Andrea Pancur


The press acclaimed her as the founder of a new genre: Alpine Klezmer. Andrea Pancur, the German singer hailing from Munich (Bavaria) unites Yiddish and Bavarian Folk music traditions and thereby creates an exciting and unprecedented musical mixture.

Her new album “Zum Meer“ (To the sea) goes one step further with respect to the development of the “Alp Klezmer“ genre: Yiddish and Bavarian Folk music tradition appear even more distinctly and are enriched by her witty, self-written lyrics. But what does that have to do with the sea? The sea – it is an allegory for freedom, happiness, life. But it appears that the refugee crisis has given the sea also other connotations: for example disaster, bondage, struggle for survival. The radicalization of the political world views endanger the peaceful social cohesion.

As on her first album she applies an in the Middle Ages established technique: she tracked folk melodies, researched in archives, screened material and wrote new lyrics on existing melodies.

Andrea Pancur terms her new album as “subversive”. She would like to set an example against seeing everything in black and white and against ostracism. The sea can mean this and that. The whole ambivalence is represented in Andrea Pancur's new album “Zum Meer”.

Alpen Klezmer - Zum Meer GMC070

  • 13/11/2013

    Andrea Pancur new artist at Galileobooking

    Together with her musical partner Ilya Shneyweys the singer Andrea Pancur from Munich researched the commonalities of bavarian and jewish treasury of songs and formed a more than surprising new project called "Alpen Klezmer". She was arwarded with the Innovation award for folk music in Bavaria 2012 and joined some bavarian and international musicians like Stofferl Well, Lorin Sklarnberg, Anschi Hacklinger, Guy Schalom together for the recording of her album. Andrea presents her project live in different formats from a duo with Ilya Shneyweys to an octett with international line-up ...more
Pancur, Andrea
  • 29/11/2019