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Malasañers Venceremos GMC101 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberGMC101
labelGalileo MC
Release date21/04/2023
  • Appun, Cornelius: Lead Vocals, Guitars
  • Del Pino, Carlos: Lead Vocals, Banjo, Guitar
  • Randy, Andy: Back Vocals, Upright Bass
  • Schödel, Dominik: Drums
Producer Mixer
  • Lukas Hussong
Cover Artwork
  • Lucas Ruiz-Calero

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      Initially influenced by the traditional Irish folk of bands like The Dubliners, the Malasañers, formed in 2012 and brought to Bamberg from the Spanish capital by singer/guitarist and band founder Carlos del Pino in 2014, quickly developed their own style, which they mixed with modern punk rock, counting on collaborations with Irish, Scottish and Welsh writers based in Madrid. The band name is a reference to the young Madrid tailor Manuela Malasaña, who was shot by French soldiers in the Spanish fight for freedom in 1808.

      The result was their first album "Spanish Eyes", which tells stories of war, social injustice and of course long nights. This first album allowed them to tour Germany and compete with other folkpunk bands. Their second album, "Footprints", showed a more open tendency towards other styles like country, American folk and a certain Spanish touch.

      After playing more and more gigs each year, everything came to a halt with the appearance of the Corona virus. However, this did not stop Carlos del Pino and Cornelius Appun (a member of the Malasañers since their new formation in Germany) from continuing to compose and combine musical styles, with a stronger influence from Spain and other musical styles such as ska, to create their new album "Venceremos", which for the first time features songs in Spanish and German alongside songs in English.

      Without a doubt, it is the fusion of styles in which the Malasañers create their own. After some personnel changes, he has found his desired line-up with Cornelius Appun (vocals/guitar), Andreas 'Randy Andy' Neuner (double bass) and Dominik Schödel (drums).

      The quartet signed a contract with the Munich-based label Gallileo Music at the beginning of the year. The new album "Venceremos" with 13 tracks is now released there.

      Malasañers tracklist in their own words

      1. rise and fall
      "Rise and fall" describes the ups and downs in life, which you shouldn't let stop you from moving forward, no matter what it takes.

      2. fuck it
      The morning after a hard night of partying, oops, who is lying next to me in bed... In such nights you can make mistakes, hurt other people and lose them, but in the end you live from your experiences and sometimes you just have to party hard.

      3. venceremos
      "Venceremos" is about the fight against injustice and tyranny. Here we were inspired by the real fact of the war in Ukraine.

      4 Devil's mother son
      In each verse the narrator struggles with a seduction, whereupon the devil makes it clear in the chorus that you can't resist anyway... "I got you by the balls".

      5. serenata
      A love story of two young people, but their family strongly objects and the father wants to kill this guy. A story never told before.

      6. final song
      That one girlfriend who always wants a song written by you as a musician. The relationship has to break up first, but unfortunately it's easier to write about strokes of fate.

      7. crazy head
      "Asphalt adrenaline", our little homage to Lemmy from Motörhead.

      8. Manuela Malasaña
      "What does your name Malasañers mean???". It comes from the dramatic and short life story of Manuela Malasaña, who was murdered in cold blood by soldiers in Madrid during the Napoleonic occupation.

      9. motherfucker kill them all
      This song is inspired by the problems of opiates for pain relief in the USA.

      10. put a light in your window
      The nomadic life as a musician and the related difficulty of having a relationship, even when you come home and no one is waiting for you.

      11. shine
      This is about the magic of a one-night stand.

      12. haunt me like a hound
      You get fired, your partner suddenly leaves you? Keep moving, leave the scorched earth behind and stay true to your principles!

      13. troubles
      Singalong! Only in the pub we trust do we feel at home and safe in a crowd of common people.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Rise and Fall03:14
      • 2.Scheiss drauf03:01
      • 3.Venceremos03:12
      • 4.Devil´s Mother Son02:40
      • 5.Serenata02:25
      • 6.Final Song04:23
      • 7.cRAZY hEAD03:08
      • 8.Manuela Malasaña03:22
      • 9.Motherfucker, Kill Them All02:48
      • 10.Put a Light in your Window03:50
      • 11.Shine03:07
      • 12.Haunt me Like A Hound03:39
      • 13.Troubles04:43
      • Total:43:32