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Wolfgang Lackerschmid Lockdown Releases HIPJAZZ020 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberHIPJAZZ020
Release date05/02/2021

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      On "Lockdown Releases" you follow the path of Wolfgang Lackerschmid's creative and varied musical history from the late seventies till 2020. All these tracks were either digitally remastered, finally completed or even recorded during the lockdown in spring 2020.

      Track 1 and 2 are performed by Lackerschmid's actual formation with Ryan Carniaux, Stefan Rademacher and Guido May, which exists since 2014. The sound with trumpet and vibes, prominently established since 1979 through „Ballads For Two“ with Chet Baker, is expanded through the sophisticated, but groovy acoustic bass guitar and drums. The funky-swinging tune CLIMBING UP is implementing the title also through the ascending chord progression. Joni Mitchells Ballad BOTH SIDES NOW appears here in a touching instrumental version with a spaceful arrangement.

      Track 3 and 4 features singer Stefanie Schlesinger with two poems by the famous German lyricist Bertolt Brecht. As authorized Brecht-composer, Lackerschmid wrote those beautiful ballads, perfectly matching and expressing the lyrics. THE LITTLE ROSE includes Mark Soskin, Jay Anderson and Adam Nussbaum, at ERINNERUNG AN DIE MARIE A. the composer himself comps on piano.

      Track 5 SHOE IT YOURSELF is a danceable happy tune, recorded on tour with Ed Cherry, Cameron Brown and Karl Latham. Track 6 and 7 were recorded in Duo with Donald Johnston. The classical compositions of J. S. Bach and Antonin Dvorák appear in real jazzy arrangements. BOURÉE FROM ENGLISH SUITE NO.2 virtuously with the adapted theme and improvisations, NEW WORLD SYMPHONY leads from a lively introduction to improvisations about the roots from the traditional song „Going Home“, which Dvorák used in his symphony.

      Track 8 - 11 shows 4 originals with a quartet-formation from the early eighties. GIRL WITH THE BIRD is a very energetic tune, starting with a rocky introduction, leading to a fast latin groove where Lackerschmid also plays marimba, xylophone, timbales and percussion. PITZTAL DAYBREAK is a sweet romantic melody, written at sunrise in the mountains. It also features marimba in some parts. WATCH YOU SLEEPIN’ appears in a light and smooth brazilian mood. The melody Lackerschmid answers himself with a little line, played on ocarina and guitar. WHY SHOULDN’T YOU CRY was originally written for Chet Baker. Here’s the first version where the vibes play the melody.

      Track 12 LATINO BLUE is a previously unreleased track, produced 1979 for Joe Gallardo, features the vibes with the melody in front of an excellent Salsa-Jazz formation.

      Track 13 and 14 is from Lackerschmid’s first LP as leader, recorded 1977. BALZWALTZ, describing animals courtship, is a unique waltz with an imposing bass line. The tune was also recorded 2 years later in quintet with Chet Baker, Larry Coryell, Buster Williams and Tony Williams. WASSERBALL-ADE is a mysterious sounding composition where the theme replaces a choir with 4 vibes tracks, played just with a cello bow.

      Track 15 is a recording from 1976, where Lackerschmid was part of the Dieter Bihlmaier Selection. The quartet of the fluteplayer also impressed through the drummer, Gerhart Ziegler, who had only one arm. The title SCHMETTERLINGE is a pun, because it’s the german word for butterflies, but „schmettern“ means to belt out, which fits more to this kind of playing. Track 16 KOSMUUS is a vibes solo improvisation from the same LP like track 15, using a big gong plus marimba and xylophone for the theme.

      Ryan Carniaux, Stefan Rademacher, Guido May
      Stefanie Schlesinger, Mark Soskin, Jay Anderson, Adam Nussbaum
      Ed Cherry, Cameron Brown, Karl Latham
      Donald Johnston
      Vladyslav Sendecki, Mario Castronari, Janusz Stefanski
      Bobby Stern, Americo Belloto, Joe Gallardo, Geoff Stradling,
      Ray Louis, Elmer Louis, Angelito Perez, Guillermo Marchena
      Leszek Zadlo, Herbert Joos, Rocky Knauer
      Dieter Bihlmaier, Wolfgang Lauer, Gerhart Ziegler

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      CD 1
      • 1.WL ConnectionClimbing Up04:53
      • 2.WL ConnectionBoth Sides Now - Wolfgang Lackerschmid05:11
      • 3.Stefanie SchlesingerThe little rose, oh how should it be listed03:58
      • 4.Stefanie SchlesingerErinnerung an die Marie A. - Duo-Version04:08
      • 5.WL QuartetShoe It Yourself - extended version06:00
      • 6.Lackerschmid. JohnstonBourée from English Suite no. 204:30
      • 7.Lackerschmid. JohnstonNew World Symphony06:21
      • 8.WL Connection 1982Girl With The Bird03:26
      • 9.WL Connection 1982Pitztal Daybreak03:24
      • 10.WL Connection 1982Watch You Sleepin'06:30
      • 11.WL Connection 1982Why Shouldn't You Cry04:58
      • 12.Joe GallardoLatino Blue03:41
      • 13.Mallet Connection 1977Balzwaltz05:13
      • 14.Wolfgang Lackerschmid SoloWasserball-ade03:14
      • 15.Dieter Bihlmaier SelectionSchmetterlinge04:52
      • 16.Wolfgang Lackerschmid SoloKosmuus03:24
      • Total:01:13:43