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Nancy VieiraGente
Nancy Vieira's clear and direct voice tells the stories, dreams and longings, pains and joys of the people of Cape Verde. People all over the world fall into reverent silence when her voice captivates an entire country. Nancy Vieira's music is full of subtleties, rich in harmonic twists and represents a new generation of Cape Verdean artists. The special magic of "Gente" lies in the traditional sounds and their points of contact with the here and now. These points also lie in the narrow streets of ...more

New releases June 2024

World Music  Finnland16.98 EUROSvängSvängo NuevoUnder the motto "Svängo Nuevo", the Finnish harmonica quartet Sväng is entering its third decade of band history! The 10th album is being released in time for the band's 20th anniversary and is also the first with Tapani Varis on bass harmonica. In 2004, the ensemble presented itself with this unusual line-up for the first time. While the last four albums were each dedicated to a musical theme, "Svängo ... more
Jazz  Allgemein26.99 EUROAndrea MotisFebreroSpanish jazz sensation Andrea Motis (voice & trumpet) presents "Febrero" together with the classical Chilean ensemble Camerata Papageno, both as an album and in concert."Febrero" is a joyful declaration of happiness and love. It celebrates the hot Chilean summer in the month of February, when this album was recorded. The repertoire was selected by the Spanish singer and trumpeter Andrea Motis together ... more
Jazz  Allgemein29.99 EUROAndrea MotisFebrero (LP)Spanish jazz sensation Andrea Motis (voice & trumpet) presents "Febrero" together with the classical Chilean ensemble Camerata Papageno, both as an album and in concert."Febrero" is a joyful declaration of happiness and love. It celebrates the hot Chilean summer in the month of February, when this album was recorded. The repertoire was selected by the Spanish singer and trumpeter Andrea Motis together ... more
World Music  Türkei17.98 EURODerya Türkan Robbe KieckensIstanbul Kemençesi Vol. IIDerya Türkan has been the world’s most influential Istanbul kemençesi performer for almost three decades now. He has performed world wide and recorded as a leader or in collaboration with prominent international musicians in a variety of musical styles, from classical to contemporary improvisation. With Istanbul Kemençesi vol. II, Derya Türkan presents his second album highlighting the classical music ... more
Jazz  Blues12.30 EURODiverseThe Rough Guide To Charley Patton: Father of the Delta BluesWhen it comes to the Delta blues, all roads lead to its father figure Charley Patton. An immensely gifted performer, Patton served as a major influence on other legendary bluesmen who followed including Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf.
Jazz  Blues16.98 EURODiverseThe Rough Guide To Murder BalladsFrom tales of jealous lovers to gunslinging outlaws and assassins, American roots music has long embraced the concept of the murder ballad. These seminal recordings offer an intriguing insight into this macabre genre which continues to be reinvented by musicians to this day.
Pop  Gitarre  Akustik20.98 EUROCharlie RissoAlive (LP)Charlie Risso, Italian singer-songwriter, moved to London at the age of twenty. Fluently bilingual, she returned to Genova and recorded two albums and an EP for the indie independent label Incadenza. In 2023, producers Hugo Race and Nicola BaronC invited Charlie to record on their houseboat studio in Tuscany. From this collaboraCon Alive was born! "Alive is an exhilaraCng album exploring beauty, suffering, ... more
Pop  Gitarre  Akustik15.98 EUROCharlie RissoAliveCharlie Risso, Italian singer-songwriter, moved to London at the age of twenty. Fluently bilingual, she returned to Genova and recorded two albums and an EP for the indie independent label Incadenza. In 2023, producers Hugo Race and Nicola BaronC invited Charlie to record on their houseboat studio in Tuscany. From this collaboraCon Alive was born! "Alive is an exhilaraCng album exploring beauty, suffering, ... more
World Music  Allgemein15.98 EUROSOMASomaSOMA is the debut album of the SOMA trio Peppe Frana (oud, Afghan Robab), Masih Karimi (tanbur, daf) and Ciro Montanari (tabla, percussion). Frana and Montanari, Italians who have been engaged in research into extra-European musical traditions for years and Iranian Masih Karimi who is a virtuoso of the Kurdish tanbur and daf. The album includes original compositions by the group members inspired by ... more
World Music  USA  Folk26.99 EUROAnn SavoyAnother Heart (LP)
World Music  USA  Folk17.98 EUROAnn SavoyAnother HeartFor decades, Ann Savoy has been revered for her vibrantrecordings and performances of Louisiana Cajun music,as well as for her unparalleled deep-digging into thehistory of southwest Louisiana’s traditional music. Nowwe join her in a different musical adventure, AnotherHeart—the spiritual follow-up to her 2006 collaborationwith Linda Ronstadt, Adieu, False Heart. With the magicaltouch of producer Dirk ... more
World Music  Asien  Allgemein15.98 EUROGuo Gan Fumie Hihara Huong ThanhThree PerfumesThese three international art masters will take you to a distant world whereeverything is soft and quiet, a country with flowers as its national emblem:jasmine in China, cherry blossoms in Japan, and lotus in Vietnam. A trioperforming traditional or popular songs from these three countries: GUO GAN'slegendary erhu, HUONG THANH's beautiful voice and the enchanting sound likeflowing water of FUMIE HIHARA's ... more
Jazz  Contemporary16.98 EUROFUR & Hélène Duret & Maxime Rouayroux & Benjamin SauzereauBondFUR, the French-Belgian trio of Hélène Duret,joins the catalogue of BMC Records with theirsecond album. Bond is pure jazz, but alsofeatures unpredictable musical shifts, anunlikely mix of styles and genres: a successionof ballads, groovy sections, blues themes, hitlikecompositions, hypnotical, repetitive motifsand psychedelic colours.The name FUR derives from an old Frenchexpression that refers to ... more
Jazz  Contemporary16.98 EUROLaughing BastardsFetishFetish, the new album of Laughing Bastards,is released this month jointly by BMC Recordsand W.E.R.F. This quintet is the alchemy of theyoungest generation from the booming Ghentjazz and improv scene, and the experience andhunger for innovation of an old hand in thefield. Together they profess their love for thejazz tradition, with a quirky twist. The band ofMichel Mast and Jan-Sebastiaan Degeyter provethey ... more
Jazz  Contemporary16.98 EUROAki Takase JapanicForteAki Takase releases the second album with hermain band, Japanic. On Forte, the leading figureof European improvisational jazz once againdemonstrates her energetic, radiating nature,joined by her distinguished bandmates – DanielErdmann, Dag Magnus Narvesen, Carlos Bica andDJ Illvibe –, and two guest artists, Alexander vonSchlippenbach and Nils Wogram.Aki Takase’s music not only sounds strong and powerful,but ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROflux & Christina Fuchs & Florian StadlerRoots & Rhyzomes
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROJoachim Ullrich & Family of ChoiceFive Simple Songs
LP16402 LP
Jazz  Blues25.99 EUROGregor Hilden TrioNew Boogaloo (2 LP)
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROHildeTideWho or what is hilde? A person? An idea? A sound? A band? A combination of all these? In thesearch for hilde, we come across singer Marie Daniels, violinist Julia Brüssel, trombonist MariaTrautmann and cellist Emily Wittbrodt. They met as part of the large collective The Dorf and,under the name of hilde, made a name for themselves in 2020 with their first album, ‘Open’.So much for history, as their ... more
Jazz  Allgemein15.98 EURORomane & Pierre Manetti & Richard ManettiRomane Manetti Guitar Family - The Romane Classical PiecesInternationally, Romane’s unique melodic sense has given him a reputation as not only a “must-hear” guitarist but also a master in the art of setting a piece to music. With his “Classical Pieces” album he presents his first recording entirely arranged for a string quartet, where he creates a universe that mingles swing and classical music in a crossover that also takes in jazz and film music. The result ... more
FA58694 CD
Jazz  Allgemein37.98 EURODuke EllingtonDuke At His Very Best Legendary Works 1940-1942This 4-CD set was produced by Alain Pailler and Tony Baldwin from meticulously restored originals that let you relive the Duke Ellington Orchestra’s golden age as though you were right there. These legendary 1940-1942 sessions include Ellington classics such as Ko-Ko, Take The ‘A’ Train, Perdido and Harlem Air-Shaft, masterfully arranged by the Duke himself and his right-hand man Billy Strayhorn. The ... more
FA58662 CD
Pop  Frankreich  Chanson23.98 EURODiverseLes Poètes En Chansons / Music And The Great Poets 1951-1962From Rutebeuf to Aragon and Prévert, and including Villon, Baudelaire, Verlaine and Desnos, this anthology confirms the musical potential of French verse. Many composers, not the least of them being Fauré, Duparc, Debussy, Poulenc, Kosma, Ferré, Brassens or Gainsbourg, added their own images in music by weaving melody and harmony into the poems that spoke to their sensibilities. In so doing, as Aragon ... more
FA58682 CD
Pop  Frankreich  Chanson23.98 EUROArlettyIntégrale 1928 - 1962Arletty, whose famous 1982 conversations have been published by Frémeaux & Associés, is one of the greatest figures in the history of French films, beginning a career as a model before entering the worlds of operetta and the theatre. This collection by Olivier Julien comes to complete the Céline anthology, where you can hear her popular accents reading texts by that author. Here on a 2CD set you can ... more
World Music  Brasilien15.98 EUROBaden PowellThe Girl From Ipanema - Live In LiègeA master of the Brazilian guitar, not to mention the greatest guitarist of the 20th century in the whole of South America... This solo recital by Baden Powell was recorded in Belgium at the 1987 International Guitar Festival that took place in Liège, where Powell took his listeners beyond the frontiers of bossa nova and into the realms of jazz, classical music and the best of MPB, the name of popular ... more
FA30722 CD
Jazz  Allgemein23.98 EUROJay Jay Johnson The Quintessence, New York - Hackensack - Chicago 1945-1961Jay Jay Johnson made the trombone a modern instrument in jazz, and as a result he joined the ranks of the great creators of bebop (Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis) alongside whom he often played. apart from being a virtuoso instrumentalist and a first-rate improviser, he was also an excellent composer. JEAN-PAUL RICARD Frémeaux & Associés’ « Quintessence ... more
Pop  Frankreich  Chanson15.98 EUROTêtes De ChienLe Petit TourTêtes de Chien, a contemporary a cappella song quintet, brings us a new album that investigates French songs from the countryside in the popular, oral tradition. Filled with humour, poetry and tenderness, the repertoire mingles peasant songs with stories of people’s lives collected from an elder generation. Produced by the TO&MA collective (it stands for “Oral Traditions & Contemporary Music”), Le ... more
Jazz  Allgemein15.98 EUROPink TurtleBest OfIn the space of three albums and a million streams, Pink Turtle built a rock-solid reputation. Their formula was simple: they took the greatest hits from the 60s to the 80s and played them like they were Swing Jazz… The group’s arrangements, plus their taste for entertainment when putting on a show, took their music around the world and monopolized the airwaves. Here, at last, is the Best of the Best ... more
Klassik  Zeitgenössische Klassik17.98 EUROKronos Quartet & Rinde Eckert & Vân-Ánh Vanessa VõMy LaiOn March 16, 1968, the United States Army killed over 500 unarmed civilians in the hamlet of M? Lai, Vietnam. The unimaginable brutality of the event impacted all those who witnessed it firsthand, including helicopter pilot Hugh Thompson, who, against orders, intervened to save Vietnamese lives. Thompson’s story is the basis of the opera M? Lai, composed by Jonathan Berger (music) and Harriet Scott ... more
Jazz  Contemporary17.98 EUROReza Askari & Christopher Dell ROARZen World Cables"ROAR feat. Christopher Dell" is the logical extension of Reza Askari's trio. Saxophone,double bass and drums are joined by the vibraphone - quasi percussion, harmony andrhythm instrument in one and therefore the ideal complement. Dell not only brings vibratingmetal plates and beating mallets into the existing trio, but also his own way of thinking andworking: Structures are questioned, gutted, negated ... more
Rock  Spanien19.98 EUROMägo de OzAlicia en el MetalversoThe title will be "Alice in the MetaLverse". It is about Txus' own vision of Alicia, a transgender girl and what she tells her psychologist, entering the MetaLverse. Bulling, anorexia, cyber bullying, and fear are some of the problems Alicia struggles with.With the help of her friend "The Mad Hatter", a homeless vagrant, she meets strange characters such as "The Red Queen", a famous Youtuber who exercises ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROCarolyn Hume & Paul MayShape of the NightPaul May and Carolyn Hume have been playing and recording together for 26 years. They have released 6 critically acclaimed albums on Leo Records as a duo, 3 albums in a trio. Hume and May create potent ambient atmospheres moving from minimalist sci-fi to rhythmic landscapes reaching for the unspoken depths. Paul May is one of the most respected drummers on the improvising circuit. Hume has released ... more
Klassik  Allgemein17.98 EUROOslo Philharmonic Orchestra & Olari EiltsØyvind Torvund: A Walk into the Future"Aurora Records is delighted to announce the Norwegian experimental composer Øyvind Torvund’s first album of orchestral music A Walk into the Future, an efferves-cent excursion in four pieces astutely rendered by the Oslo Philharmonic and conduc-tor Olari Elts. Across his work for small and large ensembles, Torvund coaxes together acoustic and electronic sounds that have no business being in the ... more
Pop  Allgemein16.98 EURORoni DotFlamingo Pink
Jazz  Allgemein17.95 EUROJasper van´t Hof & Christof LauerSkin Under


  • 15/05/2024German Record Critics' AwardTwo releases from the Galileo portfolio have been honoured by the German Record Critics' Award in the Best List 2/2024. The Portuguese singer and composer Lina was honoured by the jury in the World Music category with her album "Fado Camões". In the Traditional Ethnic Music category, the Aga Khan Master Musicians came out on top with Nowruz from the Smithsonian Folkways label. The Christof Sänger Trio with "At Iruma Jazzclub" (Laika), Javier Ruibal with "Saturno Cabaret" (Karonte) and Trio ClariNoir with "Mozart's Night Train" (GP Arts) also made it onto this quarter's longlist. ...moreLatest release
  • 02/05/2024Nominations for the German Record Critics' AwardPortuguese singer Lina's latest album has been nominated in two categories of the German Record Critics' Award Best List 2/2024. "Fado Camões" was selected for the longlist of the World Music jury and the Traditional Ethnic Music jury. Javier Ruibal and "Saturno Cabaret" and Aga Khan Master Musicians and "Nowruz" are two other releases from the Galileo programme that have also been nominated. ...moreLatest release
  • 30/04/2024Nancy Vieira in the World Music ChartsWith her new album "Gente", Nancy Vieira is represented in the current top lists of the Transglobal World Music Charts and the World Music Charts Europe. Her music tells the stories, dreams and longings of the people of Cape Verde. With her clear and direct voice, she represents a new generation of Cape Verdean artists with a sound full of subtleties and harmonic twists. ...moreLatest release
  • 02/04/2024Lina at number 1 in the Transglobal World Music ChartsAfter her new album "Fado Camões" reached the top of the World Music Charts Europe last month, Lina is now also at the top of the Transglobal World Music Charts. Her latest work is both new and familiar. The simple elegance of the recent past is still there, but gives her voice more room to stand out amidst a silence of piano and guitar. The album has been released on CD, vinyl and all the usual streaming portals. ...moreLatest release

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