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Various Artists Havana, Cuba, ca. 1957: Rhythms and Songs for the Orishas SFW40489 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberSFW40489
labelSmithsonian Folkways
Release date02/04/2013
Release date25/09/2001

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      Music is one way Cuban Lucumí (descendants of African slaves) have retained cultural ties to Africa. During the 19th century these descendants established cabildos, mutual aid and social societies based on African ethnic "nations" under the sponsorship of the Roman Catholic Church. These cabildos, found mainly in urban areas, were officially disbanded in the early 1900s but many continued on, providing an outlet for a Cuban Yoruba religion, combining Catholic and African-based religious elements. The Yoruba pantheon of gods called orishas provided the basis for these religious cults known as Santeria (also called Lucumí) and the drum ensembles that traditionally accompanied religious rituals in West Africa were modified into the Cuban batá drum trios heard in these recordings. (Marks 2001; Rodríguez 1998)

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