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Berrogüetto Kosmogonias BM002 CD
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FormatAudio CD
Ordering NumberBM002
Release date30/07/2010

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      The fifth album from this Galician group whose birth represented a point of inflexion in Galician music due to its blend of passion for traditional music and more modern experimentation; and the first recorded with a male voice, that of Xabier Díaz, the new vocalist. Consisting of eleven tracks, Kosmogonías maintains Berrogüetto´s personal style defined since the group was formed. Innovative from their first album, the latest album is a collection of organic sounds, a delicate album, which reflects the soul of Berrogüetto through its special musical conception. Along with its usual sensitivity, we find collaborations from writers like Rosa Aneiros and Manuel Rivas, who lent one of his poems as the lyrics of Alalá da noite.

      Kosmogonías takes us to the starting point par excellence, to the Big Bang, to the victory of the material over the anti-material, to the initial cry -berroof the universe, which with its radiation reaches us. Kosmogonías is a reflection between humanity and the universe, a call filled with optimism towards achieving a fairer organisational system. Berrogüetto emphasises all the collective or individual wills that, with their gestures and attitudes, strive to improve their environment.

      It invites us to stop, for a moment, the accelerated pace of daily life: it encourages us to observe, to contemplate the night sky… To take from the Kosmogonías and enjoy a life that sometimes does not let us enjoy what is probably the biggest show for the senses.

      Edited in an impeccable CD + DVD format, Kosmogonías includes new material from the group. It shows the concern and interrelation demonstrated by Berrogüetto since it started its career in modern art. It includes a video creation produced for Kosmogonías by Olaia Sendón: a visual creation that gathers the different social cries included in the album, mixing image and projection, along with experimental music created exclusively by the Galician band for this work of art. Furthermore, Kosmogonías will introduce the lesser-known side of Berrogüetto by including a making-of, which shows moments like the creative process and individual interviews with each member.

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      hideCD 1
      • 1.Alala da Noite
      • 2.Astrea
      • 3.Igneominea
      • 4.Liridas de abril
      • 5.Planeta Can
      • 6.Cantar de Camino
      • 7.Nadir
      • 8.Danza de Meirol
      • 9.Ataque de jota
      • 10.Caneta de Poeta
      • 11.Esfericantus
      moreCD 2
      • 1.Catalogo de galaxias socias: o berro do Universo
      • 2.Detras das Kosmogonias