The Dutch band Amariszi, known for their captivating, uplifting and exhilarating Balkan inspired pop music is releasing their third studio album ‘Babel Fish’. The release coincides with the band’s 10th anniversary. In the summer of 2016 the group headed to rural Hungary to record ‘Babel Fish’, in a converted old wine cellar in the village Karád in between clucking chickens and pungent spirits. You can hear the Balkan signature, which is cleverly and refreshingly interspersed with pop, reggae and swing. The many languages sung on ‘Babel Fish’ make for a distinctive character. Among others the songs are in Arabic, English, Italian and Turkish. Hence the album title ‘Babel Fish’ refers to Douglas Adams’ fictional linguistic creation of a little yellow universal interpreter, which needs to be inserted into one’s ear to understand any language heard.
Babel Fish AAC99502