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Orquesta Satuba Discover the World of Music - Cuba SL739-2 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberSL739-2
Release date05/04/2019

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      Life in Cuba flows by the rhythms of Salsa, Merengue and so. To feel he passion born in people because of the heat, rum and manana all you need to do is go through the streets. Tomorrow or never and today forget about your problems and just dance! The Cubans keep their endorphins level constantly high and have a positive attitude towards life and it gives bach by beautiful sun, heavenly nature and love. There are no taboos when it comes to relations between men and women. Popular Cuban instrument - the cembalo - comes from words MAcho and Hembra (man and woman). When man meets a woman a unique harmony borns. And so is the Cuban music overflowing with human emotions, the present day, a glass of rum and the smell of cigars.

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      CD 1
      • 1.Bella Maria De Mi Alma04:10
      • 2.Canoea04:41
      • 3.Chan Chan04:35
      • 4.Cuarto De Tula07:31
      • 5.El Preso04:57
      • 6.El Yerberito03:12
      • 7.Hasta Siempre Che Guevara04:42
      • 8.Historia De Un Amor03:49
      • 9.La Ventanita04:10
      • 10.No Vale La Pena05:45
      • 11.Oye Como Va04:19
      • Total:51:51