Els berros de la Cort

Els Berros de la Cort is the band that embodies the intriguing paradoxes of Catalan music and life: the medieval world is still part of the everyday; the raw and edgy sits besides the modern and stylish; their roots are both in the soil of that very distinct region, but also enriched by the wider world it’s cultivated over millennia. Los nòstres vices e pecats (Our vices and sins) their third release, brings to life the repertoire of the Catalan and Occitan troubadour. Gluttony and lust are the themes in the album’s eleven different tracks, two of the most common sins, both in the Middle Ages and today. Thus, “Ques tolgues es tongues” (track 9) refers to the habits that women like men to have and those they hate; and “Aissi cum” (track 6) is a medieval recipe for a natural ointment to get and prolong erections.
Los nostres Vices e Pecats NF013