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Xabier Díaz Levantarse e Caer MSAAS01 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberMSAAS01
Release date23/09/2022
  • Diaz, German: Zanfonas, Caixa de musica programable
  • Diaz, Xabier: Voz e Percusions
  • Muiño, Anita: Voz, Coros
  • Ordonez, Josete: Guitarras, Mandolas, Guitarillo, Steel Guitar, Bicicleta
  • Pascual, Pedro: Acordeón diatonico e instrumentos de xoguete
Guest musician
  • Aleix Tobiias: Bombo Legüero, Tinajas, percusiones (Tracks Nr 2, 4)
  • Guillem Aguilar: Baixos (Tracks Nr 2, 3, 4)
  • Herreros, Marco: Baixos (Tracks Nr 1, 5, 7, 9)
  • Manu Masaedo: Udu, Pantalones, Nudillos y Platos (Tracks Nr 3, 9)
  • Josete Ordoñez
  • Luca Germini
  • Antonio Gaglio

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      It’s been 30 years since Xabier first blew into a bagpipe until Coplas para Icía (2007). His curiosity enabled new experiences with pop(ular) music always on the horizon: Xacarandaina, Rumbadeira, his first field researches, a constant teaching activity, associations, contests, festivals, etc.

      He became a part of Nova Galega de Danza performing in the shows «Alento», «Engado» and «Tradición» between 2005 and 2009.

      On early 2008 Berrogüetto knocked on Xabier's door and the trip lasted till 2014, when the band announced its dissolution. During that time they released the albums Kosmogonías (2010) and O pulso da terra (2011). Consequently, they were awarded by the Music Academy with «Best Song in Galician Language» (2011) and «Best Folk Music Band» in the first edition of Martin Codax Galician Music Awards (2013), as well as Best Soundtrack Mestre Mateo Award for the film Inevitable (2014).

      Along with great music partners and friends such as Guadi Galego, Guillermo Fernández and Xosé Lois Romero took part in the «aCadaCanto project», and released the albums aCadaCanto (2012) and A Rosa D'Adina (2014).

      He collaborated in many albums and concerts with different artists through the years: Carmen París, Xosé Manuel Budiño, Kepa Junquera, Guadi Galego and Os Cempés, among others.

      Moreover, he took his music to many places such as Mexico, Zimbabwe, Germany, Uruguay, Italy, Peru, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Argentina, Norway, Belgium, Cuba, Scotland, Ireland, etc.

      In 2015 he released the album The Tambourine man with Adufeiras de Salitre. This album was awarded for Best Album in Galician Language at the Independent Music Awards (2016), Best Album of Traditional Music at the Martin Codax Galician Music Awards (2016), Best Song in Galician Language at the first edition of aRitmar Awards. Furthermore, The Tambourine man has remained at the top ten of the World Music Charts Europe during February and March 2016.

      Since the release of The Tambourine Man and after more than 70 live shows in barely two years, he visited Algeria, Oslo, Lorient, Le Chatre, Glasgow, Lisbon, Madrid and Brussels.

      Since 2015 he has been working with the female group of traditional music "Adufeiras de Salitre", with whom he has already released three albums: The tambourine man, Noró e As catedrais silenciadas.

      With this new album Xabier resumes his solo career and his personal projects. "Levantarse e Caer" delves into the feelings of well-being, self-knowledge and kindness, and the relevance of childhood experiences in the construction of our adult selves.


      There is a place called childhood, in that place we receive the most radical impacts of our existence, those that last in time, those that are reborn when we no longer remembered that they had occurred; love, injustice, friendship, fear, respect, envy... some hurt and others are healing.

      Searching for the place where they have been hiding can be of great help, then it is time to relocate again, resilience... learn to lose and win no matter the place, relativize success and failure, fall and get up... get up and fall down.

      Rise and fall is a small sonorous treatise of all those feelings... some lullabies, some songs to vindicate us and some others to heal us...

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      CD 1
      • 1.Levantarse e caer02:47
      • 2.Luchín03:10
      • 3.Infancia querida03:15
      • 4.María e a curuxa03:34
      • 5.O melro azul03:22
      • 6.Festa do bosque03:54
      • 7.Cançao de ninar03:07
      • 8.Regalitos03:00
      • 9.O meu neno03:47
      • 10.Nana do sol03:22
      • Total:33:18