aus ExpertInnen aus Deutschland, Österreich, Belgien und der Schweiz. ...more
  • 25.01.2019Sväng mit dem finnischen „Artist of the Year“ – Award ausgezeichnet Im Januar ist das finnische Mundharmonika-Quartett im Rahmen der jährlichen Ethnogala in Helsinki mit dem „Artist of the Year“ – Award ausgezeichnet worden. Der Laudator führte aus, dass „Sväng in ihrer 15-jährigen Karriere neue Standards für das Spiel auf der Mundharmonika gesetzt haben und ihre Konzerte sowohl mit künstlerisch anspruchsvoller Musik als auch spontanem Humor à la Kaurismäki überzeugen.“ Wir gratulieren ganz herzlich! ...moreLatest release
  • 07.01.2019Nikos Tsiachris auf der Kulturbörse FreiburgGalileo Music wird auch 2019 wieder auf der Internationalen Kulturbörse in Freiburg vertreten sein (Messestand 1.4.32). Mit dabei ist der griechische Flamenco-Gitarrist Nikos Tsiachris mit seinem Trio (Auftritt: 22.01.19 um 14:00 Uhr). Auf seinem aktuellen Album "Alcance" zeigt er sich als Flamenco-Gitarrist der Moderne mit großer Modernität und herrlicher Frische. Sein aktuelles Programm ist ein musikalisches Erlebnis voller Authentizität, Abwechslungsreichtum, Leidenschaft und Liebe. Ebenfalls auf der Kulturbörse zu hören und sehen ist das portugiesische Akkordeon Quartett Danças Ocultas. Ihr neues Album „Dentro Desse Mar“ erscheint demnächst bei Galileo Music. ...moreLatest release
  • 07.01.2019Transglobal World Music Charts und World Music Charts EuropeSowohl die Transglobal World Music Charts als auch die World Music Charts Europe haben ihre Bestenliste für das Jahr 2018 veröffentlicht. Auf beide Listen haben es mit 3MA - "Anarouz", Samurai Accordion "TE", Rahim AlHaj Trio "One Sky", Sväng "Plays Tango" gleich mehrer Titel aus dem Galileo Repertoire geschafft. In die Auswahl der TWMC zudem Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana "Argento", Moonlight Benjamin "Siltane", Grupo Mono Blanco "¡Fandango!", Baul Meets Saz "Namaz", Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra "Avo Kanto" sowie in die Top 100 der europäischen Charts außerdem Xabier Díaz "Noró", Che Sudaka "Almas Rebeldes", Bao Sissoko "Tamala" und Otros Aires presents Balkan Airs ...more

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