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Fei Scho Aussegrasn GMC067 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberGMC067
labelGalileo MC
Release date13/05/2016
  • Anschi Hacklinger: Kontrabass, Hackbrett, Melodika, Gesang
  • Helmut Sinz: Akkordeon, Gesang
  • Martin Lidl: Gitarre, Mandoline, Darabuka, Gesang
  • Robert Alonso: Trompete, Baritonhorn, Gesang
  • Schorsch Karrer: Percussion, Mallets, Gesang

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      The Bavarian band „Fei Scho“ is known as a representative of Alpine World Music. Their new album „Aussegrasn“ is the second release since the line-up changed in 2012. After Stefan Straubinger, Juri Lex and Angela Lex left the band Helmut Sinz, Georg Karrer und Robert Alonso joined the group which consisted now of Martin Lidl and Anschi Hacklinger. New sounds and musical skills enriched the band: Jazz, African and Latin music elements appeared in Fei Scho's music.

      Generally 70% to 80% of the Fei Scho pieces are instrumentals. Melodies, harmonies and rhythms are carried by the first violin, the trumpet or the accordion. But as soon as a Fei Scho song contains lyrics, the words are just haunting. Hardly another band can tell such great stories with so little words! From the first tone and word they involve the listener in exiting incidents, great feelings, bizarre or humorous stories or surprising turns. Fei Scho inspires your phantasy with intelligent song titles. This starts with the album title: Aussegrasn. That is a Bavarian expression and means „to see beyond one’s own nose“ or to try something new - it stands for Fei Scho's musical approach. Song titles like “Versöhnungslandler mit dem blöden Leben“, “Suppenslalom“, “Schee dass’s do bist“ or “Astromat“ create associations in your head while listening to the music. So everyone sees his own movie – it might be a comedy, a romance or a science fiction film.

      How can this be? The five Fei Scho members Anschi Hacklinger, Robert Alonso, Helmut Sinz, Martin Lidl and Georg Karrer aren't only perfect multi-instrumentalists, they are also great songwriters. They have an exceptional sense for atmospheres, song dramaturgy, breaks and ear worms. Although they stick to their concept of Alpine World Music they let different musical styles take stronger influence on their music as in previous albums. „Aussegrasn“ combines American Folk, Balkan sounds, Pop, Jazz and Bossa Nova with yodeler and typical Bavarian dance styles. What a thrilling mixture! Their extraordinary musical pieces are crowned by sophisticated arrangements, spacy sounds and cool grooves. Let's jam on a new kind of Alpine World music!

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      CD 1
      • 1.Astromat04:39
      • 2.Aussegrasn04:52
      • 3.Polka15Suppenslalom02:19
      • 4.Schee, dass’d do bist03:42
      • 5.Geht scho05:09
      • 6.Have Fun Mr Miller06:35
      • 7.BarraKUHda06:23
      • 8.Dann halt mit Gesang02:45
      • 9.Versöhnungslandler mit dem blöden Leben05:16
      • 10.Herzkasperl-Polka03:17
      • 11.Vom Hügel hinab05:56
      • 12.Fünf vor Fünf (Feierabendwalzer Intro)01:34
      • 13.Feierabendwalzer02:28
      • 14.Fratelli di Fritelle 03:56
      • 15.Bluesjodler06:17
      • Total:01:05:08