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Dulce Pontes Momentos GMC038 2 CD
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Format2 Audio CD
Ordering NumberGMC038
labelGalileo MC
Release date16/04/2010
Players/ContributorsGuest musician
  • George Dalaras (Track Nr 2-7)
  • José Carreras (Track Nr 2-5)

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      To celebrate 20 years of Dulce Pontes´ musical career the Portuguese singer presents her new double album „Momentos“ that captures some of her most impressing moments on stages all over the world combined with new studio recordings. The first CD is dedicated to Portugal while the second CD focusses more on the international aspects of Dulce Pontes career with spectacular duets with José Carreras and George Dalaras.

      Dulce Pontes gave her professional début in the musical comedy „Emfim Sós“ in 1988 and has grown as an artist in an self-educated and incredible way since then. After her beginning in the world of pop music she started in 1993 her personal career with the album „Lágrimas“ that challenged the fundamentals of the Lusitanian musical roots. Since then Dulce Pontes became due to her continuous search for new musical languages to a singer and musician without comparison in Portugal with an international reputation independent from any current fashion. One decade before the world discovered the fado at the beginning of the 21st century Dulce Pontes showed herself as visionary and gave a new generation a new understanding of this genre with her completely new and particular style. Dulce Pontes was never satisfied to deal only with fado but also renewed almost forgotten Portuguese traditions without any commercial hidden agenda. Her side as a composer, her collaboration with international artists as well as her interest to deal with new musical genres show very clearly her artistic search and adventuresomeness.

      „Momentos“ shows in a lovely way the incredible artistic growth and matureness that Dulce Pontes has reached in the last 20 years of performing on stages all over the world. On this double CD Dulce Pontes makes very clear that it is not enough for her to be one of the best singers in the world who lends her voice in studio or on stage to other peoples projects.

      This album evolved out of her feelings towards her homeland Portugal. It is a gesture of pride towards her home without having any nationalistic thoughts as Dulce Pontes understands herself as cosmopolitan. In consequence the first CD contains fados like „Verde pino, verde mastro“, a composition of Alain Oulman that was revisited with guitars and oboe and was unedited till the posthumous released album „Segredos“ from Amalia Rodrigues or „Júlia Galderia“ as a homage to the humorous and unknown aspect of fado which is also a homage to her uncle and master Carlos Pontes who changed the lyrics of „Júlia Florista“ for this song. It contains also live recorded pieces like „Naufragio“ or „Medo“ that starts with a beautiful instrumental introduction and the surprising „Lágrima“ that was recorded live in Athens accompanied by Greek bouzoukis. The first CD of this double CD package is completed by the luso-african version of „Fadinho serrano“ with a dancable percussion, the fado-cabaret-tango title-song of the series „Os maias“ that is based on the novel „Fado“ written by Eça de Queirós and that was composed by the grandnephew of Arnold Schönberg John Neschling. „Uma mulher na cidade“ is a female adaptation of „Un home na cidade“ that was changed expressly by the composer José Luis Tinoco for the artist living in Montijo. Of course this album cannot miss a new version of „Cançao do mar“ with new instrumental timbres that are surprising: Guitarra portuguesa com Arco, cello, oboe, bagpipe, Indian tablas and others. It is one of the most famous Portuguese songs that became an everlasting classic.

      The spectrum on CD two is more cosmopolitan and pervades the waters of the Mediterranean with songs like „Por esse mar“ a composition of the Greek composer Stefanos Korkolis with lyrics by Joao Mendonça that were written five years ago especially for Dulce or „O mar e tu. This song features Georges Dalaras as duet partner of the Portuguese singer who has written the lyrics.

      Ennio Moriccone with whom she recorded the music for the movie „Pereira declares“ and the album „Focus“ is composer of the songs „Amor a Portugal“ with a divine vocal performance of Dulce and the particular and frenetic adaptation of „No ano que vem“ with original lyrics by José Mario Branco and a special vocal intro and outro that became a speciality of Dulce which now is recorded for the first time on a CD. Dulce herself wrote the official hymn „Todos somos um“ commissioned by the organisation of the 7 Wonders of the World and was performed at one of the biggest TV events ever that was celebrated in the Estadio Da Luz in Lisbon. „Todos somos um“ is a moving song in three languages (Portuguese, Spanish and English) with José Carreras as duet partner. The song was recorded for the first time with the orchestral arrangement by John Cameron with Dulces´ lyrical soprano in perfect harmony with the great Spanish tenor. The album couldn´t miss the homage to Zeca Afonso - whom she admires - with the beautiful arrangement of „Cançao de embalar“. Her intimate interpretations only accompanied by piano of „O Infante“ should also be mentioned. Dulce set the lyrics by Pessoa to music that can be heard also on the album „Caminhos“. „Nu“ was recorded in studio also just accompanied by piano and is related to the song „Ondeia“ that was one of the culminations of the album „O primeiro canto“ but with a much more intimate timbre. The songs is without lyrics and shows Dulces´ playful voice over a onomatopoetic prelude of her next musical project. Like John Lennon said „Life is what happens while you make plans“.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Fadinho Serrano02:23
      • 2.Verde Pino, Verde Mastro04:49
      • 3.Júlia Galdéria02:18
      • 4.Medo05:07
      • 5.Lágrima06:40
      • 6.Naufrágio06:24
      • 7.Fado Os Maias03:00
      • 8.Uma Mulher Na Cidade06:35
      • 9.Cancao Do Mar05:38
      • Total:42:54
      CD 2
      • 1.Cancao De Embalar05:53
      • 2.O Infante05:25
      • 3.No Ano Que Vem08:23
      • 4.Por Esse Mar04:42
      • 5.Todos Somos Um03:37
      • 6.Amor A Portugal / Your Love04:33
      • 7.O Mar E Tu04:48
      • 8.Nu03:49
      • Total:41:10