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SvängSvängo Nuevo
Under the motto "Svängo Nuevo", the Finnish harmonica quartet Sväng is entering its third decade of band history! The 10th album is being released in time for the band's 20th anniversary and is also the first with Tapani Varis on bass harmonica. In 2004, the ensemble presented itself with this unusual line-up for the first time. While the last four albums were each dedicated to a musical theme, "Svängo Nuevo" brings together ten new compositions by the four band members. The pieces of music are rooted ...more

New releases July 2024

World Music  Afrika  Äthiopien16.98 EUROAtse Tewodros Project Gabriella GhermandiMaqedaThe Atse Tewodros Project was founded in 2010 by Gabriella Ghermandi to bring Italian and Ethiopian musicians together and thus promote mutual dialogue and artistic creation. Gabriella Ghermandi's music combines Ethiopian traditions with jazz influences, drawing inspiration from traditional music that is little known outside Ethiopia. The music is an artistic, cultural and anthropological journey that ... more
Rock  Progressive44.98 EUROKing CrimsonUSA – 50th anniversary Limited Edition 200 gram Coloured (Blue Sparkle) 2LP VinylUSA – Limited edition coloured vinyl in Blue Sparkle; limited to 3,000 copies worldwide. Released on the exact 50th anniversary date of the original concert recording at The Casino, Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA, on June 28th, 1974. The complete concert taken from the 2013 mix of the full concert by Robert Fripp, David Singleton & Tony Arnold. Cut by Jason Mitchell at Loud MasteringDavid Cross: Violin ... more
World Music  Klezmer20.98 EUROBarcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra7The number whose symbology is deeply rooted in many cultures around the world. Like a relic; a sentence; a melody that you can't get out of your head...For us; a symbol of the union of 7 stories from different origins; cultures; ways of living and thinking. Seven paths with the same destiny... or the same path and seven destinations... Seventh studio album... With all the courage; we have entered the ... more
World Music  Klezmer25.99 EUROBarcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra7 (LP)The number whose symbology is deeply rooted in many cultures around the world. Like a relic; a sentence; a melody that you can't get out of your head...For us; a symbol of the union of 7 stories from different origins; cultures; ways of living and thinking. Seven paths with the same destiny... or the same path and seven destinations... Seventh studio album... With all the courage; we have entered the ... more
World Music  Folk  Singer/Songwriter16.98 EUROKaia KaterStrange MedicineOn Strange Medicine, acclaimed roots musician Kaia Kater succeeds in the act of transformation, alchemizing grief into joy, sorrow into hope. Fiercely defiant toward an industry that silences Black women, Kater’s captivating songs celebrate the power of oppressed people and act as an antidote to centuries of exploitation, fear, and greed. This collection of ten songs —featuring appearances by today’s ... more
Jazz  Piano Trio17.98 EUROOddgeir BergA Place Called HomeThe island of Rolla is tiny and sparsely populated - a mere 900 people live here. On A Place Called Home, Oddgeir Berg takes us to this, his father's birthplace, for a concept album about the magic of nature, the spaces hidden in memory, and the bonds that family provides. The music was written with a new trio line-up and during a period of personal turmoil, including a cancer diagnosis for Berg's ... more
Jazz  Gypsy Swing17.98 EUROHarri StojkaStones FreeWhen the exceptional Austrian guitarist and his well-rehearsed dream team take on the Stones, with a set list that interprets many of the great classics of the gentlemen Jagger, Richards & Co in his own way, then the planned recording alone makes you want to go to the concerts. It is simply a great pleasure to listen to Harri Stojka, Peter Dürr, Peter Strutzenberger and Sigi Meier making songs that ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EURORain SultanovForgivenessAnger is a destructive force. Especially now, in the news, we can witness its impact every single day. And yet it is an integral part of the human condition. On his new album for Ozella, Rain Sultanov is confronting anger by writing some of the most heavenly music of his career. Soprano saxophone, organ, cello - this unusual instrumentation is at the heart of these nine floating, deeply moving compositions. ... more
World Music  USA  Afro-American17.98 EUROBessie Jones & John Davis & The Georgia Sea Island SingersThe Complete Friends of Old-Time Music ConcertBessie Jones, John Davis, and the Georgia Sea Island Singers gained wide renown during the 1960s and ‘70s for their powerful performances of traditional songs from the African American Gullah Geechee community on St. Simons Island, Georgia. This previously unheard recording captures their complete Friends of Old Time Music concert of April 1965, at which they were joined by legendary bluesman Mississippi ... more
World Music  Italien17.98 EUROCarlo Maver & Paolo Fresu & Hesam InanlouSolenne"Solenne" is the new album by flutist, bandoneon player and composer Carlo Maver, who is one of the few musicians in the world to have been a student of the great Argentinian bandoneon player Dino Saluzzi. The album is an important milestone on a long musical and geographical journey that has taken Maver with various formations to places such as Kurdistan, Mali, the Sahara, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, ... more
Jazz  Allgemein48.99 EUROChet BakerSignature (LP)
Jazz  Allgemein19.98 EUROJohnny M. DyaniAfrican Bass
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROJamie BaumWhat Times Are TheseOn What Times Are These (Sunnyside), Jamie Baum’s fifth recording with The Jamie Baum Septet+, her flagship ensemble, the acclaimed New York-based flutist-composer presents her first exploration of spoken word and art song. To be specific, seven of Baum’s ten compositions respond to works by a cohort of eminent 20th and 21st century female poets (Adrienne Rich, Marge Piercy, Tracy K. Smith, Lucille ... more
Jazz  Electronic17.98 EUROBrandon Ross Phantom StationOff the EndMuch of the art of improvisation depends on the choice of performers, the environment and the goals of the performance. Guitarist, composer and conceptualist Brandon Ross regularly creates situations with other musicians and artists to push their collective creativity to new destinations. The ensemble Phantom Station is a vehicle Ross uses with sound designer Hardedge to embark on adventurous, unexplored ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EURONoah HaiduStandards IIPianist Noah Haidu sees a certain irony in his current recorded output. “I love composing but improvisation has always been my greatest passion. When I started releasing music in 2011 I relied on my songwriting to make a unique artistic statement, but I’ve come full circle and realized that finding my own voice on a simple, unadorned standard is a rare and necessary endeavor.” Haidu embraced that endeavor ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROAlex Harding & Lucian BanBlutopiaThe relationship between Alex Harding and Lucian Ban has been long and fruitful. Their combination of elements of improvisational music native to their homelands, namely the United States and Romania, have helped the pair develop a unique musical language that transcends the expectations of the jazz genre. Their new recording, Blutopia, highlights their attuned rapport while allowing their music to ... more
Jazz  Contemporary12.30 EUROPago Libre & SooonFriendShip – Riffs Ahead!What you are holding in your hands might be called “The alternative encyclopaedia of world rock”. This is the second voyage by the MS FriendShip visiting 18 destinations on the globe. On this second trip, you’ll discover a firework of melomaniac melodies, a bubbling volcano of stirring rhythms and complex harmonies, engraved with peppered RIFFS* and sophisticated sonic timbres, plenty of vocal acrobatics, ... more
Jazz  Piano Solo17.98 EUROJake HartCollage (solo piano)In contemporary music, the divide between composition and improvisation has become blurry over the generations. Twentieth and twenty-first century composers have stretched the boundaries of melodic and harmonic structure, leading to pieces that challenge listeners and performers alike. Hoping to work along these lines, pianist and composer Jake Hart immersed himself in the worlds of jazz and contemporary ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROAndy MilneTime Will TellPianist and composer, Andy Milne is thrilled to present Time Will Tell, a new album recorded with his trio Unison dropping April 26, 2024, on Sunnyside Records. Milne’s latest collaboration with bassist John Hébert and drummer Clarence Penn is a sparkling exploration of identity and destiny, showcasing Milne’s ever- evolving craft. It follows the trio’s The ReMission (2020), winner of Jazz Album of ... more
Jazz  Allgemein17.98 EUROTony Moreno TrioBallads Vol. 1There is something timeless about jazz ballads. They are by nature very open to unique interpretations. Drummer Tony Moreno inherited an appreciation for ballads from his mother, Nina Dunkel, a professional harpist, which eventually led to Moreno performing them regularly with his trio. After twenty years leading the group, Moreno compiled some of his mother's favorites and recorded them with the trio ... more
Pop  Italien23.98 EURORaffaella CarráBallo balloA new all-dancing compilation of Raffaella Carrà's hits is released on CD and transparent yellow vinyl."Ballo ballo" is a celebration of the career and spirit of the Italian TV and music icon of the 1970s and 1980s, whose blond bob won the hearts of fans around the world.The title immediately refers to the unforgettable theme song of the famous Italian variety show “Fantastico”, but also to the musical ... more
Klassik  Sinfonische Musik17.98 EURONorwegian Radio OrchestraKristine Tjøgersen: Between TreesAuroraRecords is pleased to present the upcoming double album Between Trees with selected worksby Kristine Tj ø gersen, one of the NorwayNorway’s most promising and sought after composers. The releasewill be available as double vinyl CD and on streaming servic es xxxx in 2024, and is Tj ø gersen's firstalbum on Aurora Records. With a growing demand and international attention for this composer, thetime ... more
FA58737 CD
Jazz  Rhythm and Blues47.98 EURORay CharlesThe Grand Master 1944-1962 His Inspiration / His InfluenceHe remains one of the greatest musical icons of the 20th century, and Ray Charles is considered a rock ’n’ roll pioneer, the Genius of Soul and modern R&B, and also the inventor of Pop. This analysis by Joël Dufour is a focus on Ray’s universe almost from birth, and it highlights the excitement that Ray created in the decades fifties and sixties. Here the spotlight on his music (“His Inspiration”) ... more
Jazz  Allgemein15.98 EURODo Montebello B.O ParadisoWith her album B.O. Paradiso, singer Do Montebello pays a tribute to film songs that have marked her life. With this third opus, the artist – who devotes her performances to both well-known material and her own compositions – enchants the world with melodies and songs that mingle peace of mind and poetry. The album was produced by Marc Berthoumieux, whose sumptuous arrangements here provide settings ... more
Jazz  Contemporary16.98 EUROKronthalerSome Call Him Johnny GreyThe trio of mezzo-soprano Theresa Kronthaler,guitarist Kalle Kalima and bassist Oliver Potratzhave reunited nine years after their debut albumThe Living Loving Maid, released by Sony Classical,for a new recording in the spirit of commitment tosong. In the tracks of Some Call Him Johnny Grey,opera meets musicals and pop rock through jazz.What do Henry Purcell, Billy Corgan, Georg FriedrichHändel, Richard ... more


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