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András Dés Quartet Unimportant Things BMCCD337 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberBMCCD337
labelBMC Music
Release date08/03/2024

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      András Dés is one of the few percussionists who have not only absorbed a whole arsenal of musical styles as a member of various bands, but have also founded their own ensembles. Living in Vienna for five years, Dés has now formed a quartet with two Austrian musicians, Martin Eberle and Philipp Nykrin, and his old partner in crime, Márton Fenyvesi, who is now also based in Vienna, to capture the essence of European jazz: diversity, openness and the power of listening to each other.

      Unimportant Things concludes a trilogy of albums recorded by András Dés in various line-ups for BMC Records. The common feature of the three albums, which are based on very different concepts and moods, is that they all contain a good dose of spontaneity, since instead of incorporating free improvisational passages into his compositions, the bandleader has decided to link songs by way of improvisations. The eight compositions thus form a single musical sequence of about three-quarters of an hour, in which we proceed from island to island, from one adventure to the next, like Odysseus on his way home from Troy to Ithaca – a sequence which had to be broken down to independent songs subsequently.

      The unusual drum set is joined by trumpet, piano and electric guitar, and the way these three instruments are played often differs from what is customary. Martin Eberle’s trumpet moves way beyond the stereotypes in rhythmic precision, wild gesticulations, or timbres imitating human speech, while Philipp Nykrin’s piano pushes at the limits of playing techniques as a supplementary percussionist. Márton Fenyvesi offers a glimpse of how at home he is in the world of traditional jazz and rock guitar, but in a significant part of the songs he conjures up dazzling electronic timbres, if necessary he provides a backdrop, and when needed he comes to the foreground as a partner to the trumpet, yelling, wailing, lamenting, and elsewhere he enters into intense dialogue with the piano. The musical components of this album are at least as manifold as the playing of the four musicians. The thinking of András Dés and his fellow musicians is defined just as much by many different trends in American and European jazz of the last few decades, as by earlier and contemporary classical music, the instinctively complex rhythmic structures of traditional musical cultures, or even the influence of various popular music styles, for instance, the elemental energy of rock music.

      Both of Dés’ Austrian bandmates are respected members of the Austrian jazz scene, but also associated with the BMC. Martin Eberle has appeared on the stage of Opus Jazz Club on several occasions, for example as a member of the Schaerer – Rom – Eberle trio, and Philipp Nykrin plays on Fabian Rucker’s quintet album Hypocritical Mass (BMC CD 266). Márton Fenyvesi, who has also recently moved to Vienna, has not only been involved in a number of BMC Records projects, including the internationally acclaimed Debussy NOW! album, but is also a long-time collaborator of András Dés, having played on five of the six albums he has recorded so far, including the two preceding parts of the trilogy.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Silent Part05:07
      • 2.Open Space I.01:51
      • 3.Complicated Souls04:00
      • 4.Open Space II.03:33
      • 5.3rd Song05:28
      • 6.Open Space III.01:18
      • 7.Did Anything Happen'04:19
      • 8.Open Space IV.01:20
      • 9.Gingerbread Prospect04:54
      • 10.Das Neue Vorbei05:29
      • 11.Much More Obsessed03:36
      • 12.Unimportant Things (For my Parents)04:42
      • Total:45:37