Eva Jagun

The village Camburi nearby Sao Paolo (Brasil) is the place that gave title to the second album of the jazz singer Jagun from Berlin (Germany). The music on Camburi is equally characterized by easiness and melancholy. The unique soundscapes of Brazil between Bossa Nova, Samba, Jazz and African influences gets alive in its full variety on “Camburi” and mixed with a modern European sound by the congenial band. They fill the exciting arrangements with passion and their joyful playing while adding each of them his own cultural background. The result is a unique form of world-music whose elements are connected by Jazz and Pop. The music forms a swinging and diverse background for Evas light and manifold voice. Since her debut album “My Blue Hour” from 2011 her singing has gained character and depth while her compositions have been completed by a storyteller-component. “Camburi” finds an universal language in order to tell from dreams and feelings that are the same for people in Rio, Rome, Sao Paolo or Salzburg. It is an album for all who carry the summer in their heart during the whole year.
Camburi GMC056