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Miguel Poveda Descglac DM4125 CD/DVD
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FormatAudio CD / DVD Video
Ordering NumberDM4125
Release date03/04/2006

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      Miguel Poveda´s new record is the fifth album of his career, which began in 1993 after he won four of the most important prizes in the Festival Nacional del Cante de las Minas (National Mine Singing Festival) in La Unión (Murcia), including the Lámpara Minera (Mining Lamp). Chicuelo and Joan Albert Amargós have taken part in the record.

      "Desglaç" (´Thawing out´) is the title of Miguel Poveda´s new record, the fifth in his career. It features a selection of poems by Catalan authors sung in Catalan. The poems have been adapted and transposed into music by composers such as Enric Palomar, Chicuelo, Marcelo Mercadante, José Reinoso and by Miguel Poveda himself. This is not the first time that Miguel Poveda approaches poetry. In his previous record, "Poemas del exilio. Rafael Alberti", he had already sung poems by the author of "Marinero en tierra" and, still earlier he had been so bold as to tackle poems by José Ángel Valente in "A modo de esperanza", a show by Andrés Corchero and Agustí Fernández. Verdaguer, Joan Brossa, Gil de Biedma and Sebastià Alzamora are among the poets that it will be possible to hear in Poveda´s singing.

      One aspect that does appear to be a novelty is the language that was chosen. As opposed to castellano (Castillian, the name of the language commonly referred to as Spanish), which is the usual language in which flamenco is sung, Miguel Poveda has been bold enough to try Catalan, one of his native languages. There have been previous occasions when poems by Catalan authors have been adapted, but they were always translated into Spanish.

      Through this daring stance, Miguel Poveda seeks to open up some new paths for flamenco, leaving old prejudices aside. The title of the record refers precisely to his firm intention of doing things that are new and heartfelt, ridding himself of any canons and prejudices. In "Desglaç", it is not just flamenco that can be heard. Marcelo Mercadante´s bandoneón (a hexagonal accordion-like reed instrument, associated with the Argentinian tango) brings flamenco and Catalan poetry closer to the tango. Moreover, it also features passages that are reminiscent of jazz.

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      hideCD/DVD 1
      • 1.A Mos Bescantadors
      • 2.Tant se Val
      • 3.No et vuere mes
      • 4.Canco del Bes sense Port
      • 5.Final!
      • 6.Declaracio
      • 7.Boca Seca
      • 8.Plany de Maragades
      • 9.Ara
      • 10.Jo, L´Invertit de cos i D´Anima
      • 11.Posseit
      • 12.pare-Esparver
      moreCD/DVD 2
      • 1.Documental Desglac