Asik , the lovers, were the named the wandering minstrels of Turkey. Playing the saz, the Turkish long - necked lute, these traditional bard celebrated the beauty of the nature through song, wallowing in the emotion of poems drunk with love . These poems deal with a yearning to connect with a higher self. Their songs reflect a worldview, which is characterised by a profoundly all - embracing philosophy . The musician Derya Takkali is himself a typ of Asik . He is continuing this tradition of singing poetry and translates it to the modern day . He song consist party of lines of poetry composed by his father Bahtiyar . On the whole , his music can be traced back to the tradition of the Anatian troubadours. He compositions extend far from his local background , consciosly seeking the connection to modern trends and exuding a deliberately cosmospolitan feel . So it is no surprise that many of this song are reminiscent of European Folk and Classical music , and also of Flamenco , Salsa and other Spanish style . With much sensitivity , Derya establishes links with other musical genres , in order to bring them together as a typ of world music that does not betray its roots in the Turkish tradition . As open- minded as his composition prove to be, they nevertheless unmistakably have a personal style which is entirely his own.
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