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Balkan Airs & Otros AiresOtros Aires presents Balkan Airs
This album is an explosive encounter between two explosive cultures: ¨La Gitana¨ and ¨la Tanguera¨ Recorded and produced between Sofia (Bulgaria) and Buenos Aires (Argentina), this project is the alchemical combination of these two energies, each in its way unique but also incredibly similar. Two distinct musical languages combine to create a new one, with its own unique character called Balkan Airs.more

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Jazz  Allgemein15,98 EURODidier (Avec Dee Dee Bridgewater LockwoodFor Stéphane (Stéphane Grappelli Centenial)Stéphane Grappelli is a major musician in the history of music. It’s impossible for his name to disappear from our collective memory. I remember him with great tenderness, and I admired him immensely. He always used to call me his ”grandson” and, for me, he was the grandfather I no longer had. This record was a way to bring all of us together again, all the musicians and friends who loved him so much, ... more
World Music  Italien17,98 EURORiccardo Tesi & Kepa Junkera & Markku Lepistö & David Munnelly & Simone BottassoSamurai Accordion "TE"'TE' or ? means hand in Japanese. 5 diatonic accordions, 5 undisputed masters of the instrument, 10 hands dancing on keyboards, playing techniques that intertwine, cultures that share, 5 decades of supporting each other, and lives that are told. These musicians are like fingers of the hand, all different, all complementary, all accomplices, all essential....These 10 hands will take you to the four ... more
World Music  Orient17,98 EUROTransglobal Underground & Natacha AtlasDestination Overground The story of TGUIt started with a bunch of disgruntled musicians, singers, DJs, writers and sampler geeks hanging round the cramped offices of London label Nation Records. Transglobal Underground came out of this, an ever-shifting line-up that at first created confusion and astonishment and then a lot of attention and success, much of it due to the focal point of Natacha Atlasas chief vocalist. As her electronica/oriental ... more
World Music  Afrika  Allgemein17,98 EURO3MA & BALLAKE SISSOKO & DRISS EL MALOUMI & RAJERYAnarouz3MA is the meeting of three string-instrument virtuosi, emblematic of their countries in Africa, but also of generous artists who share a musical passion, a reciprocal dialogue and a beautiful friendship. In 2006 when the Malian kora magician Ballaké Sissoko, the Moroccan maestro of the oud Driss El Maloumi and the Malagasy prince of valiha Rajery met, they could have stopped like so many others after ... more
Jazz  Vocal Jazz17,98 EUROGurlsRun Boy, RunGURLS! GURLS are not afraid of being straightforward when they present their self-ironic songs on topics such as background singers, pork chop lovers, good-looking boy yodellers, or being single and desperate. Here three of Norway’s busiest musicians get together in what they themselves have called a musical breather, and the result will make you want to laugh, sway your hips and maybe even blush a ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17,98 EUROTom ArthursOne YearWhile working on One Year, trumpet player Tom Arthurs keptreshaping the scores. Since the bulk of the original materialcomprised of fragments, he was able to shift sections from onepiece to the next in search of their ideal position. Theinspiration had come from film: "For his masterpiece 'Mirror',Tarkovsky had no story, no plan, no storyboard. He just shot alot of material and then, for two years, ... more
World Music  Mittelamerika  Mexiko16,98 EUROHermanos HerreraSones Jarochos y Huastecos y MasDriven by their family’s devotion to traditional music, the Mexican American siblings Hermanos Herrera immersed themselves in a quarter century of mentorship by pillar performers of son huasteco and son jarocho, two favorite forms of Mexico’s rich musical heritage. They then applied their passion to the music, supercharging signature sounds with their own sentiment and an aggressive approach to playing ... more
Pop  Latin17,98 EUROHector GuerraDesde El InfiernoHéctor Guerra’s roots come from a Bolivia father and a Spaniard mother although he considers himself Andalusian. Héctor Guerra moved to Mexico where he started a new adventure with the releases a record trilogy formed by "Amor" (2012), "Gracias por Existir " (2015) and the most recent one "Desde el infierno" (2018). This trilogy is the result of an unusual journey within three of Mexico's indigenous ... more
Jazz  Electronic17,98 EUROElifantreeAnemoneElifantree moves from dreamscapes to fever sweats within the same bar, enigmatic and unnerving and wonderfully unpredictable. The trio makes music with the framework of jazz, but usually trek well outside of it. With strong rhythmical textures, tenor saxophone, ambient soundscapes and dazzling vocals they create a sound much larger and wider than the sum of their parts. On their upcoming forth album ... more
Jazz  Contemporary22,98 EUROIannis XenakisPersepolis (180g Vinyl)After “La Légende d’Eer” in 2016, the PERIHEL series presents one of the milestones of electroacoustic music: IANNIS XENAKIS’ mindblowing 54-minutes oeuvre “Persepolis”, mixed from the original 8 track tapes by MARTIN WURMNEST and mastered / cut by RASHAD BECKER
Jazz  Contemporary22,98 EUROCretaCreta (180g Vinyl)CRETA is the new project by MASSIMO PUPILLO (ZU, LANIAKEA), electronic artist LUCIANO LAMANNA and string instrument virtuoso ROBERTO ZANISI. As trio they explore an adventurous sonic territory between COIL in their ambient moments, dark bass pulses and bucolic-mediterranean string sounds
FA56803 CD
Jazz  Contemporary22,98 EURODiverseL’Avant-Garde 1888-1970 - Musique ExpérimentaleThis introduction to European and American avant gardes allows to better understand and put into perspective the evolution of the most innovative musics of the twentieth century. As it links together its trailblazers, the global stream of thought of those great creators is outlined, revealing an extraordinary diversity of experiments, sounds, strange, original and infl uential directions along the ... more
FA30712 CD
Jazz  Allgemein22,98 EUROSidney BechetThe Quintessence Vol. 2 (New York - Paris - Boston) 1944-1958“He’s mad about his art, this man; you can see that, for him, music is one of his vital functions. How we’d love all musicians to be like him!” Alfred LOEWENGUTH (violinist known for his prestigious performances of Ravel and Debussy, among others) Frémeaux & Associés’ « Quintessence » products have undergone an analogical and digital restoration process which is recognized throughout the world. Each ... more
World Music  Brasilien17,95 EUROGilberto Gil & Gal Costa & Nando ReisTrinca de Ases“TRINCA DE ASES” is a new project from the 3 Brazilian superstars Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil & Nando Reis. They take their name from Gil’s song “Trinca de Ases” whose name was also given to the trio’s debut concert in São Paulo (4th & 5th of August 2017), which later took them Rio and later travelled through the rest of Brazil.“Three musketeers, three accomplices, three singing poets” as described in ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12,30 EUROSimon Nabatov String TrioSituationsNabatov's chamber music calls for a kind of string player only recently arrived, who is equally comfortable with complex scores and the challenges of improvising. These conditions are happily met by violist Gareth Lubbe and cellist Ben Davis, who participate brilliantly in Nabatov's compound vision - the dialectics of possibilities, the brace of the new in the embrace of the known. In a single piece, ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17,98 EUROKaliRiotKali is a genuine working band,which invests time, passion and patience into the idea of being a true musical and social organismwith weekly sessions and rehearsals over years. With this consequent band spirit and with their enormous groove know-how, the three Kali members createan evolving new world of soundsand rhythmic interactions.
Jazz  Allgemein17,98 EUROHelyBorderlandBorderlandis the product of a decade spent honing a singular sound and defining an operational modus which can sustain it in the long term. Novel contingencies betweenthe piano and the drums were thoroughly explored. In the two years leading up tothis recording session, sketches of songs were not only collected, but also repeatedly tested, both in a live context and during rehearsals. These thematic ... more


  • 23.02.2018Dorantes erstmals live mit seinem Solo-Projekt in DeutschlandDorantes ist der Erfinder des Flamenco-Pianos. Bereits mit seinem ersten Album „Orobroy“ von 1998 erhielt er in Spanien und auch international große Anerkennung. Er spielte u.a. mit Künstlern wie Susheela Raman, Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda uvm. und war zuletzt in Deutschland mit dem Album „Paseo a Dos“, das er gemeinsam mit Renaud Garcia Fons aufnahm, live zu sehen. Am kommenden 3. April 2018 ist Dorantes nun erstmal mit seinem Solo-Projekt live in der Unterfahrt in München zu sehen. ...moreLatest release
  • 19.02.2018Maria Mendes am 8./9. März live Heilbronn und ReutlingenDie preisgekrönte portugiesische Sängerin Maria Mendes bringt die Frühlingssonne in die Stadt. Virtuosität und voller Emotionen präsentiert sie Musik von Sting bis Villa-Lobos in einer spielerischen Mischung aus Bossa Nova und Jazz. Mit einer Mischung aus Jazzstandards, Popballaden, Fado und Bossa Nova.

    Dass sie Gary Husband für diese Tour gewinnen konnte, ist ein zusätzliches Schmankerl. Der britische Fusionmusiker ist uns schon bei Level 42, Gary Moore, Jack Bruce, John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham etc. begegnet.

    Der Grammy-Gewinner, Komponist und Pianist Cedric Hanriot hat schon mit vielen großen Vokalisten gearbeitet: Dianna Reeves, Gregory Porter, Lizz Wright, Chaka Khan, Natalie Cole, und auch hatte Projekte mit Herbie Hancock und Donny McCaslin. … Jasper Somsen ist uns noch bestens bekannt durch sein Gastspiel bei uns mit Enrico Pieranunzi.

    Neben der ausverkauften internationalen Tournee "Innocentia" im niederländischen Concertgebouw und North Sea Jazz Festival, Casa da Música (Portugal), dem berühmten Jazz-Club in Sunset Sunside in Paris, trat Mendes im Blue Note Club in New York auf Montreux Jazz Festival und wurde von den Größen Quincy Jones und Hermeto Pascoal gelobt. Die Presse lobte einstimmig ihr letztes Album "Innocentia", das 2015 bei Sony Music Portugal veröffentlicht wurde.

    Live am: 08.03.2018 Jazz club Cave 61, Heilbronn - 09.03.2018 TheMu EV, Reutlingen

    Latest release
  • 07.02.2018King Crimson 2018 Tour um 5 Termine verlängertKing Crimson wird im Juni/Juli in Essen, Wien, Berlin und München live zu sehen sein. Aus den bisherigen 4 Terminen sind nun auf Grund der großen Nachfrage 9 geworden. So spielt die Band je zwei Abende in Essen, Wien und München und 3 Abende in Berlin. Die Termine im Einzelnen: 20.6./21.6 Essen, Lichtburg – 23.6./24.6. Wien, Stadthalle – 1.7./2.7./3.7. Berlin, Admiralspalast – 16.7./17.7. München, Philharmonie ...moreLatest release
  • 05.02.2018Balkan Airs steigt auf Platz 8 der World Music Charts Europe einDie transatlantische Produktion von Otros Aires und den Balkan Musikern um Boyko Petkov aus Bulgarien hat auch die Jury-Mitglieder der renommierten World Music Charts Europe ( überzeugt. In der Februar-Ausgabe, die von über 40 Journalisten aus ganz Europa gewählt wird, ist das Album direkt auf Platz 8 eingestiegen. Balkan Airs feat. Otros Aires verbindet den elektronischen Tango von Otros Aires mit Balkan Musik zu einer einzigartigen neuen Musikform. ...moreLatest release
  • 26.01.2018Tori Sparks präsentiert ihr neues Album "La Huerta" in DeutschlandDie amerikanische Singer/Songwriterin Tori Sparks mischt auf ihrem neuen Album „La Huerta“ ihre Blues/Rock Wurzeln gekonnt mit Flamenco und hat damit u.a. beim Montreux Jazz Festival gespielt. Im Duo mit dem spanischen Perkussionisten ist sie nun in Deutschland auf Tour und an folgenden Terminen zu sehen: 21.02.2018 Wien, The Local Bar - 22.02.2018 Dachau, Cafe Gramsci - 23.02.2018 Dresden, Dreikönigskirche - 24.02.2018 Friedrichsrode, Kunsthof - 26.02.2018 Harsefeld, Kino Hotel Meyer - 27.02.2018 Celle, Gajah - 28.02.2018 Dortmund, Subrosa - 01.03.2018 Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Kellerclub - 02.03.2018 Bordesholm, Savoy Kino - 03.03.2018 Hameln, Sumpfblume ...moreLatest release

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