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Gjermund Larsen Trio Aurum HCD7252 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberHCD7252
Release date25/02/2011

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      “An insightful woman came over to us after a concert and said that we were gold-diggers, in the sense that we were searching for something real with our music. ‘Aurum’ is the Latin word for gold.” Gjermund Larsen

      Gjermund Larsen has succeeded in creating his own musical universe based on the traditional music of Nord-Trøndelag, Norway. His efforts have been highly praised and have been rewarded with a Spellemannspris (Norwegian Grammy). This autumn he is releasing the album Aurum and touring for Concerts Norway.

      “Unusual ability, sensitivity, and great humility. Gjermund Larsen has the qualities which make a great musician great.” Excerpt from the liner notes by Gabriel Fliflet (musician and arranger of folk music concerts)

      The musicians, their interaction, the arrangements and the compositions have had two years to evolve, and the material has matured to perfection. This recording has much of the same atmosphere as Ankomst, but more time for rehearsals and experimentation has resulted in a more distinct profile – a “Gjermund Larsen Trio sound”.

      Gjermund Larsen has composed all the music here himself, and although traditional music provides his main source of inspiration he doesn’t necessarily compose in a traditional style. The music on this recording is influenced by Baroque music as well as various types of jazz, contemporary music, pop, rock, bluegrass and Scandinavian folk music. Gjermund Larsen himself says that he draws inspiration from everything he listens to and all the musicians he works with.

      “Once when I was going to introduce Gjermund Larsen on stage, I said by mistake, ‘He looks like God and plays like Jesus.’ Of course it should have been the other way around.” Excerpt from the liner notes by Gabriel Fliflet

      In addition to his own trio, he is bringing a superb group of musicians with him on the tour:

      Gjermund Larsen Trio:
      Gjermund Larsen – fiddle
      Andreas Utnem – grand piano and harmonium
      Sondre Meisfjord – double bass

      Ingebjørg H. Bratland – vocals
      Geir Sundstøl – guitars
      Helge Norbakken – percussion

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      CD 1
      • 1.Menuett03:33
      • 2.Drømmeland03:58
      • 3.Vals Til Hans04:04
      • 4.Aurum03:14
      • 5.Vals I Desember04:54
      • 6.Bachslått05:08
      • 7.Solbønn04:06
      • 8.Kjerkeslått04:07
      • 9.Rosenkransvals04:05
      • 10.Dada03:46
      • 11.Brudemarsj03:37
      • 12.Dans03:19
      • 13.Emanuelvals04:32
      • Total:52:23