Rudi Neuwirth

„I work with the best and Andreas continues the lineage“ once the uncomparable Paul Bley said about the guitar player from Berlin and SWR awardee Andreas Willers. Rudi Neuwirth, outstanding improvising vocalist, must have had similar thoughts when he got in contact with Andreas Willers. Thus, two congenial musicians found each other for „Jazztage“, an extraordinarily original duo project. Willers is regarded as exceptional guitar player - with an enormous stylistic background and broad musical means that show proof of a very good feeling for form and emotional power. Rudi Neuwirth on the other hand is a vocalist who strongly differs stylistically from a lot of singing colleagues. Andreas Willers says about him: „On the one hand Rudi sings standards in a clear, careful and unpretentious manner combined with a modern individual vocal artistry. On the other hand he gives me a great freedom, a wide open space for creative improvisation.“ The two musicians have met working with John Tchicai. And the first rehearsals for „Jazztage“ revealed already after a few minutes that this encounter would be a very special one.
Jazztage JHM276