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Rumbaristas Rumbaristas VLR016 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberVLR016
Release date17/01/2020

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      ‘Rumbaristas’ is the rather ‘caliente’ name of a bright collective consisting of musicians with Spanish, French, Belgian and Italian roots. They gathered around the Catalan rumba-player Willy Fuego and the French-Italian-Polish trumpet/accordion-player Thomas Morzewski. Joined by the Belgians Roel Poriau (percussion) and Thomas De Smet (bass), rhythmkings of the crazy Belgian freakband Think of One. Rumbaristas stand for an unbalanced lively and colourful mix of latin flavor and some nostalgic passion of the Balkan music. They don’t play traditional music, but Rumbaristas creates its own ravishing universe of rumba, tarantella, cumbia or even ska and avantgarde...

      Those who have been following the Barcelonian mestizo scene a little, and by extension that of the whole of Spain, will most certainly already have heard of Willy Fuego, the moniker of Jose Luis Ferrer Sanchez. He’s a singer, guitar- and bassplayer and has allready earned his fame in playing in bands as Jaleo Real and La Kinky Beat as well as being the side-kick of Amparo Sanchez. Willy Fuego is an interesting musical personality, at some points a little shy, and is finding his inspiration in the nostalgicness which gives rise to heartaches. An often recurring theme in his work.

      In september 2016 Willy Fuego embarked on a new trip to Belgium with his small spanish guitar as his sole piece of luggage. He arrives in Tournai, where he used to work to promote his first solo-album ‘Acontracorriente’ and where he starts working on new material with some fellow musicians, most of them people he has met over the last few years when being in these parts. It’s there that is born the idea of linking up Willy Fuego with some other talented and latin inspired musicians from the French and Belgian world music scene.

      Thomas Morzewski (aka Dom Tomasino), composer and trumpetplayer with l’ Orchestre International du Vetex, is a prominent international influence. With his french, sicilian and polish roots he has over the past few years created a heavily versatile musical repertoire, always characterized by vivid and open melodies, blending centra land southern european influences. It’s obvious that this rather unusual combination of the ‘latino’ Willy Fuego and the ‘balkan touch’ of Thomas Morzewski creates a fascinating and unique musical universe. Add the rhythm section formed by Roel Poriau (drums/percussions) and Thomas De Smet (bass/upright bass) – both of Think of One fame (the belgian band that between 1999 and 2006 made a unique mix of ‘world music’ and got awarded for that with a BBC World Music Award) – and you get a fresh and sincere sound.

      In March 2019 Rumbaristas is releasing their debut album, recorded between Barcelona and Antwerp, and produced by the French ‘mestizo master’ David Bourguignon, known for his work as drummer with Manu Chao’s Radio Bemba. This first Rumbaristas album creates a ‘scrambling spring’ athmosphere with an original tune of what one could define as ‘contemporary European world music’. The band exist since 2016 and is an excellent live band, they toured intensively Belgium, Holland, Spain and even China. Rumbaristas is an authentic and fascinating band, an eclectic encounter between Saban Bajramovic and Gato Perez, making people dance from Lille to Figueras, from Catania to Antwerp…

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      CD 1
      • 1.Como como03:11
      • 2.Canhaveral03:34
      • 3.Mala Hierba02:57
      • 4.Panda revolution04:13
      • 5.Rumbaristas02:34
      • 6.Vivir sin ti03:23
      • 7.Bruciamo la Candela03:40
      • 8.Que Lío05:05
      • 9.Isola04:08
      • 10.Derrumbar03:57
      • 11.Ciuri ciuri02:56
      • Total:39:38