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Ailá Sansolimón KAR745 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberKAR745
Release date18/08/2023
  • Abel Gañete: Fliscorno y Trompeta
  • Manuele Pardo: Vocals, Percusion & Bagpipe
  • Xan Pampín: Accordion & Bass Drum
  • Ángela Carou: Vocals & Percussion
Guest musician
  • Andrés Vilán: Caixa
  • Eliaz Le Bot: Saxo
  • Giulia Campana: Voz
  • Lina e Lola: Voces
  • Nadia Vázquez: Gaita
  • Pedro Pascual: Percusions
  • Sterenn Toscer: Voz
  • Xoan Sánchez: Congas
  • Mirmidon
  • Roberto Ledesma
Recording Studio
  • Roberto Ledesma
  • Roberto Ledesma
  • P. Pastor
Cover Artwork
  • P. Pastor

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      A proposal inspired on the respect for tradition and for Galician heritage music, but with a boundless vision, mixed with scents, rhythms and colors taken from other places and other cultures; open to a world without complexes, and above all, with the enthusiasm and curiosity of anyone who loves what he does.

      Ailá is indeed an example of the new Galician Tribus Tradis, a genre that exceeds the musical and in which dance and music become a way of understanding life, a way of being in the world.

      In this new work entitled "Sansolimón", Ailá brings a repertoire designed to sing and dance with a music that protects us against an increasingly individualistic and homogeneous world.

      This new work, which will be released in March 2023, will be the second album of this emerging band from the Galician music scene.

      "Ailá" is a proposal inspired by traditional orally transmitted music with the aim of making people dance and feel that universal energy made "of roots and wings"; but it is also a semantic proposal, a neologism to name the emotional essence of our people which is contained in "the echoes of the memory of those who preceded us".

      Ailá immerses us in the Folk universe, or TRADI as they prefer to call it, with impeccable arrangements from the historical gatherings of popular musical knowledge. This, along with the peculiar quartet line-up, gives them a unique character, bringing a new sonority to their traditional repertoire. A new proposal that comes from Folk to become TRADI. With this new artistic proposal, Ailá intends to bring their roots music to the younger generations, by using a closer language and sounds without losing the essence, providing a broader vision of the musical universe in the current scene, creating their TRADI style.

      The vocals and percussions are in charge of Manuele Pardo, a piper musician with great musical experience in groups such as Os da Porfía, Enxebres de San Lázaro, Arequinta de Xián, AC a Mámou de Luou; and Ángela Carou a young artist from Rianxo who has extensive training in A.C. Brincadeira, A.C.Fogo Fátuo and the vocal group Fonetix. On trumpet and flugelhorn, Abel Gañete, who comes from another great tradition of our land, the marching bands, and as a musician has been trained in the Banda de Música Cultural de Teo, Big Band of Marcos Pin and Pablo Castaño, Charanga TNT. On the accordion, Xan Pampín.

      Through "Ailá" they will bring on stage a repertoire of pieces that pay tribute to the legacy of their mothers and grandmothers, to the folkloric groups, to the compilers who recovered part of the history of our country, and also the work of artisans, seamstresses, painters, and the people who are part of this living ecosystem that we call tradition. In 2020 they were chosen to represent Galicia in the Celtic Connection and also were one of the winning proposals of the Interritmos 2020 Award. In addition to the successful concerts performed in Galicia during these years, they have toured much of the Iberian Peninsula with a magnificent acceptance from critics and audiences.


      With one hand stretched towards future and the other grasping our past, in this new work Ailá offers its vision of orally transmitted music inspired by roots music and dances, as guardians of our health and defenders of our intangible heritage. Manteniendo la esencia de su primer álbum, presentan un repertorio renovado con arreglos muy cuidados.

      The given music of "Sansolimon" comes from the four corners of Galicia, they have the scent of the flowers and silveiras from Courel, the strong bearing of the dolmen of Cabaleiros, the sharp and wild landscape of the cliffs of San Andrés, the affectionate breeze from the Cedeira Sea, they have the sound of the Rumbas do Ferreiro de Laroá sifted by the sound of the bagpipe during emigration, the grace and enthusiasm of the Moliñeiras de Riamonte in the mountains of Cervantes, the telluric force of the Maneos de la Tía María de Silván, the wisdom of Dorinda "De Rafaela" master tambourine player of Ghisande, the smell of the mattock and the earth of the añas de Riofrío mixed with the saltpetre of the funaná Caboverdiano, and new alliances and friendships to imagine a more united and more diverse world together with our friends from Breizh and Puglia.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Frores e Silveiras do Courel05:47
      • 2.Cabaleiros03:02
      • 3.San Andrés03:36
      • 4.Funañá03:27
      • 5.De Rafaela04:05
      • 6.Brisiñas do Mar02:49
      • 7.Maneo de Silván03:29
      • 8.Moliñeira de Riamonte03:43
      • 9.Rumba do Ferreiro03:07
      • 10.Ár Paueger Pariz03:08
      • 11.A Andoriña03:41
      • Total:39:54