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Punk, folk and rock are the roots of Malasañers, formed in 2011, which singer/guitarist and band founder Carlos del Pino brought to Bamberg from the Spanish capital in 2014. The band name is a reference to the young dressmaker Manuela Malasaña from Madrid, who was shot by French soldiers in the Spanish fight for freedom in 1808. Their music lies in the area of tension between ska, country, punk, folk, rockabilly/rock'n'roll and rock with the special feature that the groove is supported by a double ...more

New releases June 2023

World Music  Orient  Jüdisch16.98 EURONoga Ritter & Tony Kofi & Byron Wallen & Seckou Keita & Liran Donin & Tomer Eldor & Demba SowImaNoga Ritter is a London-based singer-songwriter, band leader, and workshop facilitator whose music blends Hebrew Jazz with global grooves. With songs sung in both Hebrew and English, she weaves intimate and personal stories into a compelling narrative of social-global issues. In her new album, Noga brings Hebrew to its original nomadic context, tracing influences from her upbringing, travels and encounters. ... more
Rock  Bluesrock16.98 EUROGrainne DuffyVoodoo BluesDuffy's unique, innovative fusion of blues, rock, Americana & Celtic influences is on full display throughout the ten original tracks. Voodoo Blues is a most compelling offering from the artist described by American Blues Scene as "a compatriot and spiritual successor to Rory Gallagher... both delivering memorable performances characterized by expressive, emotional vocals & innovative fretwork."
Rock  International36.99 EUROXTCGo2 (200 Gramm Vinyl)The 1978 classic album, newly cut from masters by Jason Mitchell at LOUD mastering and approved by Andy Partridge. Available on vinyl for the first time in decades as a 2-disc set complete with: the Go+ Dub EP on 200 gram vinyl – both discs pressed on 200 gram vinyl.Go2The music scene moved quickly in 1978. Preceded by the band’s 4th single in a year (Are You Receiving Me?) in September, XTC’s second ... more
World Music  USA  Folk17.98 EURODom FlemonsTraveling WildfireDom Flemons has built a reputation on presenting 100 years of American roots music, but now, with Traveling Wildfire, his own songwriting prowess comes into the spotlight. Carefully selected from his personal repertoire, these original songs reveal his love of country, western, blues, Americana, bluegrass and folk music as they tell of true love, family legacy, survival, time travel, and the juxtaposition ... more
World Music  Karibik17.98 EUROMoonlight BenjaminWayoThe new album of the punky voodoo queen Moonlight Benjamin! A long-time favorite of Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) or Iggy Pop, the Haitian voodoo priestess Moonlight Benjamin explores in this new opus the roots of blues and rock. Carried by a deeper and darker sound, and by the unique voice of Moonlight, influenced by Alabama Shakes as by Oumou Sangaré or Dr John, the album "Wayo" is a real cry, a mystifying ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROPJEV & Kit Downes & Hayden ChisholmMedna RosoWitness Medna Roso, a testament to transcendent musical communion. This particularrecording features BBC Jazz Award-winning and Mercury nominated solo artist Kit Downes onorgan, New Zealand saxophonist Hayden Chisholm–known for his distinct microtonal tuningsystem–contributing on alto saxophone, shruti box, analogue synthesizer, throat singing, andvocals from PJEV, a female a cappella vocal quintet ... more
World Music  Orient17.98 EUROTristan Driessens Soolmaan SextetKashgulDuring the first ten years of his career, lutenist and composer Tristan Driessens mainly devoted himself to the classical music of the Ottoman court. In 2011 he founded the acclaimed Lâmekân Ensemble, with which he recorded four albums, gave performances in Europe, Turkey and Central Asia and collaborated with masters such as Kudsi Erguner and Derya Türkan. After becoming an accomplished musician in ... more
World Music  Italien17.98 EUROAlessandro Gaudio & Salvatore PacePassione MeridionaleSalvatore Pace and Alessandro Gaudio are two young diatonic accordion players from the south of Italy, a land of traditional music and dances that provide the inspiration for this new duo project.The project presented by the duo is called 'Passione Meridionale' precisely because of the 100% original music composed by the two young men under the artistic supervision of Maestro Riccardo Tesi (an internationally ... more
World Music  Spanien17.98 EUROGroupaKind of Folk, Vol. 4 - IberiaGroupa releases their fourth album in the Kind of Folk series, a collaboration withSpanish and Portuguese musicians. This time around, their musical radar takes themto the Iberian peninsula and its rich musical traditions, treating us to soft ballads,intense love songs, and irresistible dance tunes with a unique Groupa twist.Multi-instrumentalist and singer Vanesa Muela hasher roots in the music of ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROLucian Ban & Mat ManeriOedipe ReduxNearly ninety years after its opening in Paris at Opera Garnier, Transylvanian expat pianist Lucian Ban and American violist Mat Maneri present a radical re-imagination of George Enescu’s famous Oedipe opera. For decades, the opera was seen as too difficult to perform, the score and four long acts demanded much from the musicians, but Enescu’s Oedipe has finally begun to receive the attention that ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROMike ClarkMike Clak Plays Herbie HancockThe music of Herbie Hancock has influenced the lives of generations of jazz musicians. As with many of these musicians, it was the opportunity to play with the great pianist/composer that introduced the great drummer Mike Clark to the jazz world. To show his appreciation, Clark's new recording Mike Clark Plays Herbie Hancock features a selection of his favorite Hancock pieces performed with a trio ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EURODavid CookLoyal ReturnsFor Loyal Returns, Cook looks to his quintet whose core was central to his last two recordings on the Brooklyn Jazz Underground label. Cook enlists the group’s tenor saxophonist and longtime friend, Ben Wendel, as producer for the new recording. Wendel’s expertise in arranging and structuring helps the band sound even better. // The rest of the group is an astounding assembly of New York’s finest players. ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROBenny GreenSoloThe art of constructing a solo recording is the ultimate challenge for most musicians. Pianist Benny Green believes that the challenge provides the ultimate inspiration, as he is free to take the music in whatever direction he chooses. For his first solo recording in twenty years, simply named Solo, Green finds himself reflecting on pieces by pianists who have inspired him over the decades.Over his ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROTobias MeinhartDark HorsesIt would be hard to foresee a young kid from Bavaria becoming a celebrated jazz saxophonist in New York City. Tobias Meinhart has done that, sculpting a career of brilliant recordings and world touring. One of his principal ensembles in this endeavor has been his Germany-based Berlin People, which features the revolutionary guitarist, Kurt Rosenwinkel. Meinhart and Berlin People’s new recording, Dark ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROChico Pinheiro & Romero LubamboTwo BrothersThe art of Brazilian guitar playing has almost become a musical genre unto itself. The gorgeous music written by composers like Antônio Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto echoes differently on six strings. Guitarists Romero Lubambo and Chico Pinheiro have spent their lives absorbing and refracting Brazilian music through the lens of the guitar. On their new recording, Two Brothers, the pair meets for a ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROMagos HerreraAireThe work of an artist often suggests that of an alchemist. In her new album, Aire, Mexican singer and composer Magos Herrera transformed the grief, fears, and loneliness of a deadly plague into a luminous collection of songs representing "a celebration of our humanity and the healing power of music." // Aire features twelve songs and includes her new compositions, commissioned by Chamber Music Americas ... more
Rock  Reggae21.98 EUROaDUBta & The Black Oak Roots AllstarsSounds from the AtticaDUBta is a musician and producer based in southern Germany (Bavaria) who has been active in the reggae and sound system scene for almost 20 years. The collaboration with Oneness Records, which came about through the work on the 3rd Headcornerstone album „Walk On“ and has since deepened considerably, has now resulted in another great roots reggae showcase called "Sounds From The Attic ''. On the record, ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EURODavy MooneyWay BackOne of the most valuable gifts of travel is to gain the friendship of those you meet from other cultures. For a musician, this is fundamental in widening a net of collaborators and musical inspiration. The recent pandemic shut down the populace’s normal travel patterns, disrupting these exchanges. On his new recording, Way Back, guitarist Davy Mooney celebrates the return of international travel and ... more
CDLR936-9372 CD
Jazz  Contemporary19.98 EUROKarina Kozhevnikova & Krugly BandPolyphonic CirclesThe war is raging on. People are killing each other. But art is stranger than life. In the middle of this war, we are celebrating the emergence of a world-class singer from Russia who can sing everything from Jazz to scat to classical and everything in between. Her name is Karina Kozhevnikova. Alexey Kruglov has been called "the future of jazz" some years back by the British Jazzwise Magazine. The ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROAlvin SchwaarTo All Dancing SoulsThis is the first solo piano CD by Alvin Schwaar. In his liner notes, he writes that over the past years he's lived in many different places, exploring various ways of living and exposed himself to a broad variety of artistic idioms with an ongoing question: what is my own voice wanting to express. As an improviser with a compositional background, his goal has been to elaborate the structures that ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROStuder / Frey / Schlegel / WeberTetrapylonsTetrapylon cold not be a more fitting title for the second release of this bass quartet. The music seems porous throughout, with the four voices — so idiosyncratic and recognisable — opening up electro-acoustic spaces, substrata and tangents with incredible fluency. It’s almost as if the four basses coexist in periphery, drawing lines, hinting at traces before blurring them again… Studer, Frey, Schlegel ... more
Jazz  Blues16.98 EUROT.G. Copperfield with Ben ForresterOut In The Desert


  • 01/06/2023Galileo Music Veröffentlichungen in den internationalen WeltmusikchartsAuch für den Monat Juni sind wieder einige Galileo Music Veröffentlichungen in den beiden internationalen Weltmusikchartlisten World Music Charts Europe und Transglobal World Music Charts zu finden. Den höchsten Neuanstieg hat dabei „Kind of Folk, Vol. 4 Iberia“ der schwedisch-norwegischen Gruppe Groupa um den Perkussionisten und Eis-Musiker Terje Isungset in den World Music Charts Europe auf Platz 2, knapp vor Damir Imamovic mit „The World And All That It Holds“ auf Platz 4. Letzteres ist auch in den konkurrierenden Transglobal World Music Charts auf Platz 6 zu finden. Mara Aranda aus Spanien hat es mit ihrem neuen Album „Sefarad en el Corazón de Grecia“ auf Platz 21 der Transglobal World Music Charts geschafft und in der gleichen Liste sind noch La Marisoul and Los Texmaniacs mit „Corazones and Canciones“ auf Platz 27 und „Sølvstrøk“ von Sarah-Jane Summers, Juhani Silvola & Sølvstrøk auf Platz 38 zu finden. ...moreLatest release
  • 01/06/2023Galileo Music releases in the international world music chartsAlso for the month of June there are again some Galileo Music releases in the two international world music charts World Music Charts Europe and Transglobal World Music Charts. The highest new entry is "Kind of Folk, Vol. 4 Iberia" by the Swedish-Norwegian group Groupa around percussionist and ice musician Terje Isungset in the World Music Charts Europe at #2, just ahead of Damir Imamovic with "The World And All That It Holds" at #4. The latter can also be found in the competing Transglobal World Music Charts at #6. Mara Aranda from Spain has made it to #21 on the Transglobal World Music Charts with her new album "Sefarad en el Corazón de Grecia" and the same list also includes La Marisoul and Los Texmaniacs with "Corazones and Canciones" at #27 and "Sølvstrøk" by Sarah-Jane Summers, Juhani Silvola & Sølvstrøk at #38. ...moreLatest release
  • 08/05/2023Deutscher Jazzpreis 2023Am 27. April wurde der diesjährige Deutsche Jazzpreis im ausverkauften Metropol Theater in Bremen verliehen. Als Großes Ensemble des Jahres ausgezeichnet wurde Potsa Lotsa XL um die Berliner Saxophonistin Silke Eberhard für ihre innovative Kraft und konsequent experimentelle Haltung. Das Debütalbum des Jahres stammt von Evi Filippous, der mit „InEvitable“ eindrucksvolles Debüt als Bandleaderin, Arrangeurin und Komponistin gelungen ist. Wadada Leo Smith, Andrew Cyrille und Qasim Naqvi überzeugen auf „Two Centuries“ mit einer aufsehenerregenden Verbindung von Modular-Synthesizer, Schlagzeug und Trompete, was ihnen die Auszeichnung als bestes Album Instrumental einbrachte. In der Kategorie Band des Jahres International gewann das James Brandon Lewis Quartet. ...moreLatest release
    Jazz  Allgemein
    Qasim Naqvi & Wadada Leo Smith & Andrew CyrilleTwo Centuries RH1002 CD
    Jazz  Avantgarde
    Potsa Lotsa XLGaya TITE-REC026 CD
  • 04/05/2023Malasañers mit neuem Video zu VenceremosDer Titeltrack ihres gleichnamigen Albums „Venceremos“ (deutsch „Wir werden siegen“) handelt vom Kampf gegen Ungerechtigkeit und Tyrannei im Angesicht des zur Wirklichkeit gewordenen Krieges in der Ukraine. Das neu erschienen Video zeigt die freigesetzte Energie der spanisch/deutschen Gruppe Malasañers, die sich während ihrer Livekonzerte ungefiltert auf das Publikum überträgt. Malasañers "Venceremos" (Music Video) ...moreLatest release
  • 01/05/2023World Music Charts Europe mit Anna SettonFür den Monat Mai listet die Jury der World Music Charts Europe Anna Settons neues Album „O Futuro é Mais Bonito“ auf Platz 10 ihrer Bestenliste. Die Künstlerin, Singer-Songwriterin und Instrumentalistin aus São Paulo kam früh und intensiv mit der Música Popular Brasileira in Kontakt. Auf ihrem dritten Album versammelt sie einige Talente der neuen Generation aus Recife zu einem mitreißenden Kollektiv. ...moreLatest release

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