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Elias Nardi & Ares Tavolazzi & Daniele di Bonaventura Ghimel VM3027 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberVM3027
Release date19/06/2020
Players/ContributorsGuest musician
  • Alfredo Laviano: Percussion

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      Ghimel is the third letter of both the Phoenician and the Hebrew alphabet (following the letters Aleph and Beth in both). Ghimel can also be found in other Semitic alphabets such as Arabic, Aramaic and Syriac. Gematria suggests that Ghimel corresponds to the number 3, and to concepts such as Rotation, Life, Universe, Dynamic action, and Evolution – the neverending research.

      And precisely these concepts of continuous research and experimentation are the driving forces behind this Trio: the aim of our three instruments together - despite the differences in their origins, traditions and timbres - is to cross the borders between different genres, while maintaining a state of balance and harmony.

      This album presents original compositions where psychedelic and minimalistic atmospheres seamlessly accompany the jazz and ethno-jazz elements, and improvisation (that plays an important role both in Middle Eastern music tradition and in jazz) is offered plenty of space. However the more “Classical” aesthetic is not forgotten from the mix either, and its forms and structures perfect the musical canvas. After more than 40 years from the disappearance of Demetrio Stratos we wanted to honor this great man of experimentation and research, and did this by rearranging a well-known Greek lullaby that he sung as the introduction to Area's famous song “Gerontocrazia”.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Fosforo04:39
      • 2.Bassideas03:25
      • 3.Danza N.304:57
      • 4.La luna e il dito04:47
      • 5.Danza mediterranea06:21
      • 6.Bleu Gasel05:44
      • 7.Silence in the heaven04:14
      • 8.Ninna nanna greca05:16
      • 9.Cum nomine05:24
      • Total:44:47