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Rão KyaoGandhi
The portugues flute player Rão Kyao was invited to recreate “Vaishnav Jan to Tene Kahiye”, the tune Gandhi most listened to, and that has become the unofficial national anthem for that country, for the celebration of the 150 years since his birth. Prime minister Narendra Modi referenced and published the song on all his social networks. This invitation was the starting point for the new album of Rão Kyao who was born 1940 in Lisbon that combines his Portuguese roots with universality. Behold, the ...more

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FA57913 CD
World Music  Kuba22.98 EURODiverseSanteria, Mystic Music From Cuba, Folk Trance Possession - Fon - Yorubá - Igbo - Bantu - 1939-1962The Fon, Yorùbá, Igbo and Bantu took with them their musics and rituals, which were preserved better in Cuba than anywhere else in the Americas. Their story is deciphered by Bruno Blum in a 20-page booklet. Once mixed with Spanish culture, they became the extraordinary Afro-Cuban music; here are its roots, its essence and the best songs to the glory of the saints, the santería. On the program of the ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROHub HildenbrandMater
Jazz  Allgemein15.98 EURODave Liebman ExpansionsSelflessnessNEA Jazz Master Dave Liebman has always declared that if he had to name one primary influence and inspiration, it would be John Coltrane. The first time he saw Coltrane at Birdland in February 1962, he was 15 years old. As he recounts in his autobiography, What It Is (as told to yours truly), that was the night he saw the light, though he didn’t realize it for years. “Once you see the light,” he explains, ... more
Jazz  Allgemein39.98 EURODave Liebman ExpansionsSelflessness (LP)
World Music  USA  Folk16.98 EUROJoe TroopBorrowed TimeJoe Troop writes folk music for the people. After a year learning direct action from stalwart progressive organizers, the radical folk singer is channeling that energy into his first proper solo album Borrowed Time. The record was co-produced with Jason Richmond (The Avett Brothers, Branford Marsalis) and features music luminaries like Béla Fleck (who produced Che Apalache’s GRAMMY-nominated album), ... more
World Music  Folk  Singer/Songwriter16.98 EURORic RobertsonCarolina ChildRic Robertson is an American original, pulling influences from the greats that came before, but wholly responsible for building his own creative universe. His new full-length record Carolina Child is nothing short of an opus, taking his wealth of musical proclivities—from the mountain music of his home state of North Carolina, all the way to the jazz and funk of his current homebase in New Orleans—and ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROElena Mindru & Adam BaldychHopeOn June 11th, 2021 the Montreux Jazz Voice Competition award winner Elena Mîndru will release the second single Run Away from her upcoming album Hope, released via Eclipse Music. The virtuoso Polish violinist Adam Baldych adds a special flavor and artistic value to the album with his exquisite playing as their special guest.The jazz quintet is completed by Finnish musicians Tuomas J. Turunen on piano, ... more
FA57973 CD
Pop  Frankreich  Chanson22.98 EUROFelix MayolAnthologie Mayol 1902 - 1932 - Viens Poupoule!His hair groomed in a quiff became a symbol of the Belle Epoque in Paris. Félix Mayol (1872-1941) was born in Toulon and became a café-concert legend, with a repertoire of 500 songs. Among them was the emblematic “Viens Poupoule”, the essential hit of the pre-war period. He was famous for his style of enunciation and his whimsical, almost camp appearance, which catapulted him to stardom and made him ... more
FA57963 CD
Jazz  Allgemein22.98 EUROGerry Mulligan & Concert Jazz BandLive In Paris - 1960-1962No doubt the greatest baritone player in jazz history, saxophonist Gerry Mulligan was a wonderful composer and arranger who came to represent the summits of cool jazz all on his own. This 3CD set brings together recordings he made in Paris with the famous jazz group he called his Concert Jazz Band, which also featured notably the tenor Zoot Sims and trombonist Bob Brookmeyer. The quintessential jazz ... more
Jazz  Acoustic Guitar17.98 EUROGuitar Celebration & Ian Melrose & Rüdiger Krause & Nikos TsiachrisOnwards and UpwardsThe new CD "Onwards and Upwards" by the guitar trio Guitar Celebration, which will be released by Acoustic Music Records in summer 2021, shows all facets of the three accomplished members – Ian Melrose, Rüdiger Krause and Nikos Tsiachris. All three are well-known virtuosos, composers and arrangers – a concentrated load of creativity and joy of playing. Styles are mixed, stylistic boundaries are crossed, ... more
World Music  Afrika  Marokko15.98 EUROAyoub HoumannaBerber ColorsThis has been a journey of adventures on the road since I left Morocco in 2014. It's multi colored genres of music that has been inspired throughout my road-trips, hitchhiking and beautiful soulmates I met on the way. Thanks to traveling and the people I met with whom I discovered more about myself and guided me to the conclusion that we are different but all the same. This music is made to you from ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROOliver Leicht [Acht.]A_Trak__Some SongsThe journey continues - with a 53-minute musical excursion by his ensemble [Acht.], divided into six tracks, Oliver Leicht takes his audience into the world of sounds of this remarkable small orchestra. It consists of only nine musicians, but with them it draws from a musical reservoir that would suggest a larger instrumentation. It effortlessly overcomes stylistic boundaries and thus leads on sonic ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.48 EUROSophie AbrahamBrothers
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROFour on the outside & Matthias Bröde & Andreas Schickentanz & Volker Heinze & Roland HöppnerInsideFour on the outside is the name of the quartet around the accordion player and pianist Matthias Bröde and the trombonist Andreas Schickentanz. Volker Heinze, bass and Roland Höppner, drums complete the quartet, which is familiar with all forms of contemporary jazz. The extraordinary line-up with harmonica and trombone gives this band its very own and unique blending. The original compositions lead ... more


  • 01/10/2021Amir John Haddad im Soundtrack zum neuen James Bond
    Foto: Penélope Sierra
    Die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Komponisten Hans Zimmer begann schon vor drei Jahren, als Amir John Haddad - EL AMIR bei der Show "The World of Hans Zimmer" mitwirkte. Nicht erst seitdem ist der Gitarrist ein gern gesehener Gast auf zahlreichen Soundtracks. Mit seiner Flamenco-Gitarre und seinem warmen und strahlenden Klang bereichert er nun den neuen James Bond Film „No Time to Die“, um die Leidenschaft und das Lebensgefühl der andalusischen Musik mit atemberaubenden Actionszenen zu verbinden. ...more
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  • 07/09/2021Yinon Muallems Album „Norwegian Oud“ mit dem Prädikat TOP OF THE WORLD von Songlines ausgezeichnetDer in Israel geborene Percussion- und Oud-Virtuose hat mit seinem neuen exklusiv digital veröffentlichtem Album „Norwegian Oud“, auf dem er den bekannten Beatles Song „Norwegian Wood“ in ein arabisches Arrangement gepackt hat, das Prädikat TOP OF THE WORLD erhalten, mit dem die 10 besten Alben der Oktober 2021 Ausgabe ausgezeichnet werden. Songlines schreibt zu dem Album: „Trotz dem ausgestellten Eklektizismus behält das Album durch Muallems exzellentes Gespür für Melodien und die makellose Auswahl der Mitmusiker einen durchgehend starken Zusammenhalt. Obwohl es in schwierigen und traumatischen Zeiten aufgenommen wurde, ist "Norwegian Oud" ein meisterhafter Querschnitt modaler Musik, der sowohl bittersüße Melancholie als auch freudigen Optimismus verbindet.“ ...moreLatest release
  • 04/08/2021Dr. Will vom Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik ausgezeichnetFünf Jahre nach der Prämierung seines Albums „Cuffs Off“ hat es der Münchner Musiker und Komponist erneut auf die Bestenliste des PdSK geschafft, die in der gerade veröffentlichten Jahresbroschüre einzusehen ist. Mit seinem aktuellen Album „I Want My Money Back“ hat der „Überzeugungstäter, der unbeirrbar sein Ding durchzieht und dabei ein ums andere Mal zu ganz großer Form aufläuft,“ eine der Besten Veröffentlichung des Jahres 2020 in der Kategorie Blues vorgelegt. ...moreLatest release
  • 01/08/2021World Music Charts August 2021 mit Eva QuartetMit ihrem Album „Minka“ schaffte es das Eva Quartet direkt auf Platz 4 der World Music Charts Europe für den Monat August. In die Transglobal World Music Charts stieg das Album auf Platz 21 ein. Veröffentlicht über World Music Network/Riverboat erzählen die bulgarischen Sängerinnen von innigen Geschichten über die Ehe und die Liebe bis hin zu skurrilen Liedern über Faulheit und den Diskurs eines Mädchens mit einer Taube. ...moreLatest release
  • 02/07/2021Daniel Puente Encina live in DeutschlandDer chilenische Singer-Songwriter Daniel Puente Encina präsentiert ein erlesenes Latin Blues- und Latin Jazz-Soloprogramm gespickt mit mit karibischen und afroperuanischen Rhythmen. Avantgarde und Tradition verschmelzen im Universum dieses rebellischen Künstlers, der 2019 mit dem englischen Musikpreis The Lukas (Latin UK Awards) ausgezeichnet wurde. Er spielt ausgewählte Stücke aus drei Alben – seinem aktuellen Album Sangre y Sal (Blut und Salz), seinem kosmopolitischen Genre-Mix Chocolate con Ají (Schokolade mit Chili) sowie seinem minimalistischen Karibik-Blues-Album Disparo (Schuss).

    Tour 2021: 20.08.2021 D-Bielefeld - 07.08.2021 D-Köln - 24.07.2021 D-Hamburg - 23.07.2021 D-Eckernförde

    Daniel Puente Encinas eingängige Musik ist vielen aus Kinofilmen wie Fatih Akins Roadmovie „Im Juli“ oder seinem mehrfach ausgezeichneten, international bekannten Kino-Erfolg „Gegen die Wand“ bekannt.

    Artist-Page Facebook YouTube Video-Empfehlung: Relámpago Negro und Never choose the Devil

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