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Mafalda Arnauth Fadas 4354035 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering Number4354035
Release date18.05.2012

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      Mafalda Arnauth is without doubt one of the most well known fado singer of the “new fado generation”. She had a passion for music since she was a little girl but had never really aspired to be an artist.

      The entertainment world finally won her over when she was still at university, completing her 5th year of Veterinary Studies. Purely by chance, Mafalda Arnauth suddenly found herself transported into the world of the stage, recitals, and the fado music clubs, where she grew artistically with the applause, the public’s appreciation, and self discovery.

      Since then her career developed and she recorded six albums, wrote and composed many songs, participated in many national and international music projects and toured around the world. With a characteristic freshness and a youthful voice that had hitherto been unknown in the world of fado, she captivated listeners early on with her spontaneity and the memories awakened by her interpretations of old hits. In time her flame grew until it was a blazing fire, bringing her own natural style, personality, and original compositions to the fado music she makes and revealing herself in a more characteristic and genuine manner.


      Mafalda’s new album, is a creative and uniquely personal re-encounter with the music that has always accompanied  her, the fado that she increasingly claims as inspiration, the fado to which she needs to return to draw her inspiration. This sixth album is an heritage celebration.

      On the subject of her new album, Mafalda explains:

      “On Fadas I have chosen to sing some of the voices of these unique women, all of whom were key influences on my evolution and development as a fado singer, both the ones I had the privilege of meeting and those whom I didn’t. Amália Rodrigues, Hermínia Silva, Fernanda Baptista, Celeste Rodrigues and Beatriz da Conceição are just some of the artistic references I was able to evoke on this album. They are accompanied  by some of the first songs I ever performed: Saudades da Júlia Menes, Tendinha, Madragoa, Hortelã Mourisca, Antigamente, without exactly knowing ‘what led me to what’: wheather the fados imbued with history, memories and longing led me to their voices, or the voices filled with heart, soul, and life led me to the fados.”

      With all this plus an astonishing version of an Astor Piazolla song, with lyrics by Eládia Blasquez, and other surprises, Fadas is definitely an exquisite album.



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      CD 1
      • 1.Antigamente
      • 2.Saudades da Júlia Mendes
      • 3.Vou dar de beber à Alegria
      • 4.E se não for Fado
      • 5.Vira da minha rua
      • 6.Tendinha
      • 7.Só corre quem ama
      • 8.Marujo Português / Rosinha dos limões
      • 9.Hortelã Mourisca
      • 10.Pomba Branca
      • 11.Fado Madragoa
      • 12.Invierno Porteño