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Anwar Khan Group Rajasthan SL1164 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberSL1164
Release date15/10/2021
  • Anwar Khan Group: Sadik Khan Langa, Sikandar Langa, Yasin Khan Langa, Sardar Khan Langa, Savan Khan Manganiyar, Kohinour and Bhanvaru Khan Laga, Sugni and Jashu Devi, Lomnath, Husain Khan Langa, Anwar Khan.

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      It is in the wild and magnificent Thar desert in the north-western Indian province of Rajasthan – the land which inspired the maharajas to build their sumptuous palaces reminiscent of a “thousand and one nights” – that the Anwar Khan’s Group ancestry is rooted. In this original land of Gypsies, numerous troubadours and wandering musicians went from town to town entertaining princes and their courtiers.
      It is a land of ancient music and spiritual tradition, the birthplace of a wealth of cultural traditions and know-how which have been passed down through the ages, from generation to generation by poets and musicians.

      Anwar Khan was born in small village Kerap in Rajasthan. He was barely 10 years old when he started playing as a professional musician, touring in India where he was soon known for his great voice and his mastery of the harmonium and tabla. Since 2005, "Anwar Khan’s Group" has established an international reputation and captivated all types of audiences in France, other countries of Europe, Marroco etc. These talented Rajasthani musicians and their amazing art can transport you to these Rajasthani mystical lands where an authentic and magical experience awaits you.

      The desert sounds – an extravaganza of hypnotizing melodies and beats – will captivate you and you’ll be carried away by a whirlwind of glittering, shimmering colours... It is indeed fascinating to listen to these musicians.

      All songs composed and written by Anwar Khan Group

      Anwar Khan - vocal, harmonium, tabla, leader
      Sadik Khan Langa - vocal
      Sikandar Langa - vocal
      Yasin Khan Langa - sarenghi
      Sardar Khan Langa - vocal
      Savan Khan Manganiyar - spiew
      Kohinour and Bhanvaru Khan Laga - kartals
      Sugni and Jashu Devi - vocal
      Lomnath - double flute
      Husain Khan Langa - dholak

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      CD 1
      • 1.Mugha Mhob Mitha07:34
      • 2.Sapne Me Parni Gopal07:06
      • 3.Morchang04:18
      • 4.Mehendi Ro Rang07:09
      • 5.Kangsiyo04:49
      • 6.Ae To Dungriya04:26
      • 7.Algoja04:01
      • 8.Samduro05:19
      • 9.Rythme03:11
      • Total:47:53