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SvängIn Trad We Trust
The spiritual home of Sväng is Finnish folk music. Ever since the group was established, traditional tunes from Finland and other countries have been a part of its repertoire alongside original compositions. After years of playing and touring together and the release of 8 albums the time now felt right to go back to the roots and work on an album featuring only Finnish traditional music.

In Trad We Trust pays homage to Finnish folk music in its various forms: the ancient runo-singing tradition, ...more

New releases February 2021

World Music  Europa  Belgien17.98 EUROLas LloronasSoakedThe trio has always been inspired by a quality often present in folk music. The quality of expressing deep-felt emotions, coming from the guts, real and raw. This gives rise to a shared experience where musicians and listeners together are soaked in a sensation that goes beyond words and talks straight to the body. This is what happens in small cafés or village squares or living rooms, where people ... more
World Music  Europa  Rumänien16.98 EURODiana RasinaRomanceThe musical path of the Romanian singer Diana Rasina began in her native country with classical singing and in Vienna she studied jazz singing, vocal pedagogy and Romance studies (French and Spanish). She started a project with Romanian music with renowned musicians of the Viennese world music scene and her first CD "Romanian Tales" (2015) was nominated for the German Record Critics' Award. The upcoming ... more
Jazz  Allgemein12.98 EUROPLS TrioCosmonautsCosmonauts is the exciting follow-up to PLS.trio’s 2015 debut album East River, which was lauded by All About Jazz as “the best in this category in many years”, and was nominated for “Best New Album” at the 2015 NPR Jazz Awards. With influences spanning from minimal and ambient music to hard-pumping dance music and bombastic rock styles, PLS.trio creates a blend which, while defying easy categorization, ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROPaul Heller & Achim Kaufmann & Ingmar Heller & John Hollenbeck & Norbert Scholly & Florian RossRemembering
Jazz  Allgemein16.98 EUROVeronika Harcsa & Anastasia Razvalyaeva & Márton FenyvesiDebussy NOW!In all likelihood Debussy would have welcomed the idea of his works being brought up to the minute one hundred and fifty years later by artists who knew no boundaries. After all, as the harbinger of musical Impressionism, this is what he too strove to do. Harpist Anastasia Razvalyaeva, jazz singer Veronika Harcsa, and guitarist and sound designer Márton Fenyvesi made contemporary transcriptions from ... more
Klassik  Kammermusik  Gitarre17.98 EUROStefan Grasse & Corinna SchreiterLeise flehen meine Lieder
World Music  Italien17.98 EURORaffaele Casarano & Claudio FarinoneTodomercedesRAFFAELE CASARANO and CLAUDIO FARINONE give life to a visionary and evocative tribute to Mercedes Sosa, defined by many as the greatest South American singer of the twentieth century.Her voice, with its unmistakable timbre and strength, has transformed many songs she has interpreted, giving them an “international” feel, making them known to the whole world.In this new project, Raffaele Casarano and ... more
World Music  Celtic17.98 EURODavie AndersonLove so StrongMusic - A Way of life - Davie AndersonMusic was always in the family home and the old piano was a focal point in the house. Davie’s Mother, Barbara, played the piano, was a member of Garnock Valley Choir and later involved in music circles in South Ayrshire. He was inspired at an early age and the tunes of Caledonia lit a flame which burns to this day.His real introduction was while recuperating after ... more
World Music  Frankreich  Allgemein17.98 EUROSan SalvadorLa Grande FolieSix powerful, united, earthy, almost shamanic voices with a deep percussion accompaniment producing unforgettable hypnotic folk. Meet San Salvador, a young French group that sings in the Occitan dialect and gets people dancing at Festivals all over the world. In their captivating debut album La Grande Folie, to be released on January 22nd 2021, the sextet impresses with its mastery of harmonies, exuding ... more
Klassik  Renaissance17.98 EUROAna Quintans & Ensemble Darcos & Nuno Côrte-RealTime Stands Still - John DowlandEvoking John Dowland's (1563-1626) - contemporary of William Shakespeare - Lachrimae or Seven Tears,Time Stands Still is a new approach of that repertoire by Portuguese composer Nuno Côrte-Real (b.1971).With a modern language and instrumentation that, without taking us away from the 21st century, alsotakes us to the beginning of the 17th century and its melancholy, Côrte-Real created a contrast betweenDowland's ... more
World Music  Spanien17.98 EUROJota Martínez & Ensemble AlfonsíInstruments to Praise Holy MaryJota MartínezJota is a specialist in instruments of the Spanish medieval tradition.He was born in Madrid in 1971. In 1987 he began his studies of singing, guitar,music and harmony at the "Dionisio Aguado" Music School.In 1996 he began his studies of hurdy-gurdy and specialized in this instrumentby attending several courses organized by the Iberian Hurdy-Gurdy Association,given by the best hurdy-gurdy ... more
World Music  Spanien  Flamenco17.98 EURORycardo MorenoMiesencia - A Sound AutobiographyRycardo MorenoRycardo Moreno Montiel is a Flamenco and Jazz guitarist (Lebrija 1981). Was born in thebosom of a gypsy family-on his father side- and mulatto on his mother part ... which makesmerger an inherent quality within himself. Had his musical beginnings with the guitar at 11,accompanying his grandmother at the Cante, "Pepa La Cartuja" and his uncles, family of DiegoFlores 'Lebrijano', Juaniquí ... more


  • 16/02/2021"On Nature´s conditions" - Ice instruments in an Igloo.
    Ein einmaliges Konzert mit Eismusiker Terhe Isungset wird am 21.02.2021 live im Internet übertragen. Eis-Instrumente, Eis-Kunst und Eis-Tanz! Tägliche Updates zum Herstellungsprozess der Instrumente und Vorbereitung des Konzerts finden sich hier: ...more
  • 15/02/2021Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik für Cinder Well
    In die erste der vier Bestenlisten des aktuellen Jahres wurde das Album „No Summer“ von Cinder Well gewählt. Die gebürtige Kalifornierin konnte sich in der Kategorie Folk und Singer/Songwriter durchsetzen. Die Jury zeichnete ihr Album unter den besten und interessantesten Neuveröffentlichungen der vorangegangenen drei Monate aus und lobte ihre Musik als „folkloristisches Kleinod, das zur Meditation einlädt“. ...more
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  • 01/02/2021World Music Charts Februar 2021In die aktuelle Ausgabe der Transglobal World Music Charts für den Februar schaffte es das Album „Soundplaces“ von Derya Türkan & Sokratis Sinopoulos auf Platz 6. Ebenso vertreten sind Las Lloronas mit „Soaked“, Kronos Quartet mit „Long Time Passing“, Sväng mit „In Trad We Trust“ und Nakany Kantes Album „De Conakry a Barcelona“. Zusätzlich haben es die Alben von Las Lloronas und Sväng auch in die aktuellen World Music Charts Europe geschafft. Wir gratulieren! ...more
  • 05/01/2021World Music Charts Januar 2021In den ersten Transglobal World Music Charts des neuen Jahres hält sich weiter das Pete Seeger Tribute-Album des Kronos Quartets: Long Time Passing. Ebenso mit dabei ist Derya Türkan & Sokratis Sinopoulos mit „Soundplaces“, Nakany Kanté mit „De Conakry a Barcelone“, Leyla McCalla mit „Vari-Colored Songs: A Tribute to Langston Hughes“, Sväng mit „In Trad We Trust” sowie Xabier Díaz und sein Album „The Silenced Cathedrals“. Neu in diesem Jahr wurde das Album „Soaked“ von Las Lloronas in die Top 40 gewählt. Eben dieses stieg auch gleich auf Platz 5 in die ersten World Music Charts Europe 2021 ein, gefolgt von Nakany Kante und dem finnischen Mundharmonikaquartett Sväng ...moreLatest release
  • 10/12/2020The Songlines Best Albums of 2020: SvängDas Songlines Magazine hat das neue Album von Sväng „In Trad We Trust“ unter die besten 10 Alben des Jahres 2020 gewählt. Mit Album präsentiert das finnische Mundharmonikaquartett einmalige Arrangements ihrer „spirituellen Heimat“: der traditionellen, finnischen Folkmusik. Mit großem Respekt vor den Originalen zelebrieren die Musiker ihre eigenen Versionen ganz persönlicher, musikalischer Schätze. ...moreLatest release

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