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Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard BandDen store sommer
After many musically individual albums, the paths of Helene Blum and Harald Haugaard unite on "Den store sommer" for their second joint album. Over the past three years, the two have gathered countless inspirations. Den store sommer is an album about summer - both lyrically and as a metaphor. The album was recorded at Medley Studios in Copenhagen and produced together with Søren Mikkelsen and our band. For the listener, dancing friends and laughter are closely united with melancholic darkness - musically ...more

New releases December 2023

World Music  Spanien  Flamenco Fusion16.98 EURORasgueoElevenTheir third album "Eleven" has a cooler and slightly different sound, but the combination of flamenco guitar and jazz trumpet remains the quintessence of Rasgueo's sound. The introduction of the jazz guitar in combination with the flamenco guitar results in a broader and more differentiated overall sound. The formation around guitarist Nikos Tsiachris, trumpeter Martin Auer and bassist Martin Lillich ... more
Rock  Progressive67.98 EUROKing CrimsonMusic is our Friend 3LP (200gm vinyl) - LIVE IN WASHINGTON and ALBANY, 2021Named after the tour from which these recordings are taken, "Music Is Our Friend" is an official bootleg featuring King Crimson's complete final performance of the North American tour in Washington in September 2021. This 3 LP set is completed with 4 tracks taken from the first concert of the second leg of the tour in Albany. Together, the parts represented the beginning and end of a tour that took ... more
World Music  Europa  Belgien17.98 EUROLas LloronasOut Of The BlueAfter touring across Europe, the Brussels-based trio returns to the Belgian capital with their luggage full of songs. Their writing has matured - it is poetic, sharp but always to the point, taking a firm stance in a constantly changing society. The vocal harmonies for which they are renowned are still very present, inviting us to drop our guard, to let our tears roll - tears of joy, of sorrow, or ... more
World Music  Folk17.98 EUROGudrun Walther Andy CuttingConversationsWalther and Cutting take their listeners on a journey - from traditional songs and instrumental pieces from their respective homelands to new compositions and favourite pieces from all over Europe. The album was recorded in June 2023 in four days at the Artes recording studio in Esslingen, Germany. The music was played in a recording room without acoustic separation in order to give spontaneity and ... more
Rock  International25.49 EUROMcDonald And GilesMcDonald And Giles – 200gram vinylThe shock of King Crimson's arrival, rapid rise and transatlantic success in less than a year also resulted in the implosion of the band's first line-up in December 1969, when Ian McDonald and Michael Giles left the band. The pair took the option of producing an album as a duo and, with Michael's brother Peter on bass, recorded the eponymous album in the summer of 1970 and released it in the UK in ... more
World Music  Lateinamerika  Uruguay19.98 EUROGustavo Pazos CondeRincon de las Penas - Guitar Works from Uruguay IIIAs a child Gustavo Pazos Conde received his first guitar lessons from an oldteacher in El Cordón, a Montevideo neighbourhood. It was he who helpedhim make a transition, within a few years, from the classical guitar to thetraditional gaucho rhythms of milonga, vidalita and estilo.These unique guitar styles let their musical mark on him for good, aided by his lifeexperiences from early childhood and ... more
Rock  International9.48 EUROXTC3D EP - The CD1977 was a classic year for singles, the year when ‘Punk’ mutated into New Wave producing a seemingly endless run of great 45s – from The Ramones to The Jam, Elvis Costello to Jonathan Richman, Sex Pistols to Richard Hell. With David Bowie (Heroes), Kraftwerk (Showroom Dummies) and Bob Marley (Jamming) also, releasing key singles – it was as if Marley’s Punky Reggae Party had plenty of wonderful music ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROELMO NEROElmo NeroELMO NERO brings three exciting protagonists of the Austrian jazz scene together:The exceptional bass player, composer and Hans Koller Prize winner Gina Schwarz, the guitarist Christoph Helm who expertly oscillates between various kinds of popular music genres and the subtle yet experimental drummer Max Plattner who can be found at the forefront of young jazz in many innovative projects.With compositions ... more
Rock  Alternative23.98 EUROMobile Ethnic MinorityPlay“From day one, everything felt just right. A soft wind arose and kinda pushed me home. Igrabbed my guitar and said: let’s play, you take me wherever you want. Off we went. I wasa kid, and my little recording studio became an orchard, many fruits hanging from thetrees. They spoke to me, saying: pick us, we’re soul food! A nice melody here, over there apounding rhythm, sweet harmonies everywhere. Leaves ... more
Jazz  Allgemein16.98 EUROHans Lüdemann & Luciano Biondini & Rita Marcotulli & TransEuropeExpress EnsembleOn the Edges 3Hans Lüdemann’s TransEuropeExpress octet of French and German musicians set out in 2019 to explore Europe’s border regions through the “On The Edges” project. Following the first album, focusing on North Africa with Majid Bekkas, the second and third part of the series will be released in November, taking the listener to Scandinavia with Sofia Jernberg and Kalle Kalima, and to Italy with Rita Marcotulli ... more
Jazz  Allgemein26.99 EUROBREEEZY Victor FoxMumble Jazz
Pop  Singer-Songwriter17.98 EURODhalgrenGot Milk
Jazz  Avantgarde17.98 EUROZwitschermaschineLoopingMusic can be so many things. So why not all at once? Best of all, it unites all conceivable opposites within itself and accomplishes the paradox of conjuring up the clash of the obvious in the harmony of the incompatible. When the German expressionist Paul Klee painted his Dadaist watercolor "Zwitschermaschine" in 1922, he had a visual idea of the cacophonous bird apparatus, but possibly no idea of ... more
Jazz  Avantgarde17.98 EUROChristopher Kunz Simon LucaciuMoments of SurrenderOn this recording, saxophonist Christopher Kunz and pianist Simon Lucaciu perform as an clearly well-established unit, with a distinctly mutual trust in each other. Such trust is indeed essential for a musical duo endeavor. In the 13 pieces, they embrace each other's ideas without hesitation and with utmost flexibility. Also, they are perfectly aware when and how to give each other enough space –this ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROThe True Harry Nulz Edi Nulz The Great Harry HillmanFur Fish BananaEdi Nulz + The Great Harry Hillman = Austro-Helvetia-Power at its finest!Imagine a fusion between one of Switzerland’s finest Jazzbands andtheir musical counterparts from Austria: the result would be a transalpinemusical cataclysm of epic proportions. But actually, there is no need toeven imagine this – the combination already exists, and they are well ontheir way to achieving cult status. The quartet ... more
FA58623 CD
Jazz  Allgemein23.98 EUROArt Blakey & The Jazz MessengersLive In Paris - 13 Mai 1961The Live in Paris collection by Michel Brillié allows listeners to hear previously-unreleased recordings (made at concerts and private- or radio-sessions) by the great 20th stars in jazz, rock & roll and song. These “live” takes, and the artists’ rapport with their audiences, gives these performances an additional soul and sensibility in counterpoint to the rigorous demands of studio recordings. Particular ... more
FA58592 CD
Rock  International23.98 EURODiverseThe Birth Of Surf Rock 1933-1962In the early 1960s, an instrumental, electric guitar rock sound alluding to the California surf trend was born. This sunny world, a symbol of freedom, dating in bathing suits, big waves and suntanned athletes soon inspired songs on this theme. Bruno Blum reflects on the roots and birth of surf rock and its precursors, unveiling and commenting on compelling recordings by Sol Ho’opi’i from Hawaii, Chet ... more
Rock  Progressive19.98 EUROMendoza Hoff RevelsEcholocationEcholocation is the astonishing debut album from Mendoza Hoff Revels, an electric & formidable new unit led by Ava Mendoza (guitar) & Devin Hoff (bass) and featuring James Brandon Lewis (tenor sax) & Ches Smith (drums).21st Century progressive rock played by punk rockers with serious improv skills & jazz feel. Oh, and non-stop wicked tunes, riffs & grooves.
FA0932 CD
Pop  Frankreich  Chanson23.98 EUROCharles TrenetIntégrale Vol. 13 “Qu’Est Devenue La Madelon?” 1956-1960“Trenet fought for the joy of life. He used his strength to serve poetry, and the joie de vivre of us all. At a time when we were surrounded by people who used their strength to serve villainy, Trenet gave us something that was magical.” CABU
World Music  USA  Folk16.98 EUROJolie HollandHaunted MountainJolie Holland’sHaunted Mountain is a beckoning, confronting place. At once ancient and of the moment, it hums with literary and political interconnections. The songs illuminate states of dispossession and alienation, lust and pollination: a state of reciprocity with our living planet. The record is a creation beyond genre, a refined jewel refracting anti-patriarchal dance music, sultry anti-fascist ... more
FA58546 CD
Pop  Frankreich  Chanson37.98 EUROJacques BrelIntégrale Jacques Brel et Ses Interprètes 1953 – 1962Jacques Brel is an iconic guide for singers in the French Chanson genre, with an immense following that has maintained his status as the most popular singer in France’s national heritage. This complete issue of his work in the period 1953-1962 was prepared by Olivier Julien, and it provides a new historical perspective of the hits by this singer from Brussels: his titles are performed here not only ... more
FA58574 CD
Jazz  Allgemein37.98 EUROQuincy JonesIntégrale 1957-1962 - Soul Bossa NovaQuincy Jones counts as one of the greatest bandleaders, arrangers and trumpeters of the 20th century, a musician whose career has taken him from the world of jazz to popular music and films. Prepared by Olivier Julien, this set gives us the chance to rediscover Quincy Jones’s beginnings as a recording artist, from the early studio albums he made under his own name to his worldwide hit “Soul Bossa Nova”. ... more


  • 06/12/2023Intertune Records veranstalte mit dem "The 1st Great Collision" Festival am 3.2.2024 ein Label-FestivalBuco, The Ruby Sea und The Moonband. Sizilien, das Meer und der Mond. Drei Bands, die einander mit unterschiedlichstem Sound seit Jahren beeinflussen. Willkommen zu einem abwechslungsreichen Abend in der Kranhalle mit Münchens subkulturellen Klängen aus Italo-Punk, Indie-Rock und Folk-Pop. Das Mini-Festival ist das erste aus einer geplanten Reihe Konzerte, in denen das Münchner Label Intertune Records sowohl Künstler aus dem eigenen Haus als auch solche, für die man sich begeistert, präsentieren möchte.

    Buco ist die neu gegründete Band des Cantante D. Santoni. Sein wilder Haufen sorgt seit einer Weile für eine Neudefinition des Begriffs „Italo“. Von schmutzigen Beats verführt, in sanfte Melodien verwickelt – neuerdings lässt man sich auf Sizilianisch anschwindeln. Buco auf Soundcloud:

    Schwarz bebt das Meer, dahinter schimmert der Horizont – The Ruby Sea spielt. Seit nun 30 Jahren sind Songwriter Erwin Zißelsberger und Schlagzeugerin Karin Reuther das kreative Zentrum eines Indie-Universums. Dunkelrot groovt die Nacht – und wir hören neues Song-Material: Des Teufels Psychologe hat einen Deal mit dieser Band geschlossen!

    The Ruby Sea auf YouTube: Foto: Jakob Zißelsberger Nach einer kleinen Schaffenspause arbeiten die Münchner Astronauten von The Moonband weiter an Songs für den blauen Planeten. Laut einem Insider-Tip wird es auf der 1st Great Collision auch das ein oder andere Stück des neuesten Materials zu hören geben. Die Planeten ziehen an uns vorbei, während sich ein Weltraum-Synthesizer zu einer tänzelnden Mandoline gesellt. The Moonband online:

  • 04/12/2023Smithsonian Folkways mit vier GRAMMY-NominierungenZum 75. Geburtstag des amerikanischen Labels Smithsonian Folkways im Jahr 2023 wurden gleich drei aktuelle Veröffentlichungen für einen der begehrten GRAMMYs nominiert. Die umfangreiche Kompilation „Playing for the Man at the Door“ wurde sowohl in die Kategorie “Best Album Notes” und „Best Historical Album“ gewählt. Die Field Recordings aus der Sammlung von Mack McCormick erscheinen in aufwändiger Box als CD- oder Vinylausgabe. Daneben können sich Dom Flemons mit seinem Album „Traveling Wildfire“ als Best Folk Album und Sam Bush mit „Radio John: Songs of John Hartford“ als Best Bluegrass Album berechtigte Hoffnungen machen. ...moreLatest release
  • 03/11/2023Aga Khan Master Musicians mit ihrem Album “Nowruz” auf Platz 14 der Transglobal World Music ChartsDie 6 gefeierten Virtuosen der Aga Khan Master Musicians lassen auf ihrem Debütalbum „Nowruz“ die Musik Zentralasiens, Chinas, des Nahen Ostens und Nordafrikas aufeinandertreffen. Ihr Album hat die Juroren der Transglobal Worldmusic Charts überzeugt und dem Album den Platz 14 der November Charts beschert. Die Transglobal Worldmusic Charts werden Weltmusikjournalisten aus der ganzen Welt jeden Monat gewählt. ...moreLatest release
  • 04/10/2023Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik
    Die aktuell 155 Kritiker-Juroren des PdSk haben in 32 Kategorien ihre Favoriten des letzten Quartals nominiert, die für die Bestenliste 04/2023 in Frage kommen. Aus den Galileo Veröffentlichungen sind wieder einige Titel vertreten. In der Kategorie Jazz, Jason Moran, Marcus Gilmore mit dem gemeinsamen Album Refract (Red Hook Records). In der Kategorie Weltmusik As Madalenas mit ihrem gleichnamigen Album (Jando Music). Unter Traditionelle ethnische Musik Damir Imamovic mit “The World And All That It Holds” (Smithsonian Folkways), Jawa mit “Last Breaths From Aleppo” (Muziek Publique), Mara Aranda mit “Sefarad - In the heart of Greece” (Bureo) und Oghlan Bakhshi mit “Journey across the Steppes” (Felmay). Und zu guter Letzt Dr. Will mit „Soiree Macabre“ (Solid Pack) in der Kategorie Blues. ...more
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  • 02/10/2023Dorantes präsentiert sein neues Album "Identitad" am 6.10. ab 20 Uhr beim Divino Flamenco Festival im odeon Theater WienDorantes ist ein Gitano und einer der größten Flamenco-Musiker unserer Zeit.

    Der bekannte Schriftsteller und Kritiker Jorge Fernández Bustos sagt über ihn: Auch wenn er es selbst nie zugeben würde, das Klavier im Flamenco trägt den Namen Dorantes.

    Er wurde mit zahllosen Preisen ausgezeichnet und seine Auftritte in der Royal Albert Hall, der Kölner Philharmonie, der Dubai Opera und La Villette in Paris haben für Aufsehen gesorgt.

    Nach sechs preisgekrönten CDs präsentiert Dorantes im Theater Odeon beim Círculo Divino Vienna Flamenco Festival seine erste Solo-CD Identidad, die beim Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik zu den Besten des Jahres 2023 gezählt wurde.

    Gastkünstler: Leonor Leal

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