Vive (‘Life’) is the new cd of the Belgian singer Elly Aerden. Her debut album Erros (2014) was sung completely in Latin, on her new cd there is also room for lyrics in other languages. A large part of Vive is still dedicated to Latin poems, with the addition of a song in Spanish as well as in Portuguese. The theme of the cd is ‘life’ in all aspects. The poems Elly uses span a periode of 2100 years, dating from the 1st century BP until the 21st century. ‘Cras’ (1e Cent.) tells the story of a person who postpones to live. Tomorrow he will start... ‘Wise is he who lived yesterday!’

When hearing Eléonor, you’ll recognise the echos of Madredeus. The sound is unmistakably Southern European, though approached from a whole other tradition. Which one? She blends folk, roots, jazz, neo-classical music and fado into a winding road across different traditions, cultures and genres. Her warm, sensitive and malleable voice weaves it all together into a very subtle and poetic style of world music.

Vive CUP8063