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Mário Pacheco Livre PGB7388 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberPGB7388
labelPG Booking
Release date19/08/2022

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      In the history of Portuguese music, Ma´rio Pacheco, is one of the best composers and guitar- ists of Fado. He has a new album; "LIVRE", digitally available on November 19th and on CD on December 3rd.

      Solo, but not alone, the guitarist surrounds himself with guests of excellence: Jacques Morelenbaum (one of the greatest producers, composers and arrangers in Brazil, winner of a Grammy), Javier Limo´n (winner of a Latino Grammy and one of the most renowned Span- ish producers with links to Buika, ‘Bebo Valde´s e Diego 'El Cigala' and Mariza), and Gustavo Santaolalla (Argentinian producer and composer, winner of two Oscars in the category of Best Soundtrack). The musical production is the responsibility of Diogo Clemente (also an established musician, with critical contribution in the records of Raquel Tavares, Cuca Roseta, Mariza, Carminho, and Marco Rodrigues).

      It is among these distinguished accomplices that "LIVRE" takes shape. Composed and recorded in 2020 and 2021, after the guitarist left his "Clube de Fado".

      it is not a rupture, but a declaration of love for fado, by someone who feels it since the first hours of his life.

      The rigorous and secure hands of Mario Pacheco provide not just trills of the great technical mastery but also reflect the gatherings, the dialogues and the complicity with fado singers, musicians and poets.

      There is no fado without soul and "LIVRE" doesn't even need words to express the innate human condition: anxiety and serenity, sadness and optimism. “LIVRE” is Instrumental poetry inspired by Fernando Pessoa ("Cavaleiro Monge" and "Ha´ uma Mu´sica do Povo"), Vasco Grac¸a Moura ("Conhecimento") and inevitably Ama´lia Rodrigues (author of the poem "Porque Voltas de que Lei").

      "LIVRE" is clearly the result of free will: "Fado is my life, Music my world. My desire is to be Free", Mario Pacheco confesses about an album in which he grants himself the freedom of a jazz arrangement in "Porque Voltas de que Lei", enhanced by Ricardo Toscano (saxo- phone) and Joa~o Barradas (accordion), two of the best of the new generation of musicians "StrangeTimes" is the single that reveals the emotional thread of "LIVRE"; sorrow, anguish, gratitude and hope.

      Ma´rio Pacheco is the son of guitarist Anto´nio Pacheco. He studied the great masters: Armandinho, Artur Paredes, Carlos Paredes, and Fontes Rocha.

      From this learning, he built his own style, with which he was linked to the great voices of fado.

      As a performer, he played with the ‘greatest’ of Fado: Alfredo Marceneiro, Herminia Silva, Max, Ada de Castro, Fernando Mauricio, Paulo de Carvalho, Jorge Fernando, Misia, Camane´, Ana Moura, Mariza and Ama´lia Rodrigues, As a composer, he composed for Carlos Zel, Misia, Paulo Braganc¸a, Ana Sofia Varela, Camane´, Cuca Roseta, Carlos do Carmo, Mariza and Ama´lia among many other important names. In 1993, 2 years before creating and founding “Clube de Fado in Alfama, is published (Polygram) his first album “Um Outro Olhar”, produced by Joni Galva~o.

      In 2007, he recorded ‘live’ the CD/DVD - "Ma´rio Pacheco A mu´sica e a Guitarra" at the National Queluz Palace.

      The prestigious Songlines considered the CD/DVD “Top of the World”.

      In 2006 the ‘Ama´lia Rodrigues Foundation’ awarded him the prize for Best Composer.

      In 2010 Lisbon City Council awarded him the Municipal Medal of Merit “Golden Grade”

      In 2015 he was awarded the title of “Comendador da Ordem do Infante Don Henrique”

      (Portuguese order of knighthood for relevant services to Portugal)”

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      CD 1
      • 1.Para Laura04:08
      • 2.Caminhada03:29
      • 3.Cavaleiro Monge03:50
      • 4.Strange Times04:18
      • 5.Conhecimento03:43
      • 6.Longa é a Estrada da Vida05:37
      • 7.Há Uma Música do Povo04:07
      • 8.Porque Voltas, de que Lei03:52
      • 9.Trip to Orient03:49
      • 10.Do Palácio à Aldeia04:44
      • 11.Strange Times04:46
      • Total:46:23