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Robert Fripp Music For Quiet Moments RFXP5010 8 CD
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Format8 Audio CD
Ordering NumberRFXP5010
Release date19/11/2021

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      In May 2020 with much of the world in lockdown and reeling from the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, Robert Fripp began uploading the first of 52 individual soundscapes on his YouTube channel, streaming platforms, and DGMLive.

      Entitled Music For Quiet Moments and appearing once a week, these pieces created a space for reflection, offering a means of pausing from the day-to-day concerns and to provide a point of calm and perhaps, a sense of hope, in such troubled times.

      By way of introduction, Fripp defined what he meant by the term, quiet moment: “Quiet moments are when we put time aside to be quiet. Sometimes quiet moments find us. Quiet may be experienced with sound, and also through sound; in a place we hold to be sacred, or maybe on a crowded subway train hurtling towards Piccadilly or Times Square. Quiet Moments of my musical life, expressed in Soundscapes, are deeply personal; yet utterly impersonal: they address the concerns we share within our common humanity.”

      Each of the 52 pieces was drawn from Soundscapes’ performances from 2004 – 2009 and venues/shows as varied as those for G3 (Satriani, Vai, Fripp), to Churchscapes (as the name suggests, concerts in churches), opening act for Porcupine Tree and even appearances at ‘The Big Chill’ festival.

      These pieces are contemplative for the most part and range from a few minutes in length to a performance of ‘Elegy’ in Nashville that lasts over 44 minutes. Each week this music became a gentle word-of-mouth success, as listeners eagerly awaited and discussed the weekly selections, with many encountering Soundscapes for the first time, marking their first contact with Fripp’s music as a result of the series.

      While the series was not instigated with the idea of it being anything other than a weekly sequence of digital audio releases, when assembled and played back at a point when the series approached its end and all of the material had been selected, it became apparent that the series worked well as a single, distinct, body of work.

      Now presented as an 8-CD set, in precisely the same running order as originally released, four sets of 2 discs each in miniature gatefold sleeves, with a booklet containing the artwork for each piece, housed in an outer rigid case, the set is released on November 13th, 2021.

      Robert Fripp has been one of the most innovative and inventive British guitarists for over half a century.

      Beyond his trail-blazing work with King Crimson, his collaborations with Brian Eno, David Bowie, Daryl Hall, Peter Gabriel, Blondie, and Talking Heads to name but a few have resonated with audiences around the world. In the 1990s his 1970s Frippertronics system gave way to Soundscapes and with it a new generation of performers such as Future Sound Of London, The Grid and many others were not only citing Fripp as an influence but eagerly having him appear on their records.

      Some musicians inhabit genres, very few invent them, whether intentionally or arbitrarily credited with such. Fewer still continue to evolve, push forward, challenging both themselves and their audience.

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      • 1.Pastorale (Mendoza 3 Jun 2007)06:40
      • 2.GentleScape (Barcelona 24 Jul 2009)13:10
      • 3.Time Stands Still (Pershore 2 Jun 2006)09:23
      • 4.Requiem (Norwich 6 Jun 2006)28:49
      • 5.Time Promenade (Date and Venue Unknown)06:54
      • 6.Seascape (Lichtenvoorde 13 Jun 2004)11:37
      • Total:01:16:33
      more CD 2
      • 1.At The End Of Time (Broad Chalke 14 Jan 2006)13:04
      • 2.Evensong (Sutton 3 Jun 2006)09:14
      • 3.Promenade (Newlyn 3 Dec 2005)04:09
      • 4.Pastorale (Boston 6 Nov 2007)05:37
      • 5.Skyscape (Chicago 12 Oct 2005)10:19
      • 6.Seascape (Chicago 12 Oct 2005)06:39
      • 7.Horizon (Carrboro 21 Feb 2006)10:06
      • 8.Time Procession (Carrboro 21 Feb 2006)12:55
      • Total:01:12:03
      more CD 3
      • 1.Affirmation (Atlanta 25 Feb 2006)14:03
      • 2.Aspiration (Atlanta 25 Feb 2006)07:40
      • 3.Elegy (Rome 20 Jun 2006)03:34
      • 4.End Of Time (Barcelona 25 Jul 2009)12:14
      • 5.Evensong (Barcelona 29 Jul 2009)07:01
      • 6.Pastorale (Madison 10 Nov 2007)05:25
      • 7.Paradise Regained (Oslo 20 Jun 2004)07:31
      • Total:57:28
      more CD 4
      • 1.Elegy Pt1 (Rome 20 Jun 2006)08:09
      • 2.Elegy Pt2 (Rome 20 Jun 2006)06:18
      • 3.Elegy Pt3 (Rome 20 Jun 2006)08:58
      • 4.Paradise Regained (Gothenburg 15 Jun 2004)08:54
      • 5.Evensong (Haapsalu 24 Aug 2006)13:13
      • 6.Pastorale (Mendoza 2 Jun 2007)05:47
      • 7.Time Stands Still (Udine 24 Jun 2006)09:04
      • 8.A Full Heart (Paris 13 Oct 2009)10:18
      • Total:01:10:41
      more CD 5
      • 1.Strong Quiet I (Brussels 14 Oct 2009)07:16
      • 2.Strong Quiet II (Brussels 14 Oct 2009)10:52
      • 3.A Move Inside I (Asheville 28 Feb 2006)13:02
      • 4.A Move Inside II (Asheville 28 Feb 2006)14:16
      • 5.A Move Inside III (Asheville 28 Feb 2006)12:04
      • 6.Drifting Gently (Chattanooga 27 Feb 2006)07:04
      • 7.Drifting Firmly (Chattanooga 27 Feb 2006)10:39
      • Total:01:15:13
      more CD 6
      • 1.Time (Amsterdam 12 Oct 2009)10:38
      • 2.Elegy Pt I (Hannover 15 Oct 2009)06:10
      • 3.Elegy Pt II (Hannover 15 Oct 2009)06:34
      • 4.Doubt (Greenville 23 Feb 2006)12:16
      • 5.Consolation (Milan 29 Jun 2006)07:25
      • 6.Glisten (La Spezia 28 Jun 2006)09:58
      • 7.Reflection (La Spezia 28 Jun 2006)07:48
      • 8.Shimmer (La Spezia 28 Jun 2006)05:42
      • Total:01:06:31
      more CD 7
      • 1.Elegy (Paris 22 Sep 2015)44:26
      • Total:44:26
      more CD 8
      • 1.Elegy (Nashville 1 Mar 2006)16:14
      • 2.Evocation (Nashville 1 Mar 2006)07:11
      • 3.A Point In Time (Rome 21 Jun 2007)08:47
      • 4.Time Calls (Charlotte 22 Feb 2006)09:57
      • 5.Time Present (Buenos Aires 9 Jun 2007)06:08
      • 6.Opening (Nashville 17 Apr 2004)08:38
      • 7.Time And Time Again (Mendoza 2 Jun 2007)06:46
      • Total:01:03:41