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Alan Bartuš Robert Unterköfler Synergy Q2303 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberQ2303
labelQuinton Records
Release date26/01/2024

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      Among the most intimate relationships in jazz. An opportunity to express, reveal, exchange. Alan Bartuš and Robert Unterköfler defy the conventional stereotypes surrounding budding young musicians. Each manifests a growing maturity well beyond his years. Each glows with determination and focus.

      Their brightness in the constellation of rising stars is surely a testament to their talents, but equally to the power of a nurturing environment. Vienna’s JAM MUSIC LAB University is such a place. Inspired by the progressive possibilities at JAM, each musician earned a scholarship and an advanced program of study.

      SYNERGY represents the culmination of the school’s awards package, bestowed to them as winners of JAM’s rigorous jazz competition, spearheaded in partnership with Austrian broad- casters, Ö1 radio. All future scholarships will include this career lift – a studio recording.

      Pianist Alan and saxophonist Robert (switching between tenor and soprano) are tradi- tionalists whose ears are tuned to an evolving musical soundscape. One hears in them a probing intensity, the desire to refine an identifying sound. The songs featured here are originals that speak to jazz’s complex history.

      Theirs is an artful pas de deux, made rich through elements of swing, bebop and modern jazz. They wear their influences (and heroes) proudly. From the Monkish romp of “Blues 4” to the Parkeresque flight of “Swinging Bird.” Contrast the exuberance of these per- formances against the introspection of „But That’s Life” or “Who Knew?” (The song titles themselves are telling.) Mood adjustments through music.

      As if to demonstrate the organic fullness of their thoughts, consider how Alan’s bass lines in “Walking Mystery” are a loping skeleton, left hand pacing, then overruled by the right. Robert is inspired to answer, and together they breathe (though their „walking mystery“ is never quite solved). In like manner, the circles they draw inside “Circles” demonstrate the interlocking responsibility of discovery.

      The sum effect of SYNERGY is an affirmation that jazz and jazz education are in good hands. Alan Bartuš and Robert Unterköfler are exemplars within a jazz continuum that has expanded by renewal, seeded by an educational institute tasked with cultivating creators.

      Their transformative efforts bring honor to all.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Circles03:39
      • 2.A Walking Mystery04:23
      • 3.Intuition04:18
      • 4.The Pursuit of Attention05:27
      • 5.Cacophonous Serenade03:25
      • 6.Blues 405:00
      • 7.Alma05:03
      • 8.Chances05:54
      • 9.Who Knew'03:35
      • 10.But That's Life, I Suppose04:45
      • 11.K-903:17
      • 12.Swinging Bird05:24
      • Total:54:10