Joana Amendoeira

Musically directed by Custódio Castelo, and taped in the “Pé-de-vento” studios by Fernando Nunes, this album symbolises an intense and truthful relationship. The idea was to create a group of fados and not just a Fadista with her accompanying musicians. Pedro Amendoeira in the Portuguese Guitar, Pedro Pinhal in the Classic Guitar, and Paulo Paz in the Double Bass and Acoustic Bass, instrument players and composers of some songs in the album, reveal how to create a strong and unique project it is necessary to live each moment as if it was the last. In it all express a very personal mark, revealing all the feelings that are truly present in Joana Amendoeira “Á Flor da pele”. In this work you can breath in Fado in the 13 songs that Joana Amendoeira and her musicians present us with.
A Flor da Pele HM001CD