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Diverse Haiti Vodou, Folk Trance Possession - Ritual Music From The First Black Republic 1937-1962 FA5626 3 CD
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Format3 Audio CD
Ordering NumberFA5626
labelFremeaux & Associes
Release date11/04/2016

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      A fascinating account of the mystic Afro-Haitian rituals inherited from the days of slavery. With these songs, drums and trances of possessed initiates, vodou deities were called upon in authentic ceremonies considered by French colonists as the work of the Devil. This complex religion inspired fi ctional zombies and magic, united slaves and spurred the fi ght for Haiti’s independence as the fi rst black republic in history. Thousands of Haitian slaves deported to Louisiana and Cuba spread this voodoo legacy throughout North America, where it became one of the deep roots of jazz (and then rock and funk) and Afro-Cuban musics. In this companion- set to “Jamaica Folk-Trance-Possession”, Bruno Blum invokes Papa Legba, the spirit of communication, and deciphers some rare sound-documents, the best of the recordings devoted to voodoo: the supreme key to Afro-American music forms. Patrick FRÉMEAUX

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      • 1.The Saul Polinice Louis Et Cicéron Marseille GroupDanbala Wedo Tokan Koulev01:22
      • 2.FranciliaAyizan Belekounde01:13
      • 3.Hibbert LenaLa Famille Li Fai CA (Ibo Dance Song)01:49
      • 4.Borderau LiberaCote Yo Cote Yo (Mais Dance Song)01:06
      • 5.Lafrance BelvueOgoun BalinDJo (Invocation)01:29
      • 6.Lafrance BelvueEzilie Wedo (Invocation)01:16
      • 7.Vodou PriestSpirit Conversation01:59
      • 8.Lafrance BelvueMoundongue Oh Ye Ye Ye (Moundongue Dance Song)01:50
      • 9.François AleanneOu Pas We'm Innocent (Secular Song)00:59
      • 10.Lafrance BelvueGeneral Brise (Kita Dance Song)01:46
      • 11.InconnuVodoun Dance (Three Drums)02:50
      • 12.InconnuPetro Dance (Two Drums)01:14
      • 13.InconnuQuitta Dance (Two Drums)01:24
      • 14.InconnuBaboule Dance (Three Drums)01:13
      • 15.InconnuCongo Payette Dance (Three Drums)01:14
      • 16.InconnuCongo Larose Dance (Three Drums)01:32
      • 17.InconnuGanbos (Bamboo Stamping Tubes Ogan)02:05
      • 18.InconnuVaccines (Bamboo Trumpets Sticks)00:40
      • 19.InconnuBumba Dance (Two Drums)02:40
      • 20.InconnuIbo Dance (Three Drums Ogan)02:37
      • 21.InconnuCe Moin Ayida (Zepaule Dance)02:57
      • 22.InconnuAyida Deesse Arc En Ciel (Mais Dance)02:06
      • 23.InconnuAyida Pas Nan Betise (Petro Dance)02:26
      • 24.InconnuMambo Ayida (Congo Dance)01:53
      • 25.InconnuLegba Aguator (Nago Dance)03:29
      • Total:45:09
      more CD 2
      • 1.InconnuCréole O Voudoun (Yanvalou)05:05
      • 2.InconnuAyizan Marche (Zepaules)03:24
      • 3.InconnuSignaleagwe Orroyo (Yanvalou)03:38
      • 4.InconnuZulie Banda (Banda)03:10
      • 5.InconnuGhede Nimbo (Mahi)04:40
      • 6.InconnuNogo Jaco Colocoto (Nago Crabino)02:51
      • 7.InconnuMiro Miba (Congo)03:01
      • 8.InconnuPo Drapeaux (Petro Mazonnei)05:50
      • 9.Haiti Danse OrchestraDrums - Banda Rhythm01:45
      • 10.Haiti Danse OrchestraRasbodail Rhythm02:34
      • 11.InconnuService D'ogoun01:54
      • 12.InconnuService De Papa Damballah02:30
      • 13.InconnuService De Zacca02:18
      • 14.InconnuWawalle Ago01:30
      • 15.InconnuQui Tirez Bâtiment Agoue-Taroyo Dérapé02:20
      • 16.InconnuAgoue-Taroyo À Signalé01:53
      • 17.InconnuChant D'offrande De La Bague01:50
      • 18.InconnuAgassou Ma Ode (Possession Chant)02:13
      • Total:52:26
      more CD 3
      • 1.Destiné JeanleonPetro - Quita01:44
      • 2.Destiné JeanleonSole Oh (Yanvalou Invocation)03:14
      • 3.Destiné JeanleonShango (Invocation)02:38
      • 4.Destiné JeanleonAyanman Ibo02:57
      • 5.Destiné JeanleonDie Die Die (Invocation - Zepaules)03:13
      • 6.Destiné JeanleonMascaron-Pignitte (Carnival Rhythm)02:35
      • 7.Emerante De PradinesNegress Quartier Morin02:08
      • 8.Emerante De PradinesI Man Man Man01:40
      • 9.Emerante De PradinesLoa Azalou (Die Die Die)04:15
      • 10.Emerante De PradinesMre Mrele Mande02:01
      • 11.Emerante De PradinesErzulie05:28
      • 12.InconnuVoodoo Drums (Possession)05:25
      • 13.InconnuNibo Rhythm01:21
      • 14.InconnuPetro Rhythm00:50
      • 15.InconnuNago Rhythm02:41
      • 16.InconnuPapa Legba Invocation01:07
      • 17.InconnuDahomey Rhythm00:53
      • 18.InconnuMais Rhythm03:54
      • 19.InconnuDiouba Rhythm06:06
      • 20.InconnuPrayer To Shango01:57
      • Total:56:07