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Adjiri Odametey Etoo BAY004 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberBAY004
labelBayla Records
Release date19/09/2008

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      If Adjiri Odametey is asked what music means to him he normally answers that all his moods, emotions, thoughts and experiences find their expression in music. This is why he is fascinated by the diverse cultures with their different instruments and styles. This enthusiasm can be heard on the different instruments that Adjiri not only uses for his music but also dominates. The multi-instrumentalist remains also in other aspects at the wheel and writes his lyrics, arranges his music and follows his very own style. It is probably the answer to his life that let him get around the world. Consistently the title of his CD means “answer”.

      The earthy essence of his songs reveals Adjiri Odameteys ease and power in his music. In his concerts the audience experiences his enthusiasm in a very direct way while on CD his maturity and professionality betray his musical standard. And this positive prevailing mood is transmitted to the audience and makes his music so fascinating and accessible.

      Adjiri Odametey cuts his own path but never loses the roots of his West-African homeland. He reaches to balance the western music with his African culture and opens a new music with this bridging for European listeners.

      His songs are influenced by his international tours and stays. Adjiri employs modern and traditional instruments with great virtuosity: Balafon – a wooden xylophon with pumpkins as resonating body, the Kora with its 21 strings and its harp alike sound, the “thumb pianos” Mbira and Kalimba whose “metal tongues” are striked with both thumbs generating a sound like a glockenspiel, percussion instruments and acoustic guitar. A very characteristic trait is the joy Adjiri lives in his music. In his lyrics Adjiri Odametey treats topics like love, sorrow and questions of the meaning of life and creates once again a connecting line between the cultures of the world. The lyrics are mainly written in Ga but also in English which is an important connector for Ghana with its 80 different languages.

      The work on his second CD after his successful debut album “Mala” (I sing) took him three years. You can feel the calmness to let his music maturate and his love of detail in the arrangements and instrumentation. “I wanted to advance and find out where my music leads me to” says Adjiri Odametey. His new album “Etoo” is the right and convincing answer.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Fofoi04:15
      • 2.Awula04:00
      • 3.Etoo04:44
      • 4.Noko05:02
      • 5.Oyai05:53
      • 6.Naaki03:30
      • 7.Saneko05:10
      • 8.Atuu06:14
      • 9.Selina03:23
      • 10.Menihewo05:15
      • 11.Atsele03:42
      • 12.Smile04:01
      • Total:55:09