Sterling A. Brown

Poet, critic, legendary teacher, irreverent raconteur Sterling Brown reads 21 of his most memorable poems. The verses resonate with the music of the life he saw around him—the blues sung to lost loves, chants of saints praying to be in the number, tragic-comic cries in the face of hatred and injustice, and jubilant songs of endurance and perseverance. Sterling Brown's poetic genius lies in his subtle adaptation of blues, spirituals, work songs, and ballads into silver threads that dazzle his spoken verse. His complete readings for Folkways Records from 1946-1973 are available on CD for the first time. Dr. Joanne Gabbin, Sterling Brown scholar and biographer, contributes extensive notes and bibliography. Compiled by Yusef Jones. 53 minutes. "One of America's finest poets in a compelling collection" —Naird Notes
The Poetry of Sterling Brown SFW47002