Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights

Stanley Jacobs and the Ten Sleepless Knights wrap the oldtime Virgin Islands quelbe sound of squash (gourd rasp), steel (triangle), ute, and banjo uke, in the contemporary trappings of electric keyboard, drum set, conga, and electric bass. The distinctively Caribbean, yet uniquely Virgin Islands, sound of quelbe music is an old but new dance music. Declared the “official” music of the United States Virgin Islands, classic songs such as “Queen Mary” and “LaBega Carousel” tell of historical events on the island of St. Croix, while other pieces accompany the local traditions of quadrille dance. The primary ingredients for quelbe music are call-and-response singing and drumming, accompanied by African-influenced dance. The all-new recordings are accompanied by a 32-page booklet with photos and extensive notes by GRAMMY winning producer Daniel Sheehy.