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The Vienna Volksoper Symphony Orchestra & Lviv Virtuosos & Peter Falk & Siergiej Burko Johann Strauss 2CD Gold Edition SL452-2 2 CD
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Format2 Audio CD
Ordering NumberSL452-2
Release date20/11/2017
  • Strauss, Johann

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      Johann Strauss (1825-1899)- Despite being a son of treasured austrian composer, he was learning to be a composer, mastering the violin and piano in secret from his father. As a 6 year old he created his first composition and his director debiut took place when he was 19 years old. He had a great impact on Dance Waltz which originated in the suburbs thanks to his influence started to appear in the most prestigous Vienna's locations. He was also famous for being one of the greatest operetta creator. His creations, often initially though as hard to graps have characteristical freshness and good feeling to them. Known as the Waltz King he created true symphonic poetry. After his father's passing he joined his formation with his father's orchestra- together they became the true bombshell of XIX's century second half.

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      CD 1
      • 1.On the Beautiful Blue Danube - Waltz Op. 31410:07
      • 2.Pleasure Train - Fast Polka Op. 28102:59
      • 3.Roses From the South - Waltz Op. 28109:21
      • 4.Spring:s Voices - Waltz Op. 41007:02
      • 5.Persian March - Waltz Op. 29802:25
      • 6.Artist:s Life - Waltz Op. 31609:39
      • 7.Vienna Blood - Waltz op. 35409:32
      • 8.Paris Entry-March - Waltz op. 35402:55
      • 9.Long Live the Maguar - Hungarian Fast Polka Op. 33202:51
      • Total:56:51
      CD 2
      • 1.Jalousie Tango - J. Gade04:16
      • 2.Plink, Plank, Plunk! - L. Anderson02:20
      • 3.Jazz Conception - P. Zelenay02:30
      • 4.If I Were A Rich Man (from musical "The Fiddler on the Roof") - J. Bock, S. Harnick02:32
      • 5.Love Smiles Tango - P. Frosini03:54
      • 6.Jazz Pizzicato - L. Anderson01:56
      • 7.El Relicario - T. Padilla03:28
      • 8.Trisch - Trasch Polka - J. Strauss02:47
      • 9.Light and Shadow Valse-musette - P. Pizzigoni03:05
      • 10.Serenade for Strings - Waltz - P.I. Tchaikovsky03:38
      • 11.Scherzo - A. Corelli01:12
      • 12.Winter - The Four Seasons - Allegro non molto - A. Vivaldi02:27
      • 13.The Lonely Shepherd - J. Last04:19
      • 14.Perpetuum Mobile - M. Komchack01:46
      • 15.Dance - R. Nelson01:36
      • 16.Csardas - V. Monti04:36
      • 17.Memory - A. L. Webber04:15
      • 18.Belle (from musical "Notre-Dame of Paris") - R. Cocciante04:28
      • Total:55:05