Layatharanga has emerged as the most prominent and enthusiastic music groups of India. The team specializes in "World Music" - a music form blending different styles from across the globe. Basing the foundation on carnatic classical music, layatharanga has gone on to amalgamate other music forms to produce a soothing and harmoniuos blend of music. All the musicians of the group are masters in their own fields with their roots deep in carntic classical music. Using their repertoire of this rich knowlede, they have collaberated to bring this unique music style to the fore. Although it comprises many different sounds, the basic concept stems from carnatic music. The rich melodies, complex rhythm patterns and the intriguing intricacies of the carnatic style are used effectively in creating a new and refreshing music style. This experimentation has won them rich accolades worldwide.
Anandam CM1012