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Jagun Transatlantico GMV117 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberGMV117
labelGalileo Vertrieb
Release date17/06/2022

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      "Transatlântico" is the title of the now third Jagun album. The Berlin band takes the listener with its 12 new songs on a musical journey from Berlin, to Melbourne and São Paulo. The entire album was produced in Berlin and stylistically the band moves as usual between jazz, pop, bossa nova and samba.

      The common thread in the different sound worlds of the new songs is provided by the production and the distinctive sound of the producer and songwriter team Eva Jagun and Manuel Zacek. The title "Transatlântico" probably describes best what defines the current music of the two Berliners by choice.

      Different stylistic inspirations from North & South America as well as the close collaboration with many musicians from all over the world helped to achieve the album’s individual sound. Again, the Brazilian music culture was the biggest influence. Linked to the flowery-metaphorical language of Bossa Nova, Eva's English lyrics full of romance and poetry tell of farewells, hardships and of course love, its emergence and passing.

      Stylistically, the framework spans from Samba-Funk (Mr. Hó-Bá-Lá-Lá), a homage to Joao Gilberto and the 60s in Brazil, to Bossa Nova (Hurting), a duet with singer and multi-instrumentalist Marcos Klis, to songs like "Coming Home" which contain classical folk influences. Also a German as well as a Portuguese interpretation of the classic "Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schön" can be heard on the album. The 12 songs of the third Jagun studio album will be released on their newly founded label "Jagun Records". Everything self-produced, this time was recorded almost exclusively via filesharing due to distance and pandemic. This procedure opened the chance to dive even deeper and more individual into the production of the single songs and the result is probably Jagun's most special album so far.

      Transatlântico" is a homage to freedom, love and life.


      Jagun is the band project of Eva Jagun from Germany and Manuel Zacek from Switzerland. The two Berliners by choice got to know each other during a joint performance. From their common fascination for Brazilian music and the influences from working with a wide variety of musicians from all over the world, the two gradually developed their own style.

      In 1995 Eva made her first trip to Rio de Janeiro. Since then, the rhythms as well as the language and lyrics of Bossa Nova never let her go. This fascination forms the inspiration for many Jagun songs.

      In 2011 they released their debut album "My Blue Hour" on the label Galileo MC. As a quartet, the band then toured throughout Germany. In the same year, Eva Jagun and Manuel Zacek met the Brazilian pianist Beba Zanettini from São Paulo via a social networks. Beba was looking for artists from all over the world to realize his album project Beba Música. This is how the first collaborative composition "Silent Wind" was born. That same year, Beba invited the two musicians to the Maifest, a German-Brazilian cultural festival in São Paulo. Eva and Manuel accepted the invitation and played several concerts in Brazil with Beba and musician friends.

      The contact to there did not break off. Jagun was invited again the following year to São Paulo for the May Festival. The two stays formed the musical basis for her second album Camburi, which was released in September 2014 again by Galileo MC. Some of the recordings were made in São Paulo with the Brazilian line-up. For the recordings in Berlin, Jagun was able to recruit jazz musicians Lito Tabora (pn), Diego Pinera (dr) and Johannes Behr (guit), among others, for the project.

      In 2015 the band realized a concert series with Beba Zanettini in Germany. In the same year, Jagun was part of the cross-genre CD project Starting a New Day by Rio de Janeiro-born choreographer and poet Vinicius, in which Beba and Mozambican guitarist Cremildo de Caifaz also participated. The song Se O Mundo É Retangular, a setting of one of Vinicius' poems, won 1st prize in the "Best Latin Song" category at the 2015 German Rock&Pop Awards.

      With the side project Sambinhas - Small Works of Great Masters, Eva dove even deeper into traditional Brazilian music from the 50s to the 70s. As a quartet, Jagun played concerts, including in the series Schlösser und Gärten der Mark Brandenburg. In 2018, another invitation followed for Eva Jagun to play several concerts with Beba Zanettini's band in São Paulo. The highlight was the performance at the SESC São Belenzinho concert hall.

      In 2021, Jagun recorded her third studio album. Unlike the two previous albums, which were realized with a live band in the studio, Transatlântico was created almost exclusively via file sharing. The individual musicians gradually recorded the tracks to pre-produced demos in their home studios. This production method made it possible to give each song an individual instrumentation. Thus, a total of about 40 musicians were involved in the album. Many, over the years won musical friendships as well as newly acquired colleagues could thus be united despite large distances and Covid restrictions on a sound carrier. Among others: Ben Edgar (guit), Kai Schönburg (dr), Topo Gioa (perc), Ben Grayson (keys), Felipe Avila (guit), Beba Zanettini (pn), Marcos Klis (bs, guit, voc), Humberto Ziegler (perc), Paulo Oliveira (flute), Wolfgang Roggenkamp (organ), Florian Menzel (tp), Carolin Klingsporn (voc), Yumiko Tsubaki and Sonja Firker (viol).

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      CD 1
      • 1.Silent Blue03:55
      • 2.Mr. Ho-Ba-La-La05:17
      • 3.Partir03:59
      • 4.Empty Promises03:11
      • 5.Hurting (feat. Marcos Klis)03:17
      • 6.The Chance04:28
      • 7.Sahara Blues (The Tale Of The Blue Veiled Desert Warrior)04:42
      • 8.Keep Dreaming03:35
      • 9.You Wanna03:43
      • 10.Coming Home02:41
      • 11.Distant Skies04:10
      • 12.Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schoen03:26
      • Total:46:24