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Johnny Cash The Indispensable 1954-1961 FA5794 3 CD
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Format3 Audio CD
Ordering NumberFA5794
labelFremeaux & Associes
Release date23/07/2021

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      Die Platten, die Johnny Cash als einen der größten amerikanischen Singer/Songwirter etablierten waren seine ersten Aufnahmen für Sun und Columbia Records, von denen einige in dieser Veröffentlichung enthalten sind. Von Southern Gospel und Country Music bis hin zu Blues und Rockabilly war er der erste Rock-Gigant, der sich auf die europäisch-amerikanischen Traditionen besann, im Gegensatz zu Zeitgenossen und Freunde wie Elvis Presley oder Jerry Lee Lewis, die ihre Einflüsse hauptsächlich aus dem afro-amerikanischen Repertoire bezogen. Bruno Blum hat die Kommentare im Booklet zu diesem produktiven und geborenen Geschichtenerzähler, der eine Inkarnation des Wild-West-Mythos ist, geschrieben.

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      • 1.You're my baby01:33
      • 2.Hey porter02:15
      • 3.Cry, cry, cry02:30
      • 4.Port of lonely hearts02:39
      • 5.Folsom prison blues02:51
      • 6.So doggone lonesome02:38
      • 7.Luther played the boogie02:05
      • 8.I walk the line02:46
      • 9.Get rhythm'02:16
      • 10.Train of love02:24
      • 11.There you go02:19
      • 12.Don't make me go02:30
      • 13.Next in line02:46
      • 14.Home of the blues02:41
      • 15.Give my love to rose02:46
      • 16.Rock island line02:11
      • 17.The wreck of the old ‘9701:49
      • 18.Doin' my time02:37
      • 19.Country boy01:53
      • 20.If the good lord's willing01:44
      • 21.Was there when it happened02:16
      • 22.Remember me (i'm the one that loves you)02:00
      • 23.Big river02:33
      • 24.Ballad of a teenage queen02:11
      • Total:56:13
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      • 1.Guess things happen that way01:51
      • 2.Come in stranger01:43
      • 3.Katy too01:58
      • 4.Thanks a lot02:39
      • 5.It's just about time02:11
      • 6.Just thought you'd like to know02:25
      • 7.I forgot to remember to forget01:55
      • 8.Suppertime02:48
      • 9.It was jesus (who was it)02:07
      • 10.The troubadour02:18
      • 11.That 's all over01:54
      • 12.Frankie's man, johnny02:19
      • 13.One more ride02:01
      • 14.Pickin' time02:00
      • 15.Don't take your guns to town03:03
      • 16.I'd rather die young02:31
      • 17.Sheperd of my heart02:13
      • 18.Snow in his hair02:22
      • 19.Swing low, sweet chariot01:55
      • 20.I call him01:48
      • 21.The old account02:26
      • 22.He'll be a friend01:59
      • 23.It could be you (instead of him)01:52
      • 24.You dreamer you01:50
      • Total:52:08
      more CD 3
      • 1.I got stripes02:06
      • 2.Five feet high and rising01:48
      • 3.Hank and joe and me02:14
      • 4.The caretaker02:07
      • 5.Clementine02:31
      • 6.Want to go home01:59
      • 7.Don't step on mother's roses02:35
      • 8.Going to memphis04:21
      • 9.When papa played the dobro02:54
      • 10.Boss jack03:55
      • 11.Loading coal04:59
      • 12.Smiling bill mccall02:08
      • 13.My shoes keep walking back to you02:24
      • 14.I will miss you when you go02:01
      • 15.I feel better all over02:05
      • 16.Why do you punish me02:19
      • 17.Just one more02:14
      • 18.Honky tonk girl02:00
      • 19.I'm so lonesome i could cry02:40
      • 20.Time changes everything01:50
      • 21.I'd just be fool enough (to fall)02:06
      • 22.Transfusion blues02:33
      • 23.God must have my fortune laid away02:50
      • 24.Got shoes02:00
      • Total:01:00:39