Luisa Cottifogli

It’s a musical project dedicated to the mountains, to the North (Luisa was born in the Italian Alps in Trentino and now she lives in Appennini mountains in Emilia-Romagna). Man has always been connected with tree, with its crown spreading in the sky and its roots descending in the earth. An eternal dialogue between hell and paradise, between life and death: in the case of winter it’s a suspended animation, a vegetative rest followed by a spring rebirth every year. Human life in the winter, on the mountain or in the North, is a struggle for survival. Thus the cold season often symbolizes war, disease and death. But snow and mountains mean enchantment too, silence, meditation and inner strength . That’s why in this project you go from an Alpine tune of the Great War to a sailing-through-the-air soundtrack, then you go from a snowy lullaby to an a cappella fantasy about permafrost, and then from a yodel to "roof of the world” vocalities.
Come Un Albero D'Inverno VM3014