Danças Ocultas

“Amplitude” is the extent of a vibration. For two years Danças Ocultas and Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras had shared this sound dimension in numerous common stage performances, which in May 2015 culminated in highly acclaimed concerts in the two most prestigious Portuguese concert halls: Sala Suggia in Casa da Música, Oporto and CCB Grande Auditório in Lisbon. Portuguese stars Carminho, Dead Combo and Rodrigo Leão were the special guests who contributed a lot to transmit the musical magic to the sold out auditoriums. Now, with the live recording of these two concerts, the magic will be extended to a wider audience. For 25 years Danças Ocultas have been touring and carrying their universal Portuguese music across the world. With Amplitude and Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras they want to invite the largest possible number of listeners to their magic journey of sounds.
Amplitude GMC068

Danças Ocultas
  • 24.01.2019
    Esslingen, Kulturzentrum Dieselstrasse, Germany