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Rosa Cedrón Nómade KAR916 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberKAR916
Release date14/01/2022

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      Nómade is a logbook that describes the lights and the shadows on a journey into the depth of one's own identity.

      Recorded at Casa de Tolos with the distinctive stamp of Sergio Moure de Oteyza and the technique of Segundo Grandío, Nómade is the third solo work by the artist who, along with her now unconditional collaborators Javier Cedrón and Miguel Arthus, provides us with a sound journey from the darkness of the storms to the serenity of the dawn that strengthens, soothing past wounds and healing the present ones.

      In Nómade we shall find a sea of emotions in which we can sail as the unique protagonists of each story told in every port made song.

      Rosa Cedrón Cello & Vocals

      Rosa Cedrón was born in Monforte de Lemos (Galicia) in 1972, into a family with a great musical tradition. Soon she moved to A Coruña, where she spent most of her childhood. When she was only 8 years old, she became interested in the world of music, an interest that led her to enter the music conservatory and begin general training until, at the age of 10, she discovered her true vocation: The cello.

      Her close relatives say that, from then on, Rosa and her cello became inseparable, despite her young age. Her determination and unconditional commitment made her an excellent student who combined her studies with her admission to A Coruña Chamber Orchestra and later to the Local Band of the city. After years of preparation and a brilliant academic record, she obtained a teaching post at the Conservatory of Ferrol, where she taught a large number of students. These experiences developed her classical training to the point of defining her musical spectrum almost on a permanent basis.

      But an important event would change her life and her career: an invitation to collaborate in a commemorative concert for the tenth anniversary of Luar na Lubre. At a concert held at the Rosalía de Castro theatre in A Coruña, Rosa had her first contact with the band. From then on, the possibility of joining the band as a cellist was suggested, but this initial idea was relieved when her brother, Javier Cedrón, violinist of the band at the time, shared a suggestion also held by the rest of the members: Rosa had a great voice and she could be the perfect vocalist for the band.

      Rosa took on this project with great enthusiasm and, thanks to this, her true passion surfaced and she decided to dedicate herself body and soul to singing, preparing herself intensely, acquiring the necessary technique without neglecting the emotion that characterizes her, and surrendering to the evidence that her life would be marked by this new phase, going so far as to affirm on several occasions that she would sing until she ran out of voice.

      Her talent did not go by unnoticed to one of the greatest musicians of all time. Mike Oldfield was so captivated by her voice that invited her to participate in the recording of "Tubular Bells III" as well as in the world presentation of the album held in London in 1998. Following this concert, Rosa began Oldfield's national tour together with the rest of the members of Luar na Lubre, a fact that would help her to achieve definitive recognition.

      Rosa developed an extensive work as member of Luar Na Lubre for 9 years: she performed on the best stages, recorded several albums and collected important awards for her excellent musical career. Meanwhile, she completed her intense career by participating in some interesting projects such as her appearance in the film "Un bosque de música" dedicated to Luar Na Lubre's career and the soundtracks of "Blanca Madison" and "Ilegal"; or the colaborations with La Barbería del Sur that definitively demonstrated her versatility, performing in a masterly way, from fados to boleros and consecrating her as the integral and multifaceted artist that she is nowadays.

      In January 2005 Rosa publicly announced her decision to undertake a solo career, driven by the desire of expressing her own inner musicality. In 2007 she released her first solo album "Entre dous mares" (Warner), with which she achieved significant sales and toured extensively in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

      Combining her presentation tour, she developed numerous collaborations with other musicians, outstanding among which were her participation in the show "Night of the Proms" with Mike Oldfield, the performance of the Galician Anthem in the Gran Teatro de La Habana with the National Orchestra of Cuba in celebration of its centenary, her participation in "Cancionista" by Antonio Placer, with whom she toured all over the continent, and her collaboration with Cristina Pato in her album "The Galician connection".

      It was together with Cristina - the latter on piano - with whom she would undertake -parallel to her solo career- a project called "Soas", which was released in the early autumn of 2010 and which showed us the brilliant connection that these two indisputable representatives of Galician music found between their own compositions and Galician classics with classical music. As a result of this collaboration, they recorded "Muller", a record that is an unprecedented milestone in the Galician music tradition. 14 tracks with the contribution of the renowned composer Octavio Vázquez preparing the arrangements for the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. This work becomes one of the few references in Galician music in which tradition and classical music are combined, which is a great boost in the career of both performers, who even played "Negro Caravel" in the tribute paid by the AIE to Plácido Domingo in honour of his prolific career.

      While defining her second album, Rosa continued to collaborate with musicians such as Daniel Minimalia, with whom she collaborated on "Arenas de Luna" and "Olas del Sur", which was awarded as the Best World Music Song at the 2015 Hollywood Music In Media Awards (HMMA).

      In May 2016, Rosa Cedrón released "Nada que perder", an album in which she explores the limits of world music, without holding back by clichés or stereotypes, achieving an album full of light, where her own compositions are the best example of the personal and unique atmosphere that only Rosa can create.

      She is currently presenting her new album Nómade, another twist on that unique style that she has been cultivating since she began her solo career.

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      CD 1
      • 1.NÓMADE03:48
      • 2.EN TU PIEL04:10
      • 3.DEVOLVERME EL AIRE03:29
      • 4.PERSEIDA04:12
      • 5.ESTOY AQUÍ03:54
      • 6.AMAR SEN MEDO04:08
      • 7.TAN SOLO UNA VOZ04:30
      • 8.TI MIÑA FLOR03:20
      • 9.POLISÓN04:47
      • 10.TERRA05:45
      • 11.NON ME PERDEREI04:18
      • 12.ARDORA04:45
      • 13.NA TÚA PEL04:11
      • Total:55:17