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Peppe Aiello & Zaira Magurano ‘Na stanza chiena ‘e ‘ncienzo VM3036 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberVM3036
Release date26/08/2022
  • Aiello, Peppe: Contrabbasso, chitarra, buzouki
  • Antonio Stragapede: Chitarra, mondolino
  • Ciccio Quero: Darbuka, bendir
  • Danileo Mineo: Cajon, krakebs, udu, tamburi, efx
  • Enrico Pelliconi: Fisarmonica
  • Magurano, Zaira: Voce

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      Taking inspiration from the theatrical show Male Doce, given with great success during the summer review of the Baraccano Theatre of 2019, the album ‘Na stanza chiena ‘e ’ncienzo comes to fruition in 2021 produced by Visage Music of Claudio Carboni, Riccardo Tesi and Simona Capecchi, a discografic label that treats world music, always attentive towards new talents and presenting musical propositions that are open to the fields of jazz, song writers and rock (

      Just as Male Doce was presented as “postcard music” and, on the background of mediterranean atmospheres described life’s bittersweet stories, even in this album the music and lyrics written by Aiello once again make the listener’s heart beat with their sincerity and purity of feeling born of true poetic inspiration.

      Aiello’s music, romantic and cinematografic, suggests authentic sound images conjoured up through a dreamlike sound. It is about passionate stories ,remnants of life experiences, stories of friendship and feelings tinged with a deep and radical mediterranean spirit. As we listen to this music we are transported from the alleways in Vicoli with it’s denied love, to the desired dreams in Suonno; from the little ball in Zompa Zumpetta that bounces like the rhythm of a tambourine to the little balcony that looks on to that suburban square up to the crazy tantrums of a spitetful girl, described in one neapolitan word Spriggiosa. The lyrics that make up this album tell of universal stories using various linguistic expressions from neapolitan in ’O ssaje addo vaje – that is “like a cloud that comes and goes” – to the spanish in Rozarse (touch) or El perro d’o mar ( the harbour dog) to Palabras ( words).

      An exciting repertoire with a capacity to plunge its roots in traditional neapolitan sounds , which expand in concentric circles right to the heart of the Mediterranean, where a vast scenario opens up to that shared cultural basin where the roots of the earth and the depths of the sea intertwine and overlap.

      This new musical project of Peppe Aiello’s is made of suggestions that become music scores , words, images and sounds. The instruments chosen to create this atmoshere are traditional but filtered through musical contaminations : bouzuki, mandolins, guitars, double bass, percussions and accordian used in an almost hypnotic manner, yet maintaining a lightness typical of a song. So, as the author points out “ from wherever you come and whatever corner of the world you are heading for , these notes will make you feel at home” The voice of the interpreter Zaira Magurano ( who is of spanish origin but neapolitan by choice ) so melodious and sweet in timbre, yet so decisive and vibrant fills each song with sentiment and depth.

      • Voce: Zaira Magurano
      • Chitarra, bouzoki e basso: Peppe Aiello
      • Chitarra e mandolino: Antonio Stragapede
      • Effetti sonori e percussioni: Danilo Mineo
      • Fisarmonica: Enrico Pelliconi
      • Darabouka e daf: Francesco Quero
      • Contrabbasso: Gianni Calcaterra

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      CD 1
      • 1.Suonno03:22
      • 2.A piazetta d'a periferia03:10
      • 3.O ssaje addo vaje05:46
      • 4.Zompa e zumpetta02:49
      • 5.Spriggiosa04:27
      • 6.Luna se léva03:48
      • 7.Palabras05:51
      • 8.Vicoli03:05
      • 9.Rozarse07:21
      • 10.El perro do mar02:36
      • 11.Perle e curall03:33
      • 12.Potosi04:46
      • Total:50:34