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Diverse The Wayne Adams’ Old ‘Classic’ Banjo Collection 1897-1952 FA5816 3 CD
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Format3 Audio CD
Ordering NumberFA5816
labelFremeaux & Associes
Release date13/05/2022

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      Prepared by Gérard De Smaele, an eminent five-string banjo specialist, this anthology clears the field in revealing older recordings by the great forgotten modernizers of the so-called “classical” banjo, among them Fred Van Eps and Vess Ossman. The selection here unveils a major chapter in the history of this famous instrument, some of whose technical aspects are still in evidence today in modern bluegrass. Drawn from sources collected by Wayne Adams (Toronto, 1929-2013), this is a brand new historical exploration of the repertoire of the North American continent’s popular instrument of reference. Patrick FRÉMEAUX

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      • 1.Vess OssmanBlaze Away 03:14
      • 2.Vess OssmanA Bunch Of Rags02:19
      • 3.Vess OssmanCalifornia Dance01:38
      • 4.Vess OssmanColored Major02:35
      • 5.Vess OssmanCoon Band Contest02:29
      • 6.Vess OssmanEl Capitan March02:25
      • 7.Vess OssmanFlorida Rag02:27
      • 8.Vess OssmanFun In A Barber Shop02:49
      • 9.Vess OssmanInvincible Eagle March02:23
      • 10.Vess OssmanMaple Leaf Rag02:40
      • 11.Vess OssmanA Medley Of Old Timers02:26
      • 12.Vess OssmanThe Moose March02:53
      • 13.Vess OssmanThe Mosquito Parade02:31
      • 14.Vess OssmanMotor March03:00
      • 15.Vess OssmanPeaceful Henry02:36
      • 16.Vess OssmanPersian Lamb Rag02:20
      • 17.Vess OssmanPeter Piper02:30
      • 18.Vess OssmanRusty Rag Medley02:34
      • 19.Vess OssmanSilver Heels02:44
      • 20.Vess OssmanSaint Louis Tickle03:04
      • 21.Vess OssmanSunflower Dance02:01
      • 22.Vess OssmanTurkey In The Straw Medley02:20
      • 23.Vess OssmanWhoa Bill02:15
      • 24.Vess OssmanWilliam Tell Overture02:47
      • 25.Vess OssmanYankee Doodle02:20
      • Total:01:03:20
      more CD 2
      • 1.Fred Van Eps Bolero02:22
      • 2.Fred Van Eps Chinese Picnic , Oriental Dance03:03
      • 3.Fred Van Eps Cocoanut Dance03:06
      • 4.Fred Van Eps Cupid's Arrow02:15
      • 5.Fred Van Eps Daly's Reel Rag03:08
      • 6.Fred Van Eps Dixie Medley02:24
      • 7.Fred Van Eps Frolic Of The Coons02:42
      • 8.Fred Van Eps Grace And Beauty03:36
      • 9.Fred Van Eps I'm Always Chasing Rainbows02:46
      • 10.Fred Van Eps Infanta's March04:20
      • 11.Fred Van Eps Maurice Tango02:45
      • 12.Fred Van Eps The New Gaiety04:17
      • 13.Fred Van Eps My Sumurun Girl02:36
      • 14.Fred Van Eps Nola03:29
      • 15.Fred Van Eps Pearl Of The Harem02:41
      • 16.Fred Van Eps Persiflage02:59
      • 17.Fred Van Eps Raggin' The Scale02:44
      • 18.Fred Van Eps A Ragtime Episode02:47
      • 19.Fred Van Eps Ragtime Oriole03:21
      • 20.Fred Van Eps Red Pepper Rag02:13
      • 21.Fred Van Eps Rondo Caprice02:24
      • 22.Fred Van Eps Sing Ling Ting02:36
      • 23.Fred Van Eps Smiler Rag03:04
      • 24.Fred Van Eps Tambourines And Oranges02:49
      • 25.Fred Van Eps Teasing The Cat03:01
      • 26.Fred Van Eps Whipped Cream03:02
      • 27.Fred Van Eps The White Wash Man02:54
      • Total:01:19:24
      more CD 3
      • 1.Fred Bacon Massa's In The Cold Cold Ground03:31
      • 2.Fred Bacon Medley Of Southern Airs (My Old Kentucky Home Dixie Old)03:03
      • 3.Bill Bowen Old Stone House02:29
      • 4.Bill Bowen Valse De Concert03:29
      • 5.Frank Bradbury Dance Of The Hours04:08
      • 6.Frank Bradbury Donkey Laugh02:25
      • 7.Harry Brown Climbing Up The Golden Stairs02:50
      • 8.Alfred Cammeyer Chinese Patrol 02:56
      • 9.Bert Earle The Bacchanal Rag02:33
      • 10.Alfred Farland Carnival Of Venice04:02
      • 11.Parke Hunter Dixie Girl02:35
      • 12.Ernst Jones Pompadour02:49
      • 13.Ernst Jones Nigger Town02:40
      • 14.Alfred Kirby Heather Bloom02:36
      • 15.Alexander Maghee Jolly Darkies04:22
      • 16.Joe Morley Japanese Patrol02:19
      • 17.Olly Oakley Bolero03:06
      • 18.Olly Oakley Banjo Oddity03:09
      • 19.Olly Oakley The Palladium March02:28
      • 20.Will Pepper Dinky's Patrol02:59
      • 21.John Pidoux A Plantation Episode02:51
      • 22.Ted Shawnee Black And White Rag02:25
      • 23.Shirley Spaulding A Footlight Favorite03:27
      • 24.Sidney Turner Adante Et Waltz02:17
      • 25.Sidney Turner A Bunch Of Rags02:15
      • Total:01:13:44