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Landafurlà Cantar Furlana VM3043 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberVM3043
Release date09/12/2022
  • Dario Sabattini: Kontrabass
  • Davide Borghi: Violine
  • Edoardo Ponzi: Percussion
  • Francesco Boni: Gitarre
  • Mirko Ferrarini: Akkordeon
  • Paolo Romei: Gesang

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      “Cantar furlana” (sing furlana) is both a musical and cultural project, the result of a long researchwork focused on the dances, the poetical texts and the traditional tales of the Tuscan-Emilian Appennines. They have all been rearranged to create a whole repertoire of author songs whose central theme is precisely an ancient dance of the Appennines: the "furlana”. Probably coming from Friuli, it put down strong roots in the Appennin territory and it has been performed and played until the 1950s . Then, it has been completely forgotten, as happened to many other ancient dances. It was thanks to the rediscovery work of some ethnomusicologists and musicians that Francesco Boni (the creator of the project as well as the author of the music and re-elaborator of the texts) could combine the “furlana” with the literary suggestions of the territory in a creative and non-philological way.

      The rhyming songs and the prose legends from Reggio’s ridge, Garfagnana and Lunigiana are used as lyrics for popular taste songs. The story of the “wives”, improvised healers that people useto love, and the incident of the betrothed who doesn’t want to leave the mountains and has to give his “frulara” (strawberry field) in return, are sung onthe rhythm of “frulara”. Moreover, the “frulara” of Cervarolo and Frassinoro (RE) are re-elaborated together in the song “Commiato”, which is a heart breaking cry of those who must leave their lands, whereas “E quando s’alza il sol” tells us about love with an unbridled dance. The song "Canta il cucco" takes up the ancient "reproaches", that is rhymes sung in avery fast way and exchanged between the interlocutors. It tells us the skirmishes between the “garfagnino” and the “lombard” and isset to music on a fast rhythm among which the well-known “Polka di gara”, taken from the repertoire of the Carpi family of Santa Vittoria, can be recognised.

      The ancient melodies of Furlana are therefore the basis of a musical invention that reinterprets tradition.The original trio formation (violin, guitar and accordion), which was the most used in the instrumental performed pieces of the Reggio Apennines, is expanded with the introduction of the bass and a rich set of percussion.

      The Landafurlà group (whose name emphasizes the presence of Furlana in the territory) is made up of musicians with different experiences in the field of classical, popular and jazz music. They have been carrying out a passionate and in-depth research on popular literary and musical traditions of the Emilian Apennines for several years. The members of Landafurlà are: Paolo Romei (singer), Francesco Boni(classical and acoustic guitar), Dario Sabatini (bass guitar), Davide Borghi (violin), Mirko Ferrarini (accordion), Edoardo Ponzi (percussion). Landafurlà is a project which intentionisto showthe profound essence of rhythms, words and sounds arising from the popular expression of the habitants of the Apennines.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Comare04:07
      • 2.Albr bel albr03:45
      • 3.Canta il cucco03:30
      • 4.Tutum carpe06:06
      • 5.Frulara03:50
      • 6.Per lingua d'altri03:43
      • 7.Dunque tutti belli e brutti03:42
      • 8.Un cuor d'amare04:17
      • 9.Commiato03:52
      • 10.E Quando s'alza il sol03:54
      • Total:40:46