Marion Rampal

Beneath the chromium skies of a rediscovered New Orleans, Marion Rampal has carved simple, meteoric songs of love and betrayal, of storms and uprisings. Main Blue was forged in the deep cerulean fires of the Louisiana Bayou, an unfiltered expression of the many sounds and rhythms of the Delta. The singular, threnoding melodies of Main Blue were composed during a voyage across the U.S. mainland, shaped by shared memories and the soul of the land. Inspired by the mischievous tongues of the Cajuns and the French Creoles, Marion created her own, the coeurs coulés, a blend of half-forgotten vocables flowing down the river of Time like an undiscovered Mississipi. Vivacious and untamed, Marion's voice explores the continuum between tradition and invention, heady melodies and improvisation, from contained emotions to a brazenly Soul exuberance.
Main Blue EM0161