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Javier Ruibal Saturno Cabaret KAR746 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberKAR746
Release date23/02/2024
  • Galiana, Javier: Piano y teclados
  • L.M. Moreno "Pirata": Saxo tenor
  • Lorenzo, Roberto: Trombón
  • Molina, Toni: Trompeta y flisorno
  • Monreal, Amaiur: Tuba
  • Prittwitz, Andreas: Clarinete
  • Recacha, José: Guitarras eléctrica, acústicas, bajos y coros
  • Ruibal, Javi: Bateria y percusión
  • Ruibal, Javier: Voz y guitarra española
  • Javi Ruibal
  • Javier Rondán
Recording Studio
  • Audiorama Estudios, José M. Rosillo
  • Javier Rondán
  • Pepa Niebla, Thefoghouse
Cover Artwork
  • Daniel Diosdado

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      Let's place ourselves in the fifties.

      With the arrival of a certain economic improvement thanks to the agreements between the Regime and the United States, a lukewarm and fearful aroma of controlled freedom arrives to Spain, especially to Barcelona.

      We are surrounded by fashionable music: bolero, rumba, boogie boogie, zambra, tango, rock&roll, pasodoble and cabaret, performed by the cabaret singer, an alter ego of Javier Ruibal, more versatile and with more profiles than ever.

      This is a choral work conceived to pay an emotional tribute to the survivors of a shipwreck. Dragged by a current of authority and prohibition, they arrive at the cabaret, a free beach, as happy as it is deceptive, where under the cover of the night and the sparkle of lights and sequins, they pretend to be others, those who could once have been.


      It is a scent seeker, a persecutor of the fable and fantasy, an explorer of beauty, an acolyte of the mystic of the profane; a healer through ecstasy. It is told the rapturous love, the irrevocable, the indefeasible hour of the kisses, the urgency of the bodies without delay, the sweetest tear, the most beautiful laughter. Portraitist of profiles, landscaper at the same time, what matters is the personage and the exotic place that surrounds him, the unreal can almost be touched because it is transparent in the real; all this is seen because it’s heard.

      To sing with the remote voice that resonates in the memory, Sephardic echoes next to the "toná" and the zambra, east and west, yesterday, and today, harmony of the future, alchemy of the present.

      His sources: the familiar in his childhood; from Flamenco, its “Cantes de ida y vuelta”, Tanguillos and Bulerías; from rock, the Old School; from jazz, its example, the attitude, and loyalty to music; from the Spanish Literature, the poets of the "Generation of '27, with their exuberant words, poetry with wings; from America, the Caribbean Singers and “Magic Realism. From the popular, humor and from his native land, the joy! His purpose ... perhaps rewrite a proverb, reconcile with his soul, emulate Federico García Lorca, entertain..., perhaps move the audience.

      Thirty years of experience endorse this creative musician, different to all of his culture and generation. Composer, arranger, guitarist, singer, self-taught and heterodox; Ruibal is a frontier musician.

      These and an endless number of definitions have been used to define this unclassifiable creator for the very personal nature of his artistic proposal. Bordering Flamenco, he always let himself be wrapped and fascinated by it but taking the precaution of not impersonating with what he always wanted to make clear that he was not: A Flamenco singer; but not for a lack of hobby but for an absolute respect to the style. However, a good part of the new flamenco is directly influenced by this artist who discovers himself as a true innovator of musical and poetic language.

      The music and lyrics are taken care of with the strictness and care that characterize him. Well-billed arrangements and a guitar execution with personality and strength, but when he decides that his proposal must have more body and strength, he surrounds himself with the most creative and generous musicians.

      The qualities of his voice allow him to travel with freedom and relief through the sounds of flamenco, the music of the Maghreb, India and the Caribbean in a constant and harmonious back and forth that invites us to firmly believe that the fusion of music and blood will bring us a new meeting place for happiness, a new planet that still is in formation.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Bienvenidos al Saturno03:28
      • 2.Daikiris y Mojitos04:18
      • 3.Bloody Mary05:34
      • 4.El comisario03:32
      • 5.La chica del guardarropa05:03
      • 6.Yankees Welcome03:32
      • 7.Bomboncito de Guinea03:57
      • 8.Tangueros y flamecos04:53
      • 9.Paquito04:21
      • 10.El bien peinao04:55
      • 11.La cupletera03:40
      • 12.Mundo obrero05:06
      • 13.Rita Delirio04:51
      • 14.La redada05:25
      • Total:01:02:35