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Pete Seeger The Smithsonian Folkways Collection SFW40225 6 CD
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Format6 Audio CD
Ordering NumberSFW40225
labelSmithsonian Folkways
Release date24/05/2019

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      The Smithsonian Folkways Collection is a career-spanning anthology of one of America’s most quintessential, celebrated, and influential musicians. Featuring classic recordings, 20 previously unreleased tracks, historic live performances, and special collaborations, this set encompasses over 60 years of Pete’s Folkways catalog, released on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

      He was a singer, a rebel, and a voice of the people. With a banjo and a selfless dedication to justice and the transformative power of music, he inspired all of humanity to question the status quo, to sing out and speak up against oppression wherever they witnessed it. His body of work reflects a deep reverence for the earth and all of those who walk on it; you can hear it in his voice and in the voices of the thousands of people who sang and continue to sing with him every day.

      This collection features a large-format 200-page book with hundreds of pages of essays, commentary, photographs, history, and liner notes, alongside 6 CDs of classic and unreleased music pulled from throughout Seeger’s career.

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      • 1.Union Hoot: The Scabs Crawl In/We Pity Our Bosses Five/Keep That Line A-Moving/Join the Picket Line Today05:46
      • 2.You Can All Join In: It Takes Everybody to Build This Land/Indian Deer Hunting/Yankee Doodle/Old Chisholm Trail/The Farmer is the Man/Erie Canal (Low Bridge)/J06:16
      • 3.Sea Chanties: Boston ?Come-All-Ye? (Blow Ye Winds Westerly)/New Bedford Whalers/Cruise of the Bigler/Johnny Come Down to Hilo05:46
      • 4.Down in the Vallley 03:03
      • 5.Buffalo Gals01:47
      • 6.UAW-CIO 02:07
      • 7.Dinky Die02:48
      • 8.Uncle Sam, Won't You Please Come Home to Guam02:40
      • 9.Moorsoldaten01:56
      • 10.Listen Mr Bilbo02:41
      • 11.Joe Hill02:44
      • 12.Roll the Union On02:44
      • 13. OPA Shout02:34
      • 14.Talking Union03:01
      • 15.John Riley02:28
      • 16.Banjo Medley: Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss/Cripple Creek/Ida Red/Old Joe Clark02:39
      • 17.Jam on Jerry's Rock01:40
      • 18.Lonesome Traveler01:57
      • 19.Goofing-Off Suite: Opening Theme01:13
      • 20.Chorale from Beethoven?s 9th Symphony01:26
      • 21.Suliram02:23
      • 22.Babevuya 01:47
      • 23.Blue Mountain Lake02:48
      • 24.Coal Creek March/Pay Day at Coal Creek/Buddy Won?t You Roll Down the Line05:40
      • 25.Wasn't That a Time 03:32
      • 26.Which Side Are You On?02:07
      • Total:01:15:33
      more CD 2
      • 1.We Shall Overcome 04:43
      • 2.If I Had a Hammer01:55
      • 3.Turn, Turn, Turn02:48
      • 4.Goodnight Irene03:43
      • 5.Guantanemera05:56
      • 6.The Bells of Rhymney05:24
      • 7.Where Have All the Flowers Gone02:06
      • 8.Waist Deep in the Big Muddy03:01
      • 9.Little Boxes02:00
      • 10.Tzena, Tzena, Tzena02:18
      • 11.So Long, It's Been Good to Know You03:23
      • 12.Mrs. McGrath04:18
      • 13.Kisses Sweeter Than Wine02:45
      • 14.Banks of Marble03:17
      • 15.Talking Atom02:29
      • 16.A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall05:24
      • 17.Puttin' on the Style02:49
      • 18.Deportees (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)04:13
      • 19.Viva la Quince Brigada03:03
      • 20.Living in the Country02:31
      • 21.This Land is Your Land05:47
      • Total:01:13:53
      more CD 3
      • 1.Foolish Frog07:30
      • 2.I Had a Rooster03:54
      • 3.Mr. Rabbit02:07
      • 4.Oh, Worrycare05:34
      • 5.Hard times in the Mill02:16
      • 6.Casey Jones (The Union Scab)01:58
      • 7.The Death of Harry Simms02:14
      • 8.The Preacher and the Slave02:53
      • 9.I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister03:39
      • 10.Passing Through 02:52
      • 11.Kumbaya03:11
      • 12.Black and White03:08
      • 13.Didn't Old John Cross the Water/Michael, Row the Boat Ashore06:25
      • 14.Midnight Special 01:50
      • 15.Que Bonita Bandera 03:44
      • 16.The Wild West is Where I Want to Be01:33
      • 17.In the Evening When the Sun Goes Down04:28
      • 18.Hold On 03:23
      • 19.Down by the Riverside05:14
      • 20.Wimeweh02:51
      • 21.Tina Sizwe03:10
      • Total:01:13:54
      more CD 4
      • 1.In Tarrytown03:43
      • 2.Oleanna02:01
      • 3.Deep Blue Sea03:32
      • 4.Barbara Allen02:51
      • 5.Big Rock Candy Mountain03:07
      • 6.House of the Rising Sun02:33
      • 7.Shenendoah01:50
      • 8.Go Tell Aunt Rhody03:15
      • 9.Bottle Up and Go 05:11
      • 10.Hard Travelling02:43
      • 11.Dink's Song02:40
      • 12.When I First Came to This Land02:41
      • 13.The Half Hitch 05:23
      • 14. I Never Will Marry 04:40
      • 15.Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase01:43
      • 16.No More Auction Block01:57
      • 17.Talking Blues02:04
      • 18.St. James Infirmary02:54
      • 19.Strawberry Roan05:04
      • 20.Follow the Drinking Gourd 03:14
      • 21.Seneca Canoe Song (Kayowjajineh)01:31
      • 22.The Banks of Champlain02:13
      • 23.My Gallant Black Bess02:40
      • 24.Nonesuch02:05
      • 25.Battle of New Orleans02:41
      • Total:01:14:16
      more CD 5
      • 1.Last Night i Had the Strangest Dream 02:29
      • 2.Carol of the Beasts (Burgundian Carol)02:06
      • 3.The Quiz Show03:15
      • 4.Eight-Hour Day01:02
      • 5.The Popular Wobbly 02:33
      • 6.Bourgeois Blues02:50
      • 7.Garbage02:59
      • 8.Guardian Beauty Contest (Attila the Hun)02:33
      • 9.Rambling Boy04:03
      • 10.Mrs. Clara Sullivan's Letter02:23
      • 11.Freiheit (Die Thälmann-Kolonne)03:05
      • 12.Battle of Maxton Field 05:09
      • 13.What Disd You Learn in School Today01:40
      • 14.From Way Up Here 02:13
      • 15.To My Old Brown Earth01:21
      • 16.My Dirty Stream (The Hudson River Song)02:38
      • 17.Letter to Eve07:08
      • 18.Ballad of Dr. Dearjohn03:29
      • 19.My Name is Lisa Kalvelage 05:01
      • 20.Don?t Ask What a River Is For02:22
      • 21.God Bless the Grass02:06
      • 22.Of Time and Rivers Flowing 02:49
      • 23.Well May the World Go02:41
      • 24.Guantanamera05:36
      • Total:01:13:31
      more CD 6
      • 1.Quite Early Morning04:10
      • 2.There's Better Things To Do02:35
      • 3.My Father's Mansion's Many Rooms02:09
      • 4.Estadio Chile02:50
      • 5.Why, Oh Why?03:06
      • 6.How About You?03:33
      • 7.The Sinking of the Reuben James02:47
      • 8.Abiyoyo05:11
      • 9.Cristo Ya Nacio05:12
      • 10.The Water is Wide08:33
      • 11.Greensleeves01:58
      • 12.If I Had a Hammer (Hammer Song)02:13
      • 13.We'll All Be A-Doubling01:58
      • 14.Arrange and Rearrange04:53
      • 15.English is Cuh-Ray-Zee (English is Crazy)03:45
      • 16.A Little of This and That02:32
      • 17.Sailin? Up, Sailin? Down03:51
      • 18.All Mixed Up04:21
      • 19.Star Spangled Banner/To Anacreon in Heaven02:37
      • 20.One Grain of Sand04:15
      • Total:01:12:29