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Nancy VieiraGente
Nancy Vieira's clear and direct voice tells the stories, dreams and longings, pains and joys of the people of Cape Verde. People all over the world fall into reverent silence when her voice captivates an entire country. Nancy Vieira's music is full of subtleties, rich in harmonic twists and represents a new generation of Cape Verdean artists. The special magic of "Gente" lies in the traditional sounds and their points of contact with the here and now. These points also lie in the narrow streets of ...more

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World Music  Kapverden16.98 EURONancy VieiraGenteNancy Vieira's clear and direct voice tells the stories, dreams and longings, pains and joys of the people of Cape Verde. People all over the world fall into reverent silence when her voice captivates an entire country. Nancy Vieira's music is full of subtleties, rich in harmonic twists and represents a new generation of Cape Verdean artists. The special magic of "Gente" lies in the traditional sounds ... more
World Music  Kapverden25.99 EURONancy VieiraGente (LP)Nancy Vieira's clear and direct voice tells the stories, dreams and longings, pains and joys of the people of Cape Verde. People all over the world fall into reverent silence when her voice captivates an entire country. Nancy Vieira's music is full of subtleties, rich in harmonic twists and represents a new generation of Cape Verdean artists. The special magic of "Gente" lies in the traditional sounds ... more
World Music  Portugal  Fado17.98 EUROMatilde CidDesassossegoFado singer Matilde Cid grew up in the enchanting town of Estremoz in the Alentejo in a family where music played a central role. Her father's love of jazz, blues and bossa nova and her mother's devotion to the melancholy beauty of fado formed the mosaic of the fadista's musical soul.Matilde grew up with the sound of the voices of fado legends such as Maria Teresa de Noronha, Hermínia Silva and Carlos ... more
World Music  Griechenland17.98 EUROKaterina Papadopoulou Aegan ArcAuraAura, the new cd by Katerina Papadopoulou and her musical partner AegeanArc (Stefanos Dorbarakis - kanun , Giorgos Kontogiannis - lyra, and Kyriakos Tapakis- oud, laud), is an album that breathes the saltiness of the Greek archipelago, itshistory, dimly lit like the flicker of a candle, but also captivating like the tales of theGreek writer Papadiamantis.This is the continuation of a musical journey ... more
World Music  Italien17.98 EUROMario SalviVolataMario Salvi, one of Italy's most renowned interpreters of the diatonic accordion (organetto), presents his new recording project "Volata," produced with Visage Music.The CD features 13 original compositions in which Salvi has "distilled" and translated the multitude of musical stimuli and intercultural contacts that have marked his life and work over the last twenty years in Rome, Puglia, and Belgium. ... more
World Music  USA  Folk17.98 EUROCharlie ParrLittle SunOver the last couple of decades, Charlie Parr has crisscrossed the world on tour more times than one can count. He also has released over a dozen albums of his songs, acclaimed for their poetic simplicity. Little Sun, his most ambitious album to date, was recorded with Tucker Martine (The Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens, My Morning Jacket) and features Parr augmenting his raw and affecting songs with ... more
World Music  Afrika  Mali15.98 EUROMama SissokoLiveDas neue Album von Mama Sissoko zeigt mit den Aufnahmen aus dem Jahr 1998 im Pariser La Villette einen Höhepunkt seiner Karriere. Charakteristischen Gitarren untermalen eine tiefe, melodische Stimme und vermischen die Tradition Malis mit Einflüssen aus dem Jazz. 2 LP: MRBML01020
World Music  Afrika  Mali29.99 EUROMama SissokoLive (2 LP)A veteran of the great Malian orchestra, the Super Biton de Ségou, Mama Sissoko is an accomplishedmusician. His music traverses Mandingo, Bambara, Sarakolé, Songhai, Bobo, Peul, Malinke and Bozotraditions, all while flirting with jazz. On stage, Mama Sissoko is a purist who engages with the audiencebringing his energy, urgent vocals and truly inspired guitar solos throughout the concert. ‘Live’ bringstogether ... more
Jazz  Latin17.98 EUROVinicius CantuariaPsychedelic RioThere seems to be a patented Brazilian musical sound, whether it be the cool strains of bossa nova or the rhythmic pull of samba. Vinicius Cantuaria is a master of Brazilian music in its many forms, but on his new recording, Psychedelic Rio, he decided to turn the music on its head. Recruiting the Italian duo of Paolo Andriolo and Roberto Rossi to form a power trio, Cantuaria and the music demand to ... more
Jazz  Big Band17.98 EUROFrank Carlberg Large EnsembleElegy For TheoloniousFrank Carlberg has explored the music of Thelonious Sphere Monk in many contexts: as a seasoned and highly acclaimed pianist, noted for his work in duo, trio and other small groups, but also as leader and orchestrator of an adventurous large ensemble. His 2017 release Monk Dreams, Hallucinations and Nightmares was big-band Monk in all its glory, rated five stars in DownBeat and hailed as “stunning ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROLisa WulffPoison Ivy
Jazz  Contemporary16.98 EUROShadowlands & Kit Downes & Robin Fincker & Lauren KinsellaOmbresThe fruitful collaboration of French-bornsaxophonist-clarinetist Robin Fincker and Britishpianist Kit Downes goes back decades. Theirlife paths have taken them from London to twodifferent countries in Europe, and they met againthree years ago when they teamed up with Irishsinger Lauren Kinsella to set traditional songs andcontemporary poetry to music.The trio was formed three years ago on the occasion ... more
Jazz  Contemporary16.98 EUROAndrás Dés QuartetUnimportant ThingsAndrás Dés is one of the few percussionistswho have not only absorbed a whole arsenal ofmusical styles as a member of various bands, buthave also founded their own ensembles. Livingin Vienna for five years, Dés has now formed aquartet with two Austrian musicians, Martin Eberleand Philipp Nykrin, and his old partner in crime,Márton Fenyvesi, who is now also based in Vienna,to capture the essence of ... more
Jazz  Contemporary16.98 EUROHasse Poulsen & Tomasz Dabrowski & Fredrik LundinUnknown WinterThree distinctive characters of European jazzcome together on Hasse Poulsen’s new trioalbum. The members of the trio live in threedifferent countries: the Danish-born guitaristis now based in Paris, Fredrik Lundin madehis home in Denmark, while Polish TomaszDabrowski moved to Sweden, after working inDenmark for a long time. As the three musiciansdispersed across the continent, the materialon this album ... more
Jazz  Allgemein19.98 EUROAlan Bartuš Robert UnterköflerSynergyAmong the most intimate relationships in jazz. An opportunity to express, reveal, exchange. Alan Bartuš and Robert Unterköfler defy the conventional stereotypes surrounding budding young musicians. Each manifests a growing maturity well beyond his years. Each glows with determination and focus.Their brightness in the constellation of rising stars is surely a testament to their talents, but equally ... more
World Music  Argentinien  Tango17.98 EUROHakon Skogstad8 Concepts of TangoPianist and composer Ha°kon Skogstad will release his new album, 8 Conceptsof Tango, the sequel to Norwegian Grammy-awarded «Visions of Tango» from2021. The album is due to come January 26 and will be the third installment ofSkogstad’s tango trilogy, where the aim has been to develop a new musicalstyle in the wake of Astor Piazzolla. On 8 Concepts of Tango, Skogstadperforms in the company of seven ... more
Jazz  Contemporary16.98 EUROMiklós Lukács Cimbiozis Trio & Ligeti EnsembleResponses To LigetiOn the centenary of György Ligeti’s birth, aspecial recording was made by the MiklósLukács Cimbiosis Trio, balancing between jazz,contemporary music and improvisation, and theLigeti Ensemble, specializing in contemporarymusic. They give their answers to the questionsraised in Ligeti’s Ten Pieces for Wind Quintet.Rather than a transcription, we witness adialogue in the form of preludes and postludes,the ... more
Jazz  Contemporary16.98 EUROKirke Karja & Étienne Renard & Ludwig WandingerCaught In My Own TrapPresenting the unconventional music of aconventional line-up, Caught in My Own Trapfeatures three musicians from three differentcountries, enchanting contemporary jazz fanswith tracks ranging from the most abstractavant-garde musical structures to the mostsensual beauty.The members of the trio were brought togetherby pianist-composer Kirke Karja: she had met bassistÉtienne Renard years earlier in Portugal, ... more
Jazz  Contemporary18.98 EUROModern Art Orchestra & Kodály ChoirThe Peacock - Tribute To Zoltán KodályThe Modern Art Orchestra is Hungary’s leadingbig band and the resident band of the BudapestMusic Center, presenting its incredibly broadand ever-expanding repertoire in highlysuccessful series at both the Concert Hall andthe Opus Jazz Club. With their latest album,they have set out to interpret the choral worksof Zoltán Kodály, one of the leading figuresin Hungarian ethnomusicology and musicaleducation.One ... more
Rock  Bluesrock21.98 EUROBjørn BergeIntroducing SteelFinger SlimFor years, Bjørn Berge has proven himself as a unique guitarist, an acoustic genius, and an impressive live performer. With his acoustic guitars, he moves mountains and blows listeners away with his powerful arrangements. Berge’s intense and dynamic guitar playing on the acoustic guitar spans blues, rock, funk, and ballads. The guitarist from Haugesund has previously released 12 studio albums and a ... more


  • 02/04/2024Lina auf Platz 1 der Transglobal World Music ChartsNachdem ihr neues Album „Fado Camões“ im Vormonat bereit die Spitze der World Music Charts Europe erreichte, steht Lina nun auch an der Spitze der Transglobal World Music Charts. Dabei lässt ihr neueste Werk sowohl Neues als auch Vertrautes hören. Die schlichte Eleganz der jüngsten Vergangenheit ist immer noch da, lässt aber ihrer Stimme mehr Platz, inmitten einer Stille aus Klavier und Gitarre hervorzustechen. Erschienen ist das Album auf CD, Vinyl und allen gängigen Streamingportalen. ...moreLatest release
  • 01/03/2024LINA mit „Fado Camões“ auf Platz 1 und 2 in den World Music ChartsDie portugiesische Sängerin und Komponistin LINA hat es mit ihrem aktuellen Album „Fado Camões“ auf die Spitze der World Music Charts Europe geschafft. In den Transglobal World Music Charts kletterte das Album im Monat März auf den zweiten Platz. Zusammen mit Produzent Justin Adams vertont Lina Texte des portugiesischen Dichters Luís Vaz de Camões und kleidet diese in Gewand aus Poesie und Fado. ...moreLatest release
  • 23/02/2024Noga Ritter präsentiert ihr Album „Ima“ in Deutschland
    Die in London lebende Singer-Songwriterin verbindet in ihrer Musik hebräischen Jazz mit globalen Grooves. In ihren Liedern, die sie sowohl auf Hebräisch als auch auf Englisch singt, verwebt sie intime und persönliche Geschichten zu einer fesselnden Erzählung über soziale und globale Themen. Ihre Darbietungen, ob in reduzierter Form oder mit kompletter Band, sind leidenschaftlich und energiegeladen, ziehen das Publikum in ihren Bann und lassen es unweigerlich zum Rhythmus ihrer Musik bewegen. Auf ihrem neuen Album „Ima“ bringt Noga Ritter die hebräische Sprache in ihren ursprünglichen nomadischen Kontext und spürt Einflüssen aus ihrer Kindheit, ihren Reisen und zahlreichen Begegnungen nach. Aufsteigende Soli über Gnawa-Grooves, jüdische Melodien, die von senegalesischen Sabar-Trommeln begleitet werden, und glückselige Improvisationen neben subtilen israelischen Jazz-Piano-Feinheiten sind nur einige der Farbtupfer, mit denen sie ihre musikalischen Geschichten auf diesem bemerkenswerten Album malt. ...more
    Latest release
  • 01/02/2024Lina mit ihrem neuen Album auf Platz 2 in den World Music ChartsDie portugiesische Sängerin und Komponistin ist mit ihrem gerade erschienenen Album „Fado Camões“ direkt auf Platz 2 der World Music Charts Europe eingestiegen. Die Jury der Transglobal World Music Charts wählte das Album ebenfalls in ihre Auswahl für den Monat Februar. Für den Nachfolger ihres gefeierten Albums zusammen mit Raül Refree, hat sich LINA mit dem britischen Produzenten und Musiker Justin Adams zusammengetan. Die Texte stammen aus der klassischen Poesie von Portugals berühmtestem historischen Dichter Luís Vaz de Camões und unterstreichen ihre unverwechselbare, ausdrucksstarke Stimme und raumgreifende Musik auf der Basis des Fado. ...moreLatest release
  • 26/01/2024Marcos Coll live in Berlin am 14.03.2024Am 14. März präsentiert der in Madrid geborene Mundharmonika Virtuose sein aktuelles Album „Nómade“ im Maschinenhaus in der Kulturbrauerei Berlin. Mit einer bereits 30 Jahre andauernden Karriere als Bluesmusiker hat Marcos Coll mit Legenden des Genres wie Mick Taylor oder Buddy Miles auf Festivals in der ganzen Welt gespielt. Von galicischen Muñeiras über Coplas Castellanas bis hin zu Boleros oder Norteñas Mexicanas bringt er Stile und Rhythmen zusammen, die unverkennbar an seine Heimat Galicien erinnern. Die Gäste können sich auf viel Tanz und lateinamerikanische Fiesta freuen.

    Marcos Coll - harmonica, percussion, vocals Raul Bastida - guitar, vocals Daryl Taylor - bass, vocals Katrina Martinez – drums, percussion Noelia Sanchez - drums, percussion Plus special guests and Dj Lou Barreto (Afro Cuban Jazz Soul) Vinyl Only
    Latest release

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