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Annwn Aeon GMV022 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberGMV022
Release date23/10/2009

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      ANNWN, the other world of the celtic mythology was a paradisal realm according to ancient creed, the ancient deepness, where all deceased find felicity and eternal youth. This place was thought as being a green land underneath the earth´s and sea´s surface – a ulterior counterpart of the aerial albion.

      Like the search for Annwn is a work on our cultural roots and the celtic mythology, the project Annwn came out of being by the the search for our musical origins. Annwn´s mystic folk music is a music beyond the borders of time. A music that narrates tales and resurrects old legends. A music that captures magical moods where time seems to stand still.

      The song Eternity treats one of these very special moments. This original Annwn composition is inspired by a almost heavenly morn up on the big northern wall of the celtic colony of Otzenhausen (Saarland). Under the first sun-rays of the autumn sun the fog rose unassertive and for a moment the spirits of the ancient inhabitants seemed to be tangible.

      The romantic song Swan Maiden picks up an ancient legend from the Germanic mythology, the tale of the swan-girl Kara. After a knight called Helgi had stolen her white dress she had to serve and guard him till Kara died in a battle through Helgis own hand and sword – the end of all happiness on earth of the unlucky knight.

      In a similar way the other songs of the album narrates tales like the legend of the birth of Abraham in El Rey Nimrod, the tale of a young recruit in E Parrez Langonned or the dangerous liaison in Reis Glorios, the lament of Annag Chaimbeul for her sweetheart in Ailein Duinn, the story of a desperate knight in the ballad of Oriana (based on the homonymous poem of Alfred Lord Tennyson) or the legend of the rebellious bride in Vänner Och Fränder.

      Aeon combines various cultures but also the music of several centuries from Guiraut de Bornelh (12th century) and the famous Cantigas de Santa Maria from the 13th century to original compositions in a medieval style. In order to present all these moods and origins of the songs Annwn assembled a great variety of instruments. Lots of renowned musicians out of the folk, medieval and classical music scene joined this recording.

      The basis of the sometimes orchestral arrangements are sweet harp sounds, the emotional and clear voice of Sabine Hornung and the filigree lute playing of Tobias von Schmude. The music of Annwn is lyrical, a music that touches its listeners and music beyond the time: Aeon (eternity)

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      CD 1
      • 1.El Rey Nimrod06:12
      • 2.Rantasia02:56
      • 3.El Parrez Langonned04:34
      • 4.Swan Maiden05:33
      • 5.Reis Glorios05:20
      • 6.Eternity04:38
      • 7.An Dro Nevez03:38
      • 8.Rosa das Rosas05:54
      • 9.Ailein Duinn03:55
      • 10.The Ballad of Oriana07:16
      • 11.Vänner Och Fränder04:37
      • 12.Diu Vi Salvi Regina04:04
      • Total:58:37